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Lost my character on PS4 Co-op

about 18 hours ago - Hugo on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hello @Jaqe, welcome to the community!

Are your saves backed up to the cloud?

Did you happen to switch profiles?

Could you describe the intensity and length of the framerate drops, and if they occur specifically during specific events such as having the co-op partner teleported to you or interacting with items?

What addons are you seeing and which DLC did you buy?

Hey Daybreak74,

Drukuku already mentioned it, but the tools to build a map is already available in the game’s dev kit. Building an entirely new map creator for Conan Exiles is a little out of scope for us right now.

Hey Nigelmorbid,

The best way to test this would be to remove the mods from your game/server and then see if the bug happens consistently.

To me it sounds like there’s some mod interference, as this issue hasn’t been brought up again recently (to my knowledge at least, I could be wrong, of course).

If something is blocking your spawn point then you’d get an error message saying so when you respawn.

Originally posted by AdventureBum

Tencent works closely with the Chinese government. If this goes through you’ll practically be working for them.

Lots of Western companies work closely with their respective governments as well. Would we be practically working for those governments if another company was buying us?

Originally posted by Paragon-Hearts

Can I ask why any DLC before the new map has been claimed to be cosmetic only, yet share insanely differing attribute and temperature bonuses?

I'm told it was for balancing reasons.

Hello @Alathariell, welcome to the forums!

We’ll need additional details in order to determine what could’ve caused this, such as what sort of messages your sister had in her Event Log, the server settings regarding building decay and abandonment if this happened on an online private server, the location of the building and more information regarding its setup ( building pieces, were they all connected through foundations, screenshots ).

New Map in the Form of DLC Confirmed

about 19 hours ago - /u/Funcom_JEV on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by utspg1980

This will seem like I'm calling out funcom, but I'm not because this happens all over the gaming industry.

It strikes me as odd that so often gamers learn of updates, upcoming games, DLCs, etc. not from the company talking to us/the customers, but from the company talking to shareholders.

I'm not 100% sure on the details, but apparently this was something we had to mention in the stock notice.

New Map in the Form of DLC Confirmed

about 19 hours ago - /u/Funcom_JEV on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Madheal

Oh good, something else we can throw money at. 9 paid DLCs (8 at $10 and 1 at $6) in less than 2 years on a $40 game. Fan f**king tastic idea.

Whether you spend money on it or not is up to you, in in the end

Originally posted by ihateCensor01

We are talking about PC version?! What will happen to that version after Tencent take over ?!

The PC version will remain as is

Originally posted by AdventureBum

Which is exactly why some of us will never buy the console version. Down with censorship. If that happens with the pc version you are going lose a lot of customers.

Edit - just to add, if/when this deal goes through I will never again buy any Funcom product so long as they are under Chinese ownership. I have supported this game since beta but not a dime of my money is going to a Chinese-owned game company. I say this with complete sincerity: f**k the Chinese government. They are an authoritarian regime trying to expand their cultural influence beyond their borders, and one of they ways they accomplish this is exactly this kind of buyout of western companies and IPs so they can dictate the content. I’m getting sick and tired of companies bowing down to their new Chinese overlords, and I will never support a video game company that is owned by them or working with the Chinese government in any way. It’s the reason I will never play a Blizzard product ever again, and I...

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Well it's a good thing we're not working with the Chinese government, then.

New Map in the Form of DLC Confirmed

about 19 hours ago - /u/Funcom_JEV on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by dankdaimyo

You guy should add voiced characters that can be enthralled that offer some kind of relationship building. It'd be cool to defeat XX in combat and make them join my clan for example. The world kind of feels hollow.

That's not a bad idea. Thank you for the suggestion

Originally posted by Lindart12

Well yeah, lots of money so it's positive for you and yours but not anyone else.

More resources means we have, well, more resources. Which will help us improve Conan Exiles further

Originally posted by Lindart12

I like how you didn't state it would never happen. Which is pretty much a guarantee you are planning to do it.

It was more to point out that censorship is already happening. There aren't plans for us to censor the nudity on a world-wide level. It's one of the things that made the game such a huge success. Why would we remove that from the game?

New Map in the Form of DLC Confirmed

about 19 hours ago - /u/Funcom_JEV on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by finalfanbeer

Please make it part of the world map and not separated! We could use much more space. Even a second starting zone with more to do in the easier areas so new players can spread out.

Thank you for the feedback. I can't talk details about the new map yet, but all will be revealed at a later date :)

Originally posted by Ubrhelm

Please fix the single player physics breaking with character height other than zero. It was reported but never fixed...

This is on our list of things to fix :)

Originally posted by Patharoth

Any time :)

The news are both exciting and scary, as it adds alot of unknowns. One of my questions would have been if FunCom would do something similar to GGG and Path of Exile (which saw Tencent do a Majority share last year of 80%).

Basically a western client, which GGG works on and a Chinese client mostly headed by Tencent (I believe).

I think the prospect of Conan Exiles getting censored region (world) wide to fit a Chinese market is one of the things that has Reddit riled up (among other things such as change in the monetization model).

Nevertheless, some of these we can't answer yet I think, and only time will tell I supose.

(Personally I think it's exciting as I can see how it would broaden FunComs horizon, which is always nice.

But scary because of: a) Mega corperations buying out a ton of companies (looking at you Disney) and b) the censorship. )

I shall wait with bated breath :D Gl!

We absolutely understand why some of our community would be a little put off by this. The nudity won't be censored world-wide. It's part of what helped Conan Exiles become the success it is, so there's no reason for us to change that. :)

As a provisory measure we’d suggest backing up your saves periodically to a pendrive as this issue has occured to you a few times already.

Purge Ending After One Wave

about 23 hours ago - Hugo on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey @NosferatuV, welcome to the community!

Could you please share the exact locations where each purge was taking place before they ended earlier than expected, as well as which purges you were getting?

Server 1090 unstable

about 23 hours ago - Ignasis on Forums - Thread - Direct

To report players or clans please DM either me or @Hugo

Scorpion Ward shield

about 23 hours ago - Ignasis on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey @DragonSk

We’re aware of this issue and it’s on our team’s to-do list.
Thanks for your feedback.

Pet crocodile is invisible or not spawned correctly

about 23 hours ago - Ignasis on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey @igglebock

Welcome to our community.
Since you mention this is happening in Single Player, could you try checking under the mesh with ghost mode activated to see if the crocodile has fallen under it?

Captured thrall Disappearing when leaving Volcano

about 24 hours ago - Ignasis on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey @Ch_Ru

Would if be possible to send us a video showcasing this issue so our team can get a better look at it?
Thanks in advance.

Frost Giant Bodyguards Dying Randomly While Following

about 24 hours ago - Hugo on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hello @NosferatuV, thank you for your report!

Could you please share additional details regarding the area where they’ve been lost and the path you were taking?

Alternative controlls console needs to be changed

about 24 hours ago - Hugo on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey @Schiemy, welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out!

We’re already aware of this issue and it will be fixed in the upcoming patch.

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