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Killed by who with what????

about 12 hours ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by StevenWongo

Yeah I thought they were zeros too but wasn’t certain since it was so long ago. I think I added you somewhere between Black Ops and MW2 (long time ago so might be wrong of when) and played games with you an MorganEast during those times.

I just saw your name pop up on reddit here and i recognized it immediately.

Yep! That was about the time I was running with Morgan and a number of others. Hope you've been well!

Killed by who with what????

about 12 hours ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by StevenWongo

Hey /u/FoxhoundFPS, what’s the off chance that you went by II_FOXHOUND_II on Xbox 360 years ago?

I'm pretty sure they were zeroes, but yep. That was quite some time ago!


Killed by who with what????

about 15 hours ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by TheZiomBgamer

Does u/foxhoundfps know about this?

I actually saw this one earlier today. I'm forwarding it to the proper group. Thank you for tagging though!

Quadfeed XP + Nuketown this weekend :D

about 17 hours ago - /u/MaTtKs on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by SubnautGames

Yeah that's basically it

My bad.

Originally posted by Jabail

u/foxhoundfps takes care of this sometimes too

Appreciate the tag.

21 May

Party Up With Black Ops Pass + New Rewards for Pass Holders

Today, we’re excited to announce new rewards for Black Ops Pass owners (and their friends) as we prepare to kick off the second half of Operation Spectre Rising in early June, which will deliver new ways for all Black Ops 4 players to earn in-game rewards.

Starting today, Black Ops Pass holders instantly grant access to all Black Ops Pass MP maps to their squadmates while playing in a party. Pass holders also now receive a bonus of 5 Reserve Crates (containing 15 Reserve items), plus a one-week bonus of 2X Tiers for themselves and their party members now through May 28th!

With these new rewards, Black Op...

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19 May

Originally posted by Kalinine


Thank you for the tag. I've saved a local copy of the image to share with our enforcement team. Feel free to remove this so that the racism is not visible on the board.

u/BloodmoonRogue , in-game reports result in action if the report meets the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Security & Enforcement Policy.

18 May

Originally posted by DeathdeaIer


Saw this and forwarded the day you posted/sent.

17 May

Whats New?

7 days ago - /u/treyarch_official on Reddit - Thread - Direct

A lot! Here's the high-level summary on just the first few weeks of the Operation so far:

  • Multiplayer
    • Spectre playable after unlocking Tier 1
    • 3 Black Ops Pass Multiplayer maps: Masquerade, Artifact, WMD
    • Prop Hunt now live on all platforms
    • Barebones Deathmatch Moshpit introduced
    • Weekly Featured Playlist refreshes
    • Gameplay tuning for SMGs, Specialists, and Scorestreaks
  • Blackout
    • “Wetworks” map update
    • LTMs: Bounty Hunter, Ambush, and the return of Hot Pursuit
    • Alcatraz map improvements to gameplay flow and layout
    • New equipment: DART
    • Spectre now playable
    • Uncle Frank character for Black Ops Pass holders
  • Zombies
    • New “Super Blood Wolf Moon” Gauntlet for Black Ops Pass holders
    • New Tigershark LMG added to Mystery Box
    • Elixir Restock feature now autom...
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Dupes are not rerolling.

7 days ago - /u/treyarch_official on Reddit - Thread - Direct

If you're still seeing this issue, send us a DM with your PSN ID/gamer tag so we can investigate further.


The team is aware of this issue and are working to resolve. Will check on the status today for you.

16 May

Originally posted by MagssEthan

u/FoxhoundFPS his psn is hillingnog69

Yep. Saw this one. Weird flex on their part.

I think my game is high

8 days ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by TheZiomBgamer

u/foxhoundfps status

This is an interesting tag. If status means:

  • Have you seen this thread previously? Yes.
  • Do you intend to share it with the studio? Yes.
  • Do you have any response available for this? No, not officially. I don't like speaking for the studio as that's not my primary objective. I can when the time calls for it, but it's not an always-on deal.
  • Have you seen this elsewhere? Yes and I forward those along when I encounter them. I don't see it often though.
  • Do you have any advice? Yes, should anyone crash please contact both ATVIAssist and myself with details. If you ever crash on PlayStation, put your PSN ID in the commentary box.
  • How are you personally? Doing pretty okay. I've had a bit too much caffeine today and I'm debating cooking at home or seeking takeout. I'm personally looking forward to a weekend of gaming including ...
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Originally posted by 182plus44

/u/FoxhoundFPS dude's gamertag is W3RB0 N4STY

Thank you. I’ll forward for investigation.

Your victim will see the death effect when they die, in the killcam, and if you are featured in the Best Play.

We felt that playing these for everyone at all times could become a bit spammy and negatively affect gameplay.

The shotgun ruined ambush

8 days ago - /u/MaTtKs on Reddit - Thread - Direct

While nothing is decided, we have heard the feedback and are discussing this at the studio. Stay tuned. 👍

Any game tuning changes that we make will always be communicated. While there may on occasion be a day delay on official announcements, we do not make “stealth” tuning changes.

That said, there are maintenance and backend changes that may occur without announcement assuming there is no interruption to services.

Snipers Only mode?

8 days ago - /u/MaTtKs on Reddit - Thread - Direct

You may want to keep your eyes on the featured playlists in the coming weeks.

This is a joke...

9 days ago - /u/FoxhoundFPS on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by ragewho

u/ATVIAssist yall have to stop focusing on your bad MTX system and fix this game. This is unacceptable.... u/foxhoundfps u/davidvonderhaar u/mattks

This post was created 4H ago, but I just got the note. Thanks for tagging.

15 May

Originally posted by twicethetoots

Do the featured playlists ever change?

We refresh the Featured Playlists every week in Multiplayer and Blackout, typically on Tuesdays and/or Fridays. When we introduce new game modes, we'll typically keep them cycled in for multiple weeks along with some of our most popular playlists. In Zombies, the newest map will typically get the Featured slot.

In this week's case, Prop Hunt is a new arrival, and Infected, Barebones, and Deathmatch Domination are fan favorites at the moment. We also like to keep a Mercenary playlist in rotation for our solo players, so Merc Deathmatch Moshpit is also in the mix.

This Friday, we're introducing Barebones Deathmatch Moshpit for the first time, so Featured Playlists will get an update for the second time this week. Hope this helps!

Originally posted by Illini_Jack

When is 50 v 50 coming?

Ground War is currently planned to launch during the second half of Operation Spectre Rising. We're only 2 weeks in so far... plenty more to come!

Originally posted by NotAVerySillySausage

Well next time I find a hacker I will post on reddit rather than report in game.

That works. You can also report in-game and humans will see it that way too. My DM inbox is also always open if you want to just drop links in there. Raw footage if possible, not theater.


Originally posted by Midolesi


Another user made a video of this guy hacking on the 19th of April:

Forwarding to the proper teams. Thank you.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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