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Originally posted by H23NTER

u/FoxhoundFPS dudes xbox gamertag is Jaqen Hghar777. Couldn’t find his friend’s GT. Invited him to a party afterwards to inform him that teaming is cheating in case he didn’t know, and he essentially told me to eat shit and that he was gonna keep doing it.

Thank you for the tag. I can't really recommend interacting with people who believe it's okay to do this as they'll likely just create arguments and you run the risk of being reported to the first party for some form of harassment. It's best to report and move along.

Originally posted by xCrowder

Our guy /u/FoxhoundFPS
But this clip doesn't seem like hacking. Can't exactly tell anyway at that framerate

Thank you for the tag. /u/BetiroVal, please upload this video to a service like YouTube or Streamable and send it my way. Looks like the video didn't render properly.

Eifel65 new hacker on PC blackout

about 8 hours ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by tobi_fps

u/FoxhoundFPS please ban him.


Thank you for the report.

Hacker on PC (JoeBro)

about 19 hours ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by TarkovTrading


Thank you for the tag, will forward.

(I was also playing Tarkov when I received this tag. Was thrown off when I looked at my phone. :P)

19 Nov

Originally posted by dollaYO_11

Hot Pursuit / HMH Moshpit


Quads Moshpit v2 in Blackout

This week’s new Quads Moshpit v2 is now live in Blackout, featuring a mix of Hot Pursuit, Pandemic, Hardcore Quads, and Close Quarters Frenzy – and yes, it should be a true Moshpit this time around! After encountering an issue with last week’s Duos Moshpit that started most matches in Hardcore Duos, we believe we’ve fixed the problem today. Players will continue to be placed into the lobby closest to starting a match, and chances of playing any of the four available modes should now be evenly split.

For our Duos-only players, standard Duos...

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Originally posted by Raphh_TTV

i don‘t think everyone is like that and give starters a chance, i believe in good ;)

While "TTV, BTW" has become part of the trending gamer lexicon, nobody truly cares this much unless they're absolutely insecure about much more going on. The studio would also rather see someone embracing content and brand over some of the more "colorful" Reddit/Game usernames. So no sweat on this kind of response.

Thanks for the report too. :)

Originally posted by Superfamousbusdriver

Can someone tag Foxhound? ( ) ?

Battletag: (Chòuyèxia#1669)

In the video you can clearly see this person prefiring me, he goes and "hunts" me down because I'm guessing his old account KJ23 got banned. ( )

People like this make it very hard to enjoy the game as almost every lobby is now filled with cheaters. I will post more videos of this person soon, Theater is sadly bugged on PC and it wont let me go into certain matches. People who play on NA PC especially in the evening/late night will know this person. He is as blatant as i...

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Thank you for the report.

Originally posted by HAINZ_


I appreciate the tag. To the best of my knowledge, this is a rare bug that benefits a player. If this person is consistently performing this then please let me know. Feel free to DM any subsequent video my way.

That jump shot at 0:16 was nasty! Great threat management!

18 Nov

Definitely digging this. Thanks!

16 Nov

Originally posted by tastyhusband

/u/FoxhoundFPS ban please

Thank you for the tag.

15 Nov

We deployed a fix for this earlier today -- please us know if you're still not seeing it after restarting the game.

14 Nov

This will be fixed shortly. Apologies, and thanks for the report!

Originally posted by S_nergy

u/foxhoundfps his battletag is - iDomiN8#11303

Thank you for the tag.

Originally posted by I_Am_ThatDuck

u/foxhoundfps can you take a look into his account and pass the message along please? Much appreciated!

Thank you for the tag.

12 Nov

Black Market Revamp: Earn Weapons and Items in Blackjack’s Shop

We’re excited to roll out today’s new Black Market revamp that gives all Black Ops 4 players new direct paths to earning new weapons and rewards through gameplay. Here’s what you’ll see when you visit Blackjack’s Shop today:

  • Pick-a-Weapon Bribe: Trade in 50 Reserve Cases to unlock a weapon of your choice from a Crate that also includes 2 Reserve items, along with a bonus of 5 Duplicate-Protected Crates for 15 additional Reserve items. Choose from a selection of base weapons, Mastercraf...
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11 Nov

Originally posted by KimJongSkilll


Thank you for the tag. Will forward it to our team for review.

08 Nov

Originally posted by Nickoasdf1


Thanks for the tag. Received this report within the last 24H and have forwarded.

07 Nov

Weekly 2XP Playlist in Multiplayer

Starting today, each week’s showcased Featured Playlist will offer 2XP in Multiplayer, so everyone can rank up twice as fast in Nuketown through Nov. 12th when 2XP Stockpile comes into rotation, and so on. Nuketown will remain a permanent playlist in the Featured Playlist section and we’ll have something new to play for 2XP every Tuesday going forward, so check back regularly to see what’s new on the menu.

Blackout Quads Restored


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Bring quads back please!!!!

13 days ago - /u/treyarch_official on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Quads are back! Restart to make sure you've got the latest playlist update.

Bring quads back please!!!!

13 days ago - /u/MaTtKs on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by slackerdx02

I understand that, I’m just complaining. Isn’t that what the sub is for?

On a more constructive note, I understand why they went to the mosh pit format but they should mix it up more. I shouldn’t get so many Heavy Metal games in a row. Also, I never had an issue finding a match on PS4. It would be nice if they could do things differently in each region based on the player base.

We’re working on a solution for a better spread of modes in the moshpits, alongside ensuring core Quads always being available.

We're fixing this! The Quads playlist is going back in, and Daily Contracts will line up with available modes. Apologies for the temporary mix-up.

06 Nov

Bring Back Normal Quads!

14 days ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Potent_Delusions

Already read that. But then it means 2 weeks out of every 5 there's no quads, and as someone who plays Duos often too, 4 out of 5 weeks i'm somehow affected.

I'm not complaining, just giving back feedback. Most people here seem to agree with me in that the new system is not good. The core modes should be there alongside Alcatraz, and then a rotating LTM moshpit. Anyone who tells you they are experiencing longer wait times since MW came out is an out-and-out liar. I don't think this streamlined approach was even needed, the game is packed to the rafters still.

But then it means 2 weeks out of every 5 there's no quads, and as someone who plays Duos often too, 4 out of 5 weeks i'm somehow affected.

This is no longer the plan based on community feedback. We'll be keeping Quads as a permanent mode. Currently, we're only looking to rotate Solos/Duos and the contents of the LTM moshpit. This may change and we'll keep you updated.

Bring Back Normal Quads!

14 days ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Potent_Delusions

I'm an ardent fan of the mode, but I'm not running respawn modes. Me and 2-3 guys always like running some Quads after work. That's our social time. We won't be getting back on until normal Quads is reinstated i'm afraid. I can appreciate some people like respawn but it's not for us. Never touch the normal 3 modes or Alcatraz. Just rotate around the LTM moshpit.

As outlined in that comment, Quads will be returning. We also shared our plans for Blackout in yesterday's update thread so you can see where our reasoning is with that.

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