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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Phlngha Wgah’n tha orr’e, sorcerous ones! Your winners of the MYSTIC MASTERPIECES art contest have been cast, and competition was fierce. We bow to the mastery beheld by your arcane arts - and without further ado, behold what we beheld:

WINNERS : (in no particular order)

These pieces blew us away and truly captured the essence of sorcery as told within the Exiled Lands. The following three submissions will be adapted into in-game placeable picture frames to be added in a future update to Conan Exiles:

“Guardian in the Unnamed City” by Vladimir

“The Ritual” by Michael

“Witch King of Hyperborea” by Javier Alvarez

HONORABLE MENTIONS: It was incredibly challenging to have to choose only three submissions to be represented in-game, but here’s a slew of standouts we loved (in no particular order, again)

(Sorry, BBCode tables aren't the prettiest)

“Harnessing the Power” by S.H. “Instructions Unavailable in Darfari” by Frank “The Necromancer” by Alexander
“Rise of the Ironbound Legion” by Mayhem Manny “Encounter in the Imp Cave” by Christian “Sorcerer” by Lukasz
“Return of the First Exile” by Referson “Botched Creation” by Scalled “Corrupt Flesh Golem” by Dark Soapstone
And a special shoutout to this piece we received. May the great Jedias watch over Fausto and their entry, “The Sorcerer’s War”:

Thank you again to all the creators who submitted entries for Mystic Masterpieces! Keep an eye out for other exciting initiatives and activities in the future, as the dawn of the Age of War approaches!


The Conan Exiles Team

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