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Update 41 has not been released on PS4, so functionality should be as you remember from previous builds. It won't change when it releases either.

04 Jul

Hrm I will check the email address. Thanks for letting me know!

03 Jul

Hey @bbtech

We’re aware of this issue. Our team will look into it but at the moment it’s not considered of priority.
Thanks for the feedback and apologies for the inconvenience.

Hey @Jimoacha

We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it.
Thanks for the feedback and apologies for the frustration.

Hi @StaceyJaxx, we’ll reach out to you privately regarding this matter.

Hi @Silvercoon, have you tried checking your games and apps to determine if the DLC is installed?

To access this, focus on a game in your games list and press the menu button on your controller, then select Manage game & addons.

Hey @Akita51

Welcome to our community.
Since you mention this happening in a private server, are there any mods installed?

Hi @R3KA5AND, thank you for your report, we’ll be sure to register this for the team to look into.

Hi @TrioKsT, it seems like your singleplayer save data was likely corrupted, which unfortunately may happen on rare occasions and the only option is to erase or overwrite it with a new game session.

Are you still having issues joining online severs?

@LastPrimal please open a new thread on this forum stating the server number and the timestamps (including timezone) of when you experience these connectivity issues.

Hi @liquidand, were you using only square foundations or also triangular ones?

Was there any ceiling present, or surrounding pillars?
If so, it might be best to temporarily remove thesefor the sake of placing down large structures.

We’d also suggest that you try using the raise/lower option to adjust the large placeable, as well as trying to tilt it slightly, as this usually helps finding a snapping point.

We’ll also send note to the team regarding the issue.

Hey @Jimoacha

Could you send us one of your logs when this issue happens so our team can have a better look at what’s causing it?

Abyssmal snake bug

    Hugo on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hi @Econradt, this issue is known and will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

Hi @Vulcanrage1988, as it has been mentioned, having the Minimum Number of Online Players value set to 0 will allow for offline purges, and it will only target players or clans whose purge meters have hit the threshold.

You may also refer to the Wiki for more information regardi...

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Hi @3LiON, thank you for pointing this out, we’ll register the issue for our team to look into.

I need a bit more details: Are you trying to run the game client and server on the same machine?

For the accessibility ports, you need both the ports to be open (using the correct protocol, usually the simplest is to allow BOTH UDP and TCP), but also all the firewalls (on the machine but also on the router in case there’s one active) allowing access on these ports.

If the port check is red, don’t even bother, that will not work.

Also be aware that some ISP (I know of at least one in the Philipines) are putting multiple customers on the same IP and use some black magic using tricked out ports to give back internet traffic to the right people, on this type of setup it is generally not possible to do port forwarding.

Hi @Jnja90, there’s no way to verify a server’s timezone at this time, but we can assist with that for now.

Server #3554’s timezone is UTC-04:00.

Hey @Velluminous

If you’re using the dedicated server launcher, please send your feedback on its thread here:

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Hey @Morgoth

Thanks for the feedback and apologies for the frustration. We’ve sent this information to our team so they can look into it.

Hello @Ateshia, could you please verify the stability of the surrounding pieces by using a repair hammer and report back, as Illianna has suggested?

Hello @Babyfacekane, sending more than one DM to either me or @Ignasis won’t expedite the resolution of your report as these are handled by another team.

I had replied to you two days ago asking for more information, which you haven’t provided yet. Please check your DM and get back to us so that your report can be processed.

Hey @Anghely

Welcome to our community and apologies for the frustration.
We’ve sent this feedback to our team so they can look into it.

Hey @Jim1

Thanks for the feedback, we’ve sent it to our team so they can look into it.

If you are a server admin, you should probably join the Admins United Discord because all these things have been discussed there for the last week.

See here: ...

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02 Jul

Hello, G-Portal has determined that there was an issue with the server machine, which was addressed today, apologies for the inconvenience.