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This is a work in progress build and as such, neither of the changes and implementations found in it are final. Neither is the patchnotes document, which will be updated, corrected and completed over the Public Beta Client period to better reflect the work in progress nature of this build.

Greetings, Exiles of the Testlive Public Beta Client lands!

We’ve been working on a patch to address several performance and stability issues reported over the past weeks, as well as a bunch of other general issues.

Since this is a pretty hefty patch with some important fixes, we wanted to release it first on the Public Beta Test branch of the game to gather some feedback before it goes live on all platforms.

FmXfbksWYAEXSPp2209×1330 261 KB

If you give this patch a try and experience any noticeable issues, do please send us your feedback here in the forums!

Thank you for your support and here’s to a smashing 2023!


Please remember that updates can mess with the functionality of your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed. For the purposes of testing, we recommend not using any mods when playing on Public Beta Client.


Performance and stability1800×200 21.7 KB

  • Fixed a number of crashing and stability issues.
  • Optimized loading times especially on lesser hardware and old gen consoles. This should result in shorter loading times in some cases.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause abnormally long loading times after respawning.
  • Fixed an issue that caused framerate to drop when placing Illusionist Mirrors.
  • Improved performance when opening inventory boxes or opening crafting stations. This should be most noticeable on last-gen consoles.
  • Spawning undead via the Admin panel should no longer crash the game, but it will still bother the necromancer union.
  • Optimized memory usage of spells.
  • Implemented optimization changes which should result in lesser memory usage and derived performance problems when being near NPCs and fighting.
  • Improved memory usage when receiving resources into the inventory.
  • Implemented a system that will prioritize loading of models based on whether they are visible or occluded by building pieces or placeables. This should improve performance and game stability in busy areas by avoiding out of memory crashes.
  • Removed some outdated code lines and deprecated systems to clean up the game code.

Exploit Fixes1800×200 15 KB

  • Updated the version of BattlEye.

Building and placeable fixes1800×200 20.8 KB

  • Some Wallpaints would be partially hidden when used on certain walls. This has now been fixed.
  • Moving placeables while you’re on them should no longer move your character, crushing all Aladdin wannabes in the Exiled Lands.

Crafting fixes1800×200 17.1 KB

  • Added the recipe for sorcerous pet food to the Ophidian Magi Cat feat.

Combat fIxes1800×200 17.1 KB

  • Grey Foxes can now be damaged. But at what cost.
  • Shield attacks while holding a sword should no longer slide past the target without inflicting damage.

Ai and npc1800×200 16.9 KB

  • Yetis are now able to fight again.

Purge and encounters Purge and encounters1800×200 21.9 KB

  • Tweaked the backend for Encounters with some optimizations and checks to improve functionality and reliability.

Qol Improvements1800×200 18.8 KB

  • Your character will now be invulnerable while in a loading screen and three seconds after exiting a loading screen.
  • “Allow building everywhere” server setting now also lets you place thralls in otherwise restricted areas.
  • When looting or harvesting many items of the same kind, the UI should now group up notifications to prevent UI clutter.

General Bugfixes1800×200 17.7 KB

  • Fixed an issue that caused many enemies and animals to show fully or partially invisible on consoles.
  • Fixed a number of small visual imperfections on a few armor sets.
  • Fixed an issue that caused not being able to jump after canceling climbing if you had the perk Extended Leap.
  • “Bounty Hunting: Turn in a head and body” challenge progress is no longer reset upon rejoining the session without claiming the reward.

Animation and cinematic fixes1800×200 22.1 KB

  • New sheathing animations!
  • Fixed an issue with Shield floating momentarily when unequipping it while holding an 1h spear or 1h axe.
  • Fixed issue with 2h sword equip animation playing at low frames per second.

Ui and text1800×200 16.9 KB

  • Icons in the construction UI and the admin panel should now load faster.
  • Updated the description for The Gilt, The Craft and The Lie trophy on the Japanese version to match its current requirements.
  • Renamed a bunch of Wall/Floorsprays to Wall/Floorpaint for consistency.
  • Addressed mixed up reward names and descriptions for the Battle Pass level 27 & 38 rewards.
  • Resolved a number of additional issues where some Battle Pass rewards would have a different name in game.
  • Addressed a number of inconsistency issues with the international localizations of the game.
  • Fixed some item icons in the Bazaar that showed stretched.
  • Localized some missing text entries.

Audio fixes1800×200 15.9 KB

  • Added new sound effects for the new sheathing animations.

10 days ago - Ignasi - Direct link


We will update this section with any changes and fixes applied to the patchnotes document post-release.

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