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Lethal score streaks ruin this game

13 minutes ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by LowIQInDungeon

I really don't understand why the Hellion Salvo is completely worthless and incapable of killing anything lethal without dying multiple times, but lethals are completely destroyed by swapping out to guns with a special attachment. It would be so much less obtuse if the rocket launcher actually did something.

Obviously I'm not responsible for balancing in the game and the following is my opinion.

I disagree that it's worthless. With the right class, you can use it primarily for anti-streaks. Anti-players too I suppose.

Lethal score streaks ruin this game

31 minutes ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

FMJ II Paladin will change your life.

Originally posted by The0dark0one

u/TreyarchPC u/FoxhoundFPS

Due diligence here to note that I replied to a different thread concerning this player. Case is already closed on them too.

Originally posted by DredPirate13

Will do. Another question for you ... I usually play solo, how do I combat the lag when going against a large group as it seems everytime that they have a clear connection advantage no matter how low my ping is?

Latency is a spicy subject as it's hard to really help you manage this. We have this article that gives basic pointers for getting the best connection possible. Make sure you're also running your monitor/TV at an appropriate mode (game) and so forth.


Blatant hacker on PC

about 11 hours ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by TarkovTrading

Name is DaddyLovesU /u/TreyarchPC /u/FoxhoundFPS

Thank you for the tag. Will send to our team for investigation.

Originally posted by Mdawg008

Looks like it was actually an Xbox issue thats resolved now, but coincidentally started right after the update. But while i have your attention there’s another rare bug that is replicatable. For some reason if you select Danny Trejo, then back out to the main menu or re open your app, it always resets you back to the default blackout characters.

I'll let the team know about the Trejo character. Thanks!

Originally posted by coffeebeanboy

Do team killers in blackout get banned?

Send them my way.

Originally posted by LackingAGoodName


Thanks for tagging, dude.

This is an interesting issue. Let me pass it to the general team.

Originally posted by missing_trigger

Yep, some items still dissapear and my zombies diamond camo on rampage still blocked /u/FoxhoundFPS

We noted that the ZM Diamond Camo will be fixed in a future update.

I don't have an update on the Charm / Death Effects.

Originally posted by DredPirate13

I didn't mean to come across as yelling at you guys or anything. I don't have any videos but I seem to be running into a few that I'll shoot at and get at least 2 or 3 shots on from behind and they will jump and turn 180 and land laser like shots right at my head and kill me before my last few bullets come out. There is no aim adjustment, just headshots with no recoil, the guns vary. I'm wired, ping is below 30 and everything.

If you can capture some footage of it, let me know.

Originally posted by iDeSTRuCTiiioN

Im sorry I didnt mean to be rude, and I didnt include the part of conversation because I know it wont help . I just wanted to know if the guy is still going under investigation or he will just be ignored. I know your job is to forward it to the team and you did your job.

Thanks for recognizing that and it's all good. :)

17 Sep

Originally posted by iDeSTRuCTiiioN

I reported AZ_Iskander to you 5 days ago with a clip yet he still using his jitter mod in blackout, just encountered him today and hes laughing at me because I couldn't get him banned. Please get him banned.

I've already forwarded your video and it is still under review. Any external conversations you're having about "getting people banned" are not my responsibility and will not influence the investigation.

Does the reporting system work? Yes. We enforce via in-game reports often.

How many times did it take for somebody to be reported before they get looked at? Reports are investigated by our team and require time. As you can imagine, there are a lot of reports. I've shared elsewhere that the length of time is a fair criticism.

If you have video of the alleged cheating, shoot it my way and I can help lift it to the top.

Originally posted by steveyhyperdee

any chance of fixing the dark matter issue... where all gold/diamond guns don't unlock dark matter camos?

We spoke to this in the below section.

Zombies Gameplay Improvements

This update delivers new gameplay improvements for Zombies players, including an increased ammo count for the M16 and multiple fixes for Hellhound spawning logic and their visual FX. Note: Today’s update also introduces a known issue that will incorrectly display blood vials on Primis Richtofen’s in-game character model when playing "Alpha Omega", which is planned to be fixed in a future update along with a...

Read more

Operation Dark Divide Launches Sept. 23 on PS4

The sixth Operation of Black Ops 4 arrives Monday on PS4 with Operation Dark Divide, our upcoming superheroes vs. villains-themed season packed with all-new game content and customization gear, as well as our final two Black Ops Pass Multiplayer maps and the conclusion of the Black Ops 4 Zombies Aether story, “Tag der Toten”.

We can’t wait to share all the details in next week’s studio broadcast, where we’ll have world premiere gameplay footage of our upcoming Multiplayer maps, a walkthrough of our insane new Blackout experience, and of course, plenty to cover on the finale of Black Ops 4 Zom...

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16 Sep

Originally posted by ThunderStruck115


Thanks for the tag, Thunder.

I'm going to tag /u/ATVIAssist for additional support. - They're better equipped to help OP in this situation.

Here's a handy link:

I'm also going to call on /u/ATVIAssist for additional support.

15 Sep

Originally posted by reginof99

Hi u/FoxhoundFPS, is it possible to do something about this? Sorry for bothering and thanks in advance!

Saw your DM and didn't get a chance to respond to this. It's something I can bring up, but no promises on whether a standalone one would return.

Originally posted by LikeSubDerp

Not OP but it's Xbox. There are LB and RB buttons sandwiching the "SPECTATING" text at the bottom. It's L1 and R1 for PS4.

edit: as Foxhound stated below, If using a controller on PC, the corresponding controller UI will display, making it possible for the platform to be PC with an Xbox controller.

If this were a screenshot, or an image hosted on OneDrive, then I too would assume that it is Xbox and send it to the console enforcement team, but it's not.

Black Ops 4 on PC will show the correct controller UI if you decide to use either an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controller. Couple this with a blurry phone photo and I'm inclined to ask.

Can you confirm the platform for me? Thanks.

Originally posted by john_bet123

I agree with you, but to respond to your second point, someone posted something similar to this and tagged an activision support (edit: communications coordinator at treyarch) and they said they have forwarded it to their enforcement team, because we all know the in game report button doesn't do anything.

I'm not Activision Support.

Our in-game reporting does work, but it's fair criticism that it may take too long per an individuals preference.

We take our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Security & Enforcement Policy seriously.

Originally posted by LackingAGoodName


Thank you for the tag.

14 Sep

"They got grapes n' shit."


13 Sep

Jitter Mod on PS4

5 days ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by iDeSTRuCTiiioN


I'll forward this for investigation.

12 Sep

Originally posted by I_Am_ThatDuck

Thanks for the reply! I actually would of uploaded it via theater mode, but the game isn't showing up at all. I know there's nothing you can do at this point I'm sorry

All good and no apologies necessary.

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