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Hey @ugdpy,


First off, thank you for your efforts to help keep the community a friendly and welcoming place.


Taking the time to do what you can in that regard is absolutely appreciated, even if you don't always see the result you'd hoped.


On that particular note, here on AHQ we do not have direct visibility to see the content or context of a report and thus wouldn't be able to speak to why something was handled a certain way. 


There is also not an appeals process regarding reports you've made yourself, though I do see where you're coming from here and we can absolutely pass along the feedback on both points you've made.


While this won't help for the prior report as you've mentioned no longer having the messages themselves, if you ever feel additional context may be required for a report please feel free to include any additional information in the EA Help webform option described here (other options): Report players for cheating, abuse, and harassment


That will make sure the team reviewing those reports has as much information as possible to correctly action these kinds of reports. Thanks once again!


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