Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! We are back and with another community update focused on the latest for Season 3: Tokyo Escape! This time around the update is all about modes and maps releasing this week, new events tied to Call of Duty: Warzone, and various feedback and bug reports. Next week will be a heftier one in terms of content with Warrior’s Path, the featured event for S3, launching! Have another glimpse at what is still to come in the S3 roadmap:

To start, we know there have been a variety of requests for more information on the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2021 Presented by Sony and all we can say for now is more on official rules and information on eligibility are on the way! We have our new Call of Duty: Mobile Esports YouTube Channel up now with recaps and highlights from 2020, but we have a lot more planned for that channel focused on competitive events overall (not just the World Championship).

Tune in later for more information on all of that and be sure to keep an eye on the YouTube channel if you are interested in CODM competitive video content! For now, let’s jump into this week’s content below and thanks to everyone who has been sharing feedback and bug reports specific to S3.

Here is a quick look at all of the newest events and others launching throughout the week:

  • 04/21 ~ SMG Supremacy Seasonal Challenge
  • 04/22 – 04/27 ~ 3v3 Gunfight (MP)
  • 04/22 – 04/27 ~ Cranked Recharged (MP)
  • 04/22 – 05/04 ~ Radioactive Agent Redemption (info below)
  • 04/23 – 04/29 ~ BR Alcatraz
  • 04/23 – 04/29 ~ Coastal 24/7 (MP)
  • 04/23 – 04/29 ~ Night Mode: Enhanced (MP)
  • 04/23 – 05/06 ~ Primeval Redux Draw

*All Dates UTC

This week’s events are mostly focused on various MP modes, some new and some updated, and plenty of ways to earn rewards by completing events tied to all of that. We’ll have more of those details below, but first let’s start with a new event that will allow you to grab some operators for free!

Radioactive Agent Redemption
If you were around last year in April this event may look familiar, but we have another event spanning across Call of Duty: Mobile and Call of Duty: Warzone! We setup this event to help celebrate the launch of the truly massive Season 3 of Warzone and Verdansk 84’! Get a glimpse at that new update:

As a Call of Duty: Mobile player this event can benefit you by allowing you to snag one of three operators! All you need to do is use a Call of Duty account to play Warzone once and then you’ll receive a WZ Token via your Call of Duty: Mobile inbox. However, first make sure that COD account is linked to Call of Duty: Mobile and for info on how to do that head Link Up Blog.

Redeem that token in the Radioactive Agent Redemption event in-game in CODM and you can choose between the following three characters: T.E.D.D., Hazmat Soap, and Hazmat Bomber.

Lastly, as an extra bonus for linking your Call of Duty account to Call of Duty: Mobile you’ll be getting Ghost: Stealth as a reward if you haven’t previously linked. He’ll show up in your inbox as well. For both of those rewards, the token and Ghost: Stealth, you may not get them instantly in your inbox.

For the Warzone token, you should receive this within 72 hours of installing and playing Warzone. If not, feel free to reach out to our support teams and we can check in to make sure there aren’t any issues. You can find more details on all of this on our Radioactive Agent Redemption Blog post!

Last week we announced Coastal and now it is available to explore! This breezy ocean side town is perfect for long walks on the beach, charming strolls through village shops, and Search & Destroy mode. This map was uniquely designed with that mode in mind, with tactical options available at every turn, whether it is flanking opportunities, choke points, or verticality.

This map is available now in the Coastal 24/7 Playlist, which features Search & Destroy and Prop Hunt. While you are playing you can also snag some rewards, like Weapon XP, credits, and new camos in the By The Sea event. Here is a look at the full map and head in-game now to explore it yourself:

Brought NODs 2.0 (Night Mode)
Our updated Night Mode is here this week and it comes with some small tweaks to change up the overall experience of this mode. The main update is an inclusion of a battery for night vision, which means you can no longer leave your NVG (night vision goggles) on for the entire match and instead have to tactically use them. Additionally, it encourages the use of new strategies for fighting without the helpful and clear helping hand of NVGs illuminating the battle field.

While you are playing Night Mode you can grab some extra rewards in the Brought Nods 2.0 event! This one has ten different tasks revolving around playing this mode/playlist and they are all fairly straight forward “get X number of kills” or “play X number of matches”. For completing these tasks you can snag the following rewards on top of credits and weapon XP:

  • (Rare) QXR - Side Scale
  • (Rare) Calling Card - Ready for Action
  • (Rare) Spray - Short Fuse

Hidora Kai – The Boss
With Hidora Kai – The Boss we were interested to see if you all would feel the same excitement we felt when we first saw this operator design perfectly fit for Season 3: Tokyo Escape. No shame to the excellent designs of Zero, Spectre, or Takeo, but like his name implies Hidora Kai is ‘The Boss’ both in relation to quality and just overall cool factor.

One of the things we wanted to make sure to highlight with this operator releasing was his excellent voice acting. We’ve already seen thousands of comments talking about his fantastic voice acting, which we were thrilled to be able to use in our very first Season 3 teaser video, and we are happy to push that praise on over to the talented actor responsible – Greg Chun! This actor has a truly impressive number of VO credits and we are honored to have them represented in Call of Duty: Mobile as well.

Lastly, we just wanted to say thank you to everyone out there who gets similarly excited about details like this, whether it is lesser talked about but very important details like music, weapon flavor text, operator designs, or of course voice acting. It really does help encourage our teams only keep pushing to make those things great but also for us to find more ways to share that back with you all. Plenty more to come in the future, so keep the encouragement and feedback coming!


Over the past week we’ve seen a decent amount of Season 3 feedback, but a lot of the main topics still being brought up are actually non-specific to the season. Some of which we’ve talked about many times before and have no updates at this moment, like weapon inspection or new BR maps, but overall we are still reading, observing, and sharing back anything new with our teams. We have a few topics this week and if you don’t see something here feel free to reach out and ask on any of our social areas.

  • CDL Pack We were excited to bring over this pack from the console/PC version of COD since its another way to celebrate and support competitive Call of Duty. We’ve seen a significant amount of discussion about this pack since it released earlier this week and we’ve shared that, both the positive and negative feedback, back with our teams who work on that type of store content. Nothing we can share back on that but thank you to everyone who discussed this and share their opinion on this unique pack coming to Call of Duty: Mobile.
  • China Version Features – Just to echo what we said prior to the S3 release, we hear the continual requests for info on when and if these features are coming to the global version! We are working with our teams to see when we can surface that information to you all and are just generally working on ways to be more transparent about that process.
  • Zombies Mode – No updates here yet, but we just wanted to pre-empt the inevitable dozens of questions we’ll have asking “any Zombies news?” after each update 😉
  • Public Test Build – Yes! We do plan to have another test build before Season 4. We have some significant pieces of content dropping then, so we are currently contemplating the best way to bring that to you all to check out and give feedback on via a test build. More on that later!
  • AS VAL Weapon Tuning - We released a hotfix earlier this week that adjusted the AS VAL's weapon damage calculation. Basically, how long it takes for the game to register someone is getting hit and how much damage it is doing. This should now be in-line with other weapons!

Bug Reports
This may be one of the calmer seasons we’ve seen lately in relation to bug reports after launch, but we know many of you have been inquiring about other bugs that are not Season 3 specific. Please refer to one of our previous community updates that gave a list of issues that are still under investigation or have a fix pending in a future update! For now, here are a few recent S3 ones we’ve been looking into.

  • Monthly Calendar Bug – We’ve had an issue with Day 6 of the daily login monthly calendar not being claimable. We put out a potential fix, but unfortunately it won’t take effect until Day 12 (another 6 days of consecutive logins). However, all other days are still claimable and we are looking to see if we can push out a fix or workaround before you all have to wait another 6 days.
  • Weapon Animations in BR – We’ve had a variety of reports, some of which we’ve reproduced already, of Epic and higher weapons not showing their animations in BR. This may be intentional to prevent performance issues in that mode, since it is far more performance intensive than MP, but we are pursuing it as a bug and currently investigating it.
  • DLQ33 – Zealot Scope Misalignment – This one was straight forward issue with the scope aim being misaligned and it is under investigation now! Hopefully, we can solve it in the next hotfix or in the next major update coming shortly before S4.

Support Options
We still regularly reach out to community areas for info on issues or feedback, but don’t hesitate to reach out to our support channels as well if you ever need help, especially with anything specific to your account, like purchasing issues or account issues. Here are our main support channels:

  • In-game support chat
  • Player Support Website: Contact Us

The majority of our community highlights end up being weapon design or operator art, which we love, but there are also times when there are truly unique posts show up that we just have to support. Reddit user rjsp17 celebrated their 23rd birthday earlier this week and their girlfriend helped them celebrate in a distinctly Call of Duty: Mobile Way!

This may be the first community made cake that we’ve seen out in the world for CODM and we love it! So do over 3000 people who upvoted original thread, which might be one of the most wholesome community discussions you’ll see this week. However, not only did rjsp17 get a custom cake for their birthday but also a care package designed after our anniversary crates!

That care package was filled with food and other goodies that make us a bit jealous haha, but also awed and inspired by all of the thoughtfulness that went into these gifts. Happy Birthday rjsp17 🥳 and thank you for letting us share your birthday festivities with the wider community!!

With all of that said, we have no more to talk to you about this week and we’ll just work on gathering what we can for our next community update! Just a heads up, but for that next update we plan to dive back into the weapon balance changes coming (the ones many of you tested in the previous test build) to try to shed some more light on those before that arrives in the next major update. Have a great weekend, stay safe out there, and best of luck collecting those wins!

-The Call of Duty: Mobile Team

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Originally posted by Unusual_Tangerine_13

Hello, love the game :) Will the buffs and nerf from the test server be coming soon, the meta over the past few seasons has become a bit stale. Thank you and have a good day

Hey there! Appreciate the kind words 🙂 All the adjustments from that test server will be implemented later this season and tied to a major update. In our next Community Update we will have more details on all that

Originally posted by YoungRedPiller

In the patch notes it says PP Bizon has 3 shot kill ability but that's not the case, can we get some more clarification?

Also, when can we expect those balance changes from the test server to come? The game feels kind of stale right now with so many guns never used because they're so underpowered.. I'm really hoping for that balance change to spice things up

Heya, sure thing. We'll need to check with the weapon team to see if there a specific loadout that is meant to create the ability to do a 3 shot kill, but in relation to your second question - the next update! We'll have some notes on that next week and the weapon balance changes are coming in the next update landing right before S4

Originally posted by dannySomber11

I can ask you a question about the following:

What will happen to the other paid mobile game that they have in the Google play and the app store, called "Call of duty Black ops zombies", will they remaster it with a better graphic engine? Or will they take all the content of that game to implement it in Call of duty Mobile?

I hope they solve this question for me about this game that is very abandoned.


Heya, we know exactly the app you are referring to but we unfortunately don't have any information to share about it since our team is focused solely on Call of Duty: Mobile. Sorry, but we just don't have anyway to get info on that one.

Originally posted by Xtormiken

oh hello, can weapons like the MSMC and Fennec receive a recoil control buff ? also, can the Fennec extended mag be increased to 40 rounds instead of 35 ??? please

Heya, there is a pretty massive number of changes coming for both of those weapons in the next update. However, to speak on those specific questions...

  • Recoil control buff? Yes for the MSMC! Not for the Fennec though.
  • Fennec Extended Mag? No changes there from what we can tell.

We are going to try to share a wide variety of notes about all of those changes in the next community update, but also just hang tight until that update releases since it is tough for us to be aware of every single change due to the scale of that update.

Originally posted by Patient-Candle-7311

Hello guys, the weapons of the battle pass are wonderful. But I miss a function to see the weapons better, it is a pity to have such beautiful weapons and not be able to have a function to inspect them. Please bring some mechanics so we can look at the weapons better. The community wants this very much, we cod mobile players feel the need for this function. Thank you for listening to us again.

Heya, we definitely hear you on that and you may have heard that something related to that is being tested in the Chinese version right now. If that goes well there then there is a good chance it will end up in Global (and the other versions) too.

Originally posted by Vinod_cr7

Hello Team, thanks for another community update.

I would request you to plz let me know when Ghost Plasma will be back.

Also, can you plz add Cordite draw in For you section so that it can help me and other players to complete the weapon sets. You will made by day, if I get response from you. Thanks.

Heya, thanks for the appreciation for these updates ! However, we are afraid for both of those we don't have any information. We don't see any info about Ghost Plasma coming back in the near future and in the For You section our teams are still working on adding options & expanding that system. We are hoping that more options overall will be releasing in For You alongside Season 4. We'll try to highlight that in a future update.

Originally posted by airplanesandcars

Humble request, could you guys bring back headquarters and capture the flag back properly as their own featured mode instead of putting them in playlists with permanent modes? It's impossible to play those modes that I love, I've only played capture the flag once since S8 and I could count the number of times I've played regular headquarters since S10(not including hardcore, played that one a 100 times because I love it so much) with one hand.

Heya, those were their own featured modes a few times in the past and most likely the reason they are always part of a mix of modes (in a playlist) is that they weren't popular enough on their own compared to something a bit more stand out like Cranked, Rapid Fire, or Gun Game.

However, for Headquarters we don't see it back during S3 at all, but Capture the Flag is returning in early May and with its own playlist for just that mode

Originally posted by Mastroid

Hey u/COD_Mobile_Official , this season is in my opinion, the best season in CODM so far, I’m loving it very much, and the new map Coastal is amazing for SnD. But I also have some questions if you don’t mind answering:

1- Will Nikto - Dark Side get a redux and/or ever appear in the ‘For You’ draws anytime in the future?

2- Any news about the perk ‘Overkill’? Every COD has meta weapons, and that doesn’t stop them from adding it ingame. Not only will it tone down the .50 GS akimbo spam, but also the other Melee meta like Axe/Katana. I’m anticipating the moment you guys announce Overkill being added!

Again thank you very much for this amazing season and I’m definitely looking forward to the upcoming events and ofcourse season 4! 😉

Heya, thank you so much for the kind words and we are happy to hear you are loving this unique, colorful, and thematic season . Some answers!
1. Dark Nikto - Possibly! We've actually never brought back any Mythic or Legendary character so far. It just feels too early since all of those are relatively new. However, that For You system is brand-new and the team is working on improvements and changes for it already, so it is possible that it could be added as an option.

  1. Overkill - Sadly, no . We'd like to hope that once this new weapon balance update comes out alongside S4 it will open the discussion back up for Overkill. However, the reason it hasn't been added previously is because of how much it affects weapon balance. As you can see there is plenty we still wanted to do overall before adding that perk to the mix.

Originally posted by Hackers_are_Noobs

Why are you helding a tournament when there is still a big case of desync.

Hey there, desync is a long term issue that tied to the stability and strength of our servers and how those servers work with local networks. That issue is unfortunately fairly complex, but our team cares about it quite a bit and it is also something being considered for future updates to our whole CODM infrastructure.

Originally posted by paquizzle

It seems like they only put out a mythic when they introduce a new gun

That is true, but we always have new weapons every single season! However, it may not always necessarily be that way. It just depends on the frequency of Mythic weapons and if we'll always stick to this 2 new weapons per season approach.

Originally posted by emc2vic

Hey some questions and feedbacks:

1) Are you going to add a new melee this season? Shovel made the last season way better that it was in previous seasons in therms of weapon content. Three weapons(including one melee) is perfect.

2) Any plans to add more tactical modes like HQ, or night modes on ranked?

3) PLEASE don’t make more playlists like Oasis 24/7! It was so annoying to play frontline all the time, it’s easier to choose frontline mode and select oasis map on core, so please bring back the old playlists. And btw, the new map this week is SnD only, i can’t find a prop hunt match there, idk if it’s a bug.

Greetings! Some answers for you

  1. We absolutely have a lot of melee weapon variants dropping this season, but we don't see anything that is entirely brand-new like the Shovel.
  2. We'll need to check on that one, but we do have some general updates to Ranked coming soon and alongside the launch of the World Championship 2021. It is possible that the modes could be getting changed around then as well. We'll try to call it out in a future update once we get some info back on that.
  3. Sorry, not sure we understand this one but are you just saying that you don't like being stuck with just one mode when a new map comes out? It is common practice for us to release a 24/7 playlist of a new map and usually with 1-2 modes that we think are the best matches for it. Also, thanks for the Prop Hunt call out! That looks to be an error in our post and notes, not an in-game error.

Hey all, we originally put the wrong information here regarding the AS Val and have corrected it in the post, but here is that updated information again:

AS VAL Weapon Tuning - We released a hotfix for a weapon damage calculation bug which caused the AS VAL's short range TTK to be 30 ms longer than expected. This should now be in-line with other weapons!

Originally posted by airplanesandcars

Thank you so much for answering even though I have severe doubts that modes like grind and night mode were more popular than headquarters to mean that it never came back on its own...but oh well, who I am I to say I'm just assuming while you guys have the data.

Haha, fair comment! Especially since Headquarters is so popular in console/PC versions of COD. To be straight it is probably a comparison of different types of limited time modes, but it could also just that those were played more and our teams thought it was more popular based on that based data.

Usually with most of those limited time modes we run them multiple times throughout the original season they are launching in, check to see how much they were played and the general feedback (positive or negative), and then use that information to help place them in upcoming seasons too.

Originally posted by RooosterJones

Are you not going to address the ADS freezing bug?

The one in Battle Royale where it has that delay? We also hate that one (just personally when playing) and we believe it should be resolved in the future, but not until the next full update. We'll check back in that one though. However, if it is a different one you are referring to just let us know!

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