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Originally posted by RobinnD

/u/lytlb1t When people were discussing the slide spam issue in BFV, you mentioned that you are aware of this. It seems like you can still slide spam and gain quite a bit of momentum. Could you shed some light on this? Battlefield 1 did it perfectly in my personal opinion. You could slide, but you would lose momentum quite fast, so people only used it to slide into cover. The current implementation of the slide feels over the top.

I see your point, and I think the crazy fov in the video definitely makes it feel rather extreme.

However, we did implement more penalties for the slide in this game. Not only is the slide getting weaker when getting spammed, we also apply additional penalties when sliding uphill or when sliding while turning around. We are continuously looking for the right balance and if it turns out to be too extreme we will tone it down in one of the patches. Due to the new implementation we now have way more control to tweak it however we want to.

Also keep in mind that this is an old build, we have done several changes to the system in the mean time and more tweaks are already in the pipeline.

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Originally posted by MurdoxCS

Thanks for the communication! Glad you're putting in some penalties because my biggest complaint about Call of Duty in recent years is the obnoxiousness of the sliding mechanic apart from their ridiculous sbmm parameters and bad map design. I didn't play BF One or BF V just because of time periods being a bit unentertaining but so far I'm loving the beta for 2042 and can't wait for release in November! Keep up the communication as much as possible please this is what we need right now in the FPS genre.

Thanks for the kind words, can't wait for release as well!

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Originally posted by Mizyaku

please don't listen to everyone on here yall are doing a great job and the slide is perfect! If anything maybe if on an incline you slide longer? thatd be kinda fun lol

Already taken care of :) glad you like it.

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Originally posted by DMunE

That response is awesome news. I understand what we’re playing is an old build, however I couldn’t help but notice the Plus System appears to take place of weapon attachment unlocks and customization before loading in. Is this just in the build we’re playing now? I’ve always loved to customize my weapons and the Plus System in this beta left me desiring for more in that sense.

There will be a whole system for you to explore after launch where you can customize weapon attachments and skins, as well as vehicles and soldier customization. That is all disabled for the beta.

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Originally posted by mrbagal

there has been some noise in the community wanting some of the bf v movement back

like crouch sprinting rolling, and so-on, i was wondering if it is software wise possible to add these to the game? i think adding them early after release would be very positive if possible

edit: or for release but i have a feeling that's not very probable

A lot is possible software wise, but we have to make conscious decisions whether features make sense for this game or if it just overly complicated the setup which causes issues. I loved the combat roll and would like to bring it back, but it's not planned right now.

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Originally posted by gtmustang

Love seeing a continued interaction from you guys/gals. It really humanizes this whole feedback experience.

I had a quick question if you had a moment, will the main game give players the chance to make their old gadget combos? (Rocket+ammo, repair+c4, etc) It seems like that's a bubbling subject at the moment.

Greatly appreciate all the hard work y'all are putting into this game. I cannot imagine what it's like putting years of your life into a project, then to see some of these tasteless comments. Don't forget those mental health breaks!


There will be more possible combinations with future specialists, but I can't go into specifics at this point.

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Originally posted by Exa2552

But all of this can be done from the main menu, right? You don't have to be in a round to change your loadouts, skins, attachments, etc. Correct?


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Originally posted by Fragrant_Profile1428

Honest question, is “overly complicated the setup” in reference to players interacting with the mechanics, or those things causing bugs hiccups with code?

Both. It can be too many/complicated button mappings. Or on the technical side that the setup is too bloated, meaning that adding/tweaking/fixing features becomes tedious as new issues are easily introduced by mistake.