Dear exiles,

We've been hard at work on a new Testlive build that we are planning on rolling out before the holidays. This update is a massive one, containing a multitude of critical fixes and changes that we can't wait for you to check out.

First up are the building optimizations, which will significantly improve how the game loads in building pieces and improve performance. Next is a revamp to the Purge that should make it more reliable and dangerous. Additionally, we've done a major balancing overhaul to the game, increasing the amount of XP you get from crafting and killing enemies, while also making NPCs and monsters more dangerous.

Finally, we have added in several changes to find, and block, ways players were able to get beneath the ground mesh.

The current plan is to deploy this build to Testlive tomorrow, at 2pm CET, but please remember that this is subject to change.