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15 Jul

Originally posted by realsuntower

are you allowed to update me on whether or not this guy gets banned? I’m sure all his other victims would like to know as well

No. We typically do not share the status of other accounts as a matter of policy. To set expectations appropriately, that's a call I don't get to make either.

Received your tag in this thread. Please report all suspicious activity in-game.

13 Jul

Looks like there was a brief outage and it recovered.

01 Jul

Originally posted by justsmokeityo

If it applies to all games why do players on MW have racial slurs as clan tags? I get that they can be reported but why is it even letting them put it as their tag to begin with? Makes your explanation seem pretty bullshit tbh

Treyarch is not associated with Modern Warfare.

Originally posted by DDSLIDER101

Isn’t the game rated M for mature smh

that various parts of all games must abide by the first party word/profanity filters

Highlighting this part. The filters are applied per the service regardless of content. Vahn has had a number of these posts/shares before. I'm looking for one, but I can't find it.

The quick version of the explanation for this is that various parts of all games must abide by the first party word/profanity filters. This includes compounded words too which is why some players were unable to use clan tags at some points.

24 Jun

Originally posted by Fun_Influence

Thank you for the suggestion, that was something I completely forgot about.

NP. Happy cake day btw!

Originally posted by Fun_Influence

Hey, yes it was removed from YouTube due to lack of any response in about one month period. Sorry for making things harder but this video was just sitting there on my channel and I didn't expect it to be important anymore.

Hope you can catch this cheater.

If this is a situation where you did not want the video to sit publicly on your page then you can set the video to Unlisted.

Originally posted by Alphadictor

u/FoxHoundFPS u/Nathanw425 another link to even older report date regarding the very same person recorded by another player:

My response to your link can be found here.

I appreciate the time and effort you have placed in your video. Please report in-game moving forward.

Originally posted by Alphadictor

u/FoxhoundFPS can you ask your company boss to allow all cheat now if you want to kill the game faster so the player base can move on to next COD? Because the cheaters we all caught past 4 months went totally ignored by your support team. And you went silent for 2 months from this sub-reddit.

I typically don't respond to posts that engage in obtuse statements, pointing to your opening line here, but I do want to make note that I still monitor this space and have posted within the time span that you outline. The primary recommendation of reporting in-game is still your best option.

The video in question here was also removed at some point. I noticed so shortly after the thread was created, but the poster indicated they reported in-game.

20 Jun

It’s abundantly obvious to both of us that Call of Duty is making it harder for friends to connect on older games to push them towards Modern Warfare.

This isn't how we operate and your peers have stated that Duos is working for them on your platform. Make sure that you have TCP/UDP 3074-3076 forwarded or triggered.

Routers and ports can get complicated. Not all games use the same ports either so a "this is how we tested" isn't entirely scientific.

15 Jun


05 May

Originally posted by TheEmpowererBTW


Appreciate the report but the format of the video prevents a lot of important information from being communicated. Please report in-game. It’ll help us by providing all of the necessary information upon submit.

04 May

Originally posted by OddIndication4

Thank you very much :). Should be very very obvious that the player in question is hacking and should be banned.

I appreciate the report. Just to set some healthy expectations: I only forward the reports to our team that handles them. They're the same team that also manages our in-game reports. In the event that you run into the player again or someone similar in name, please continue to report in-game.

Originally posted by OddIndication4

/u/FoxhoundFPS Need some assistance here chef

Going to follow-up here that we discussed/interacted on Twitter. Mostly sharing here to avoid the "no response, no care" that Reddit likes to default to.

23 Apr

Originally posted by Alphadictor

/u/FoxHoundFPS please have the team investigate.

I received the tag and have reviewed the thread.

There's a lot going on here... from suspicions of actions to allegations of multiple identities. I appreciate the effort you've placed into this thread and report, but please report in-game moving forward. This will present our team with all of the relevant information necessary to perform an investigation and doesn't require you to attempt to track or investigate on your own.

Thank you again for your effort and time.

21 Apr

Originally posted by SeriousTale3


Thank you for tagging. I will also send this to our team for review.

Originally posted by Brimstin


Thank you for sharing. I will send this to our team for review.

20 Apr

Originally posted by Whatsupson1

Yw didn’t expect a reply on a Sunday night thank you too

I happened to sit down at my computer. :)

Originally posted by Whatsupson1


Thank you for tagging. Will share with our investigation team.

19 Apr

Originally posted by 1withnoaim


Thank you for tagging. Will forward this to our team.

18 Apr

Originally posted by lOlbas


Thank you for sharing. I'll forward this along.

16 Apr

Originally posted by epicjonc

u/FoxhoundFPS The kid was lvl 54, no prestige, at the time

Commenting to share that I saw this thread and forwarded the content to our team. Thank you for sharing and please continue to report in-game also.

14 Apr

Originally posted by SeriousTale3

Plz u/foxhoundFPS look at this hacker. He is online every day in blackout and uses aimbot and wallhack

The thread you linked to was forwarded to my knowledge. Please continue to report in-game.

Originally posted by Fun_Influence


Thank you for tagging. Will send to our team for investigation.

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