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910s hello everybody and thank you for tuning
913s in to a very special Conan Exiles
916s developer live stream
918s my name is Andy Bennett with the
919s community team oops let me just make
921s sure that this is off and I'm joined
924s here with Nicole who's a disembodied
926s voice in the back but we'll be taking
927s you hey hello we'll be taking your
929s questions in chat and joined also by the
932s illustrious Dennis delfitt lead designer
934s and couldn't Exiles hey everyone
937s I'm super happy to be here yeah man and
940s uh big shout outs to our support team
943s and other community folks in twitch chat
945s today uh say hey to them they'll be here
948s just like hanging out talking with you
950s uh making making sure no rabble rousing
953s happens in chat
955s um so yeah uh so if you're tuning in for
957s the first time
958s um we're going to be talking a lot uh
961s today so
963s um we are going to be focusing on
965s talking about a whole bunch of different
967s things uh taking a look back at the age
971s of sorcery what's coming next
974s and so on and so we're going to be
976s focusing on that a lot so we'll be we'll
978s be taking questions from chat as much as
980s we can and we'll do our best to answer
981s your questions but we're going to have
984s uh we're going to be going through our
985s segments first and then opening up uh
988s bits for Q a a little bit later and
991s Nicole will be taking your questions in
992s chat as well
994s um and we'll do what we can for that
997s um let's see any other housekeeping
999s things let's see
1001s nope yeah we have we have Nicole here we
1003s have amazing support team in all our
1005s Studios just saying hello and keeping uh
1007s hoping to answer your questions as well
1008s we have we might have some developers in
1010s chat as well helping answer questions in
1012s case we don't see them
1014s I think that's about it as far as
1016s introductions go
1019s um this is going to be very exciting uh
1021s so yeah basically this is going to be
1022s more or less like almost like a podcast
1025s format actually like I know a lot of
1026s people like to like listen to these
1028s things in the in in the background while
1029s they work or something like that but
1031s there'll be plenty of visual references
1033s and AIDS that you might want to check
1034s later but don't worry there will be a
1037s recording of This stream put up on our
1039s twitch Channel and later on our YouTube
1041s channel as well
1043s uh anything you'd like to add before we
1046s jump into things
1048s no just we got a lot to go through a lot
1050s yeah sorry one sec gotta get moving yeah
1054s yeah yeah so sorry you might you might
1056s see me occasionally
1058s it's very warm in here so I have to I'm
1060s a little nervous I have to
1062s Pat myself down once in a bit so uh
1065s before we jump into uh the reason why I
1068s think a lot of you here uh first we
1070s wanted to take a quick look back at like
1073s the age of sorcery as like a as like a
1075s whole thing so
1077s um
1078s when we initially launched the age of
1081s sorcery and like the the time moving up
1083s to it
1085s um
1086s we had intended to add a lot of things
1088s and a lot of a lot of things like being
1090s the bizarre the battle pass a uh ongoing
1095s narrative yeah the challenge system
1097s world events and sorcery and the sorcery
1100s and that's a lot of stuff
1102s uh and it's scary when you add a lot of
1107s stuff all at once so main objectives of
1110s age of sorcery were of course to add
1112s Source three which is one of the big uh
1115s like commitments that we made back in
1116s the Early Access launch in 2017 or
1118s during early access in 2017
1121s um and yeah a lot of work went into this
1124s a lot of testing went into it and we had
1126s a lot of uh uh clenched uh uh a lot of
1130s clinching going on when you first launch
1131s it because it's a lot it's a lot it's a
1132s lot to take in what's a lot to put out
1134s um turn down the music Sorry about that
1137s yeah yeah
1139s my apologies
1142s um I'll let you fill in those blanks
1144s chat what do you think we clenched in
1146s any case
1148s um yes clenching clenching of the Amazon
1150s so uh going into the actual launch of
1154s age of sorcery back last September
1156s um we're actually super stoked to say
1158s that uh the launch went incredibly well
1160s uh we hit the at least on Steam the
1164s third highest like concurrent user base
1166s or population
1168s um seen during a launch only exceeded by
1171s the original 2018 official launch and
1173s the 2017 Early Access launch so uh
1176s that's freaking awesome and in fact uh
1179s so we had like a free week
1180s um promo with Steen during the age of
1182s age of sorcery launch and the following
1185s weekend after the free week ended our
1187s population was even higher uh which is
1190s also really cool uh we were super happy
1192s to see that
1193s um and I'm kind of on my end I was
1195s looking at the steam Dash or the The
1196s Forum dashboard and we had like we we
1199s like vastly exceeded the original like
1202s plan that we had with their provider and
1204s like uh like daily active users and
1207s posts like more than a quadrupert or
1208s almost quintupled in some cases like
1210s there are a lot of y'all showing up for
1212s this which is really cool and then you
1214s know now that now that things come like
1215s even out a bit
1217s um you know checking in on the health of
1219s the game
1220s um you know on average there are more of
1223s you playing and each and every one of
1225s you are playing longer sessions like
1227s substantially longer sessions each time
1229s you're logging in and playing uh which
1231s is part of my language [ __ ] awesome
1233s so so thank you all so much for your
1235s support
1237s um and yeah yeah thanks thanks for
1239s sticking with us and and yeah thanks for
1240s making the age of sorcery launch uh just
1243s amazing so we really appreciate it
1246s hooray a round of applause for everyone
1248s all of you tuning in today thank you so
1250s much and of course to all you know
1251s Dennis and all the developers and
1253s all of us here kind of working our asses
1255s off to to bring you some cool stuff in
1257s the land of hyboria spill some blood in
1260s the the name of entertainment I guess
1265s yeah it's not a stream unless I Chris at
1267s least once I used to Chris a lot more on
1268s Old streams but try to trying to clean
1270s up my ACT these days
1273s um so yeah that that's a little like
1275s look back at age of source are there any
1276s like remarks or anything like you'd like
1277s to add it's the
1279s as Mr developer mans leading the charge
1281s on this ah yeah um also just so you guys
1285s know a lot of stuff we do is just going
1286s to be on the spot today so yeah we have
1289s a good plan but like yeah we haven't
1290s really planned exactly what we'll say
1292s but the sorcery did but yeah yeah
1294s sorcery making sorcery and everything
1296s was uh
1299s it was a it took us a really long time
1301s to get through all the stuff we had to
1302s put out and get the store out and
1304s everything I mean I think we were in
1305s development for somewhere between one
1307s and a half and two years or something
1308s like that and when you work for a long
1310s time like that without showing things to
1312s people
1313s uh you you maybe sometimes feel like hey
1315s are we are we doing the right thing uh
1317s are we going to hit the mark here or are
1319s we just totally messing up and we're
1320s going to find out we waste a lot of time
1322s but you know the reception has been
1323s amazing uh the actual release of sorcery
1326s was probably one of the most emotional
1329s moments in my entire career uh because
1331s just seeing everyone freak out and chat
1333s seeing the trailer reveal and everything
1335s was well though I mean it was amazing
1338s well and there was also the kind of
1339s people some folks got to see a little
1341s bit earlier than intended some people
1343s did but it was a small number yeah yeah
1345s yeah yeah everyone that actually got to
1347s see it and it was just it was a blast
1349s yeah we were all super tired I remember
1351s doing the sorcery stream immediately
1353s like you know after that weekend and we
1356s came in and I was just like I was bushed
1359s but
1361s we were all like it was hard it was hard
1364s to get through but it was so exciting it
1365s was like almost like a second wind hit
1367s you you know and even though your eyes
1369s are drooping and you're kind of falling
1371s over the keyboard it was still a lot of
1372s fun and
1373s yeah it has been such a it's been so
1376s awesome to see the community get so much
1378s bigger and we have so many players now
1380s and so many new players too
1383s um like the number of new players are is
1385s is insanely high oh wow nice yeah I
1388s haven't I haven't looked at all those
1389s things you know I I I'm probably not
1392s allowed to talk about numbers with it so
1393s I just won't but I'm really happy to see
1395s a lot of new people coming in and
1397s staying to see what's coming up next
1399s with Exiles and you know our our
1401s three-month recite um release cadences
1404s is you know I think being really helpful
1406s in terms of keeping people in and
1407s playing and interesting yeah yeah it's a
1409s ton of work like you know live service
1411s is not an easy task at all uh but it's
1414s also a really exciting like it's really
1416s exciting to have that kind of cadence
1417s because then we can now move forward
1419s with like a more set plan for like the
1421s kind of content that we want to release
1422s and also gives us an opportunity to also
1424s finally add Like A continuing like
1426s advancing plot within the exod lands
1431s yes or multiple let's
1435s um
1436s well
1439s multiple plots huh what uh
1441s what maybe maybe we should talk about
1443s what the next
1445s parts are yeah maybe maybe I think
1447s that's what I think that's I figured
1448s that's what most people are here for so
1450s uh
1452s friends and foes and siblings of battle
1454s uh we would like to welcome you soon too
1458s okay don't mess this up
1492s and the crown news
1496s yes welcome to the age of War indeed uh
1501s uh let's see uh you know Bloodshed and
1504s the Clashing of Steel and wits uh is
1507s just like as entwined within like the
1511s hyporian like Conan DNA as like punching
1513s camels right like it's it is so I would
1515s say more so yeah like it is it is
1517s essential to the Conan like experience
1521s um
1522s we're we're going to be embracing that
1524s wholeheartedly uh in the coming months
1527s so uh very exciting indeed uh Age of War
1530s so um
1533s why War let's go
1535s let's go why was the deal
1537s um so if ever there's a question about
1539s what the next age will be
1541s one of the best things you can do is
1543s look to the community
1544s see what people are requesting the most
1546s and what people want to see in the game
1549s what kind of complaints people have
1550s things like that because we always want
1552s to try to make the game better for
1553s everyone
1554s so the age of War was an idea for an
1558s opportunity to focus on updates to the
1561s combat system
1562s and one of the biggest things is The
1565s Purge
1566s so
1568s we'll talk about more about the actual
1569s Cadence of releases and what we'll be
1571s getting into but the biggest things
1573s we'll focus on in the age of War is
1575s actual combat with your character
1576s against Ai and The Purge content itself
1581s yes so
1583s um we actually have so the age of War is
1586s also going to be a little bit different
1587s from the age of sorcery in that a lot of
1590s the things that we're going to be adding
1591s in the first chapter is like a major
1592s Foundation to the things that we want to
1594s build toward in for for the future
1596s updates or future chapters for Age of
1597s War uh so you know Dennis just touched
1600s on uh like purges uh there'll be more
1603s details about that later
1605s um because uh we're just going to give
1607s you a quick road map on exactly what our
1608s games are uh with the coming age give me
1611s just one moment here
1614s there we go
1618s first chapter will include new Clan
1621s features and new plan social features
1622s including the ability well we'll go into
1625s it a little bit but the ability to
1627s create and collect uh treasure and
1630s currency for your clan uh finally being
1632s able to display a customize and display
1634s a Clan Emblem as well as claim
1636s permissions uh and as also Dana said
1639s um the the beginning of a substantial
1642s Improvement to the combat system like I
1645s know all the combat mechanics within
1647s Conan Exiles and then later on in
1649s chapter two uh we'll have a huge new
1651s update for purges which we'll be going
1653s into uh we unfortunately won't be able
1656s to go into a ton today but uh you know
1659s obviously stay tuned because it's it's
1660s all in testing right now we have a lot
1662s of stuff uh that I'm really excited to
1664s show uh and then you might you might see
1666s this in chapter three
1668s um
1669s you'll just have to wait till later to
1671s find out more about that but let that
1673s let that twitch your palette I know it
1675s doesn't slake your thirst for more but
1677s stay tuned friends
1682s so yeah um let's see uh quick anything
1685s um do you want me to do a little quick
1686s overview of each of those chapters as
1688s well uh yeah if we've got that um that
1691s page and we'll go more into detail about
1692s chapter one today yeah yeah we probably
1695s won't talk a lot about chapter two and
1697s chapter three sure but I can give you
1699s guys a kind of rundown on that now yeah
1702s so in chapter one one of the largest
1704s activities you'll be doing and most of
1706s the content will be formed around
1708s collection and building
1710s so you'll be able to create your own
1712s treasure room inside your base and there
1714s will be some specific kind of treasure
1715s that you need to go out and bring back a
1717s lot of things that have sort of value to
1719s people already like gems and and ore and
1722s coins and things like that will be
1724s marked as treasure and we'll show some
1726s more stuff off about that later as well
1728s but the whole point is you're collecting
1730s money bringing it back to your base and
1731s keeping a tally of how much money you
1733s have
1734s so in chapter 2
1736s that's when The Purge revamp mechanics
1738s will come in and we've taken the purge
1740s system and completely removed what was
1742s there before and written a new Purge
1744s from the ground up that will be a
1746s completely different experience in The
1748s Purge as it exists now we're looking at
1750s something that's a lot more warlike like
1753s like a base will form out an enemy
1755s forward operating base will form outside
1757s of your base they'll set up you know
1759s catapults and attack with waves towards
1761s key points in your in your base trying
1763s to breach to that treasure room so they
1765s can steal the treasure and take it away
1767s from you
1768s you'll be able to spend that treasure to
1770s buy things to help reinforce your base
1773s and go up higher and higher difficulty
1774s in The Purge so it will be kind of like
1778s a a progression of sorts where you fight
1780s weak ones and then you fight stronger
1782s and stronger ones and it all kind of
1783s depends how much money you have
1785s and the reason for that is rooted in The
1789s Purge board that we already have so you
1792s know we already have the Relic hunters
1793s in the Exile lens we have The Purge
1795s coming through and attacking you the
1797s story behind The Purge and The Relic
1798s Hunters is that they're both in the
1800s Exile lands in search of of riches right
1803s they're there to find things that are
1805s worth money and take them out so now
1807s that's what they'll actually do we'll
1809s we'll have Relic hunters and in the
1811s second chapter that will attack you when
1812s you're trying to carry treasure to your
1814s base and whatever the actual Purge
1818s occurs as well those will all be kind of
1820s themed around the people like uh you
1821s know trying to come get those things
1823s from and then in the third chapter
1825s you'll be able to turn the tables on the
1828s people that are attacking you and go
1829s back to their base and assault them and
1832s steal from them and of course like yeah
1834s uh the the
1836s another essential thing or element I
1838s think of a lot of Robert Howard's old
1840s stories is also like uh you know Conan
1842s is oftentimes depicted as a thief as
1846s well uh stealing from the rich or having
1848s these like jobs to like go infiltrate a
1850s tower to find some some incredible
1851s treasure or gem or something like that
1853s in fact in our old MMO Age Of Conan the
1856s Barbarian class is actually considered a
1857s rogue class uh because uh like even
1860s though being a barbarians I guess in
1862s like fantasy tropes are like supposed to
1863s be like the Unga Bunga swing fight stuff
1866s but you know Conan's Conan's version of
1869s barbarianism is just like not being a
1872s part of whatever's you know civilized
1874s society is and like kind of living on
1875s the brink or living on the outskirts of
1877s that and like sticking it to the man and
1879s to the rich guys and then you know
1881s fending from Stuff Etc et cetera it's
1883s all it's a lot about like cut throat and
1884s cunning more so than it is about and
1886s just brute force and uh and of course
1888s you know money enriches and greed uh are
1892s the root of many much conflict and War
1894s indeed in general so and that as you'll
1898s see is the motivation uh for you know
1900s what will be unfolding in the exiled
1902s lands
1903s so yeah so to to just take a bit take a
1906s step back so you may have heard Dennis
1908s talk about like treasures and being able
1909s to carry Treasures
1911s um and be able to cult like grow your
1913s horde
1914s that's what's going in chapter one
1917s chapter one and that's something that we
1918s can actually show you today and show you
1919s the how that works and show you how that
1922s can be like the foundation for
1923s everything else that we're working
1924s toward as well and uh there's there's a
1926s little more stuff I'll talk about too a
1928s little bit later but uh you know the
1930s whole idea is kind of having this
1931s Central currency system that you can use
1933s to pay into other systems in the game
1934s with yeah later down the line yeah so
1936s like finally like a better use for like
1937s those gold coins and the gold bars that
1939s you might find here and there too
1940s instead of just melting them down or
1943s throwing them in the
1944s getting getting dust for them or
1946s something like that so they'll actually
1948s have like a value that you can add to
1949s your to your horde as well uh we can
1952s show that off I guess too so uh we have
1954s a little
1955s um let's see we can do let's just do
1956s live you're also learn they love the mug
1960s uh yeah I saw I saw a little bit of
1962s Chandler like oh can we play Prom coins
1964s for that luck no this is supposed to be
1966s like an internal thing like we got this
1967s for other summer party I think so sorry
1969s for the green screen effect but it's a
1971s yeah it's a fun calm branded mug and
1973s then on the back is uh this you can
1975s trust
1976s uh it's supposed to be for beer right or
1978s yeah it was originally supposed to be
1979s like a beer mug so yeah like this you
1981s can trust it it's a reference to the old
1982s like riddle of Steel
1984s um or I think it was real steel it's
1986s like when uh it's like a vision of
1987s Conan's father telling them like you can
1988s trust no man but then handsome a sword
1991s and implying you know this you can trust
1993s the complaint you know the steel at your
1995s side is the only thing that you can
1996s trust like yourself and you know your
1998s your your your arms as it were from the
2001s first Schwarzenegger movie that's what
2003s it was that's right oh yeah it's seeing
2005s seeing Arnold
2007s showing excitement on potentially
2009s reprising his role as Conan or something
2011s that'll be really cool okay so before
2013s before I get into that before I get
2015s sidetracked as I do sometimes because I
2017s have terrible ADHD
2019s um let's swap to in-game view
2024s hello
2025s okay hold on
2027s oh that's why hello are we going to The
2029s Horde yeah let's show off The Horde uh I
2032s don't know where it is oh it's in the
2034s main building here so yeah yeah so just
2036s go through those big three doors and
2037s it's just like pretty much straight
2038s ahead
2043s yeah oh that's a cool building set yeah
2046s so here we're also of course so the the
2048s update of course will also include
2050s um as you might expect and we'll go into
2051s later or into it later as well like new
2053s building pieces new costumes new uh
2055s doors and decorations uh and of course
2058s new placeables uh but we'll yeah we'll
2060s show we'll show some of that stuff off
2061s in a little bit so here we have a custom
2063s treasure room uh made for our Guild or a
2066s clan called The Hunters uh sporting a
2069s custom emblem that I just threw together
2071s uh which we'll show in a little bit too
2073s um and so this uh this basically shows
2075s you that uh when you are like when you
2079s create a Clan you can create a room and
2081s you place down your first
2083s uh like horde like centerpiece I don't
2086s know exactly what you would call it but
2087s uh the Coffer the Coffer okay yeah so
2089s the bench with like you know the the
2091s placeable for the building for it uh
2093s visually it's it's represented by a
2095s large chest uh and also uh comes bundled
2099s with a friendly accountant
2102s there checking your books for you and
2105s then you can also check your uh Clan's
2107s total uh like uh currency value like you
2111s know what's in your horde by like simply
2113s uh interacting with it uh to see what's
2116s all there and uh all items like so you
2120s saw in the chest for example there's a
2121s bunch of like golden gold coins uh that
2123s you just placed directly into the chest
2125s and it will be counted uh for your horde
2128s uh and then you may have noticed on that
2130s list also a couple of uh yes so anything
2133s marked treasure will count towards your
2135s Clan's horde total now when Dennis was
2138s talking to our friend here you might
2140s have also noticed a couple entries at
2142s the bottom that
2144s ancient lumerian statue for example cat
2147s Idol and you can see they're worth a ton
2149s in comparison so what are these These
2152s are called heroic Treasures
2155s um in addition to carrying around you
2158s know gold or gold coins or gold bars in
2159s your inventory we also have these giant
2162s centerpieces that are worth a ton
2165s they're Larger than Life you can't quite
2166s fit them in your pockets and so
2169s you have to haul them around they're big
2174s oops
2178s so big in fact
2181s um that the walking animation yeah
2182s correctly yeah Stone development folks
2184s yeah everything everything's shown here
2186s today is still in development uh is
2188s subject to change you're gonna you might
2189s see a couple bugs here and there uh
2191s please excuse us for this but yeah so
2193s when you find heroic treasure and you'll
2195s find heroic treasure in various camps uh
2197s throughout both
2199s um Isla SEPTA and the exiled lands
2202s um when you clear the camp you can then
2204s pick up
2205s the heroic treasure and transport it
2207s back to your base
2209s now
2210s the the exciting part is
2212s when you're holding it you know you're
2214s slowed you have to haul it around and
2216s you're completely vulnerable while
2218s you're holding it so it's very important
2220s that you bring we highly suggest
2222s bringing some friends that you trust it
2225s is really fun with friends it is yeah
2227s like going through a camp with just a
2229s bunch of guys coming to attack you and
2231s that's kind of part of you know why in
2233s Championship another evolution of this
2235s but in chapter one you know you'll just
2238s have to defend from the native
2239s population whatever Camp you're walking
2240s through and in chapter two we're going
2242s to have it so Relic Hunters actually
2244s Ambush you trying to take the treasure
2246s from you while you're carrying it
2248s yeah so I'm not seeing in channel so can
2250s it be dropped yes so like you know if
2252s you if you do get ambushed like yeah you
2253s can drop it and then take up arms if you
2255s really need to like obviously
2257s yeah yeah so like yes oopsie that wasn't
2260s the cat
2262s yeah so like anything you do like I just
2264s jumped there that'll do it yeah you see
2266s you just drop it
2267s no and so yeah I saw another question
2269s chat like I think uh they said that can
2270s thralls pick it up or anything like that
2272s uh I don't think currently uh but I
2274s believe you can teleport with the
2277s treasures if I'm not mistaken you can
2279s teleport with them
2280s um we have kind of some stretch goals to
2282s be able to you know let let thralls or
2285s mounts carry them later down the road
2287s but for the initial release it's not the
2290s case I'm not even sure that we'll do it
2292s during this age or not but it's a thing
2295s that we've been talking about and
2297s thinking about yeah
2298s yeah it's something that's that was that
2300s got brought up like an internal like
2301s play test and stuff like that too and so
2304s also something to note
2305s um sometimes you'll notice also this
2306s like big like uh room-wide VFX there
2309s like all that like funky stuff that's
2311s kind of like the um like the the area
2313s like the sphere of influence for your
2314s horde so any any Treasures like any big
2316s Treasures placed uh within that area
2319s will uh be considered as part of your
2321s horde so you can see it's actually a
2323s pretty sizable space you don't have to
2324s like put it right in the same room uh it
2326s allows you to make like a big elaborate
2327s treasure room for your clan for example
2329s and then and have a kid it out you know
2331s the glitz and Glam everywhere and have
2333s all you know put your put your Jade War
2336s horns or cat statues arrange them and
2338s however you want et cetera Etc here's
2340s another statue
2342s people
2343s and so these various things will be uh
2346s appearing uh pretty much at random at
2348s various camps uh throughout the world uh
2350s and in fact I believe uh we're doing we
2353s can touch on this a little bit later
2354s when we talk about combat about a lot of
2356s camps have also just been like kind of
2358s redone or rebalanced or just repopulated
2360s in various ways as well this guy's
2362s forearm strength is insane
2366s that's a hell of a posture dang
2369s I think that's like core strength
2370s actually it's like you know you're
2371s holding the there but then like lower
2373s back is just like oh yeah getting pulled
2375s out yeah
2378s it's funny you mentioned that oh
2383s oh sorry
2386s what huh and what just happened oh sorry
2390s I I just realized that I didn't move the
2393s video over anyway yeah so they would
2395s have a diving animation we can show that
2396s oh yes I was joking no no we're actually
2399s adding a new diving animation to the
2401s update and I was gonna I had a little
2402s clip of like the character jumping off
2404s like the the big one of the big Bridges
2406s and falling but yeah you can you kind of
2407s did it here yes so you can actually in
2410s fact Swan Dive
2413s if you want if you want to jump three
2415s feet and then go head first into your
2416s pile of coins
2417s you know go Hog Wild uh you can do that
2421s yes off the top rope got him let's go
2425s um a lot of these uh Treasures that you
2427s can pick up too have little interactions
2429s so they'll like play a sound uh whenever
2431s you interact with them oh sweet yeah
2434s we have a couple other new items
2436s actually along those lines too which we
2438s can show in a bit I think we had oh yeah
2439s a couple that we laid out I don't know
2440s if it was totally clear but like all
2441s these gold piles and everything on the
2443s floor and everything are things that you
2444s can put out so you can make the room
2446s look however you want yeah yeah
2448s yeah this is just like how we dress that
2449s up like this is how our um our guy over
2452s in Oslo torregul uh Anderson uh yeah the
2455s the person uh who like builds all these
2457s like huge bases for all our uh
2460s like marketing b-roll and other
2462s screenshots uh he he builds stuff like
2464s this and so yeah he arranged the room
2466s however he wants I can I can imagine in
2468s chat right now be like oh yeah it's too
2470s big for a clean spam
2472s I know uh we also have that's why we do
2474s it on privacy for sure we'll show stuff
2475s later huh
2478s it's right there I mean we'll have we
2479s have new dungeon pieces that are coming
2481s up as well I did see someone could make
2482s a comment about like uh make a joke
2484s about like oh yeah it's the age of death
2486s by snoo snoo or something like that and
2488s we we just we saw the Tweet we were like
2490s yeah
2492s length of the image of uh Fry's app and
2495s Kip actually in the shackles and I was
2497s like they have no idea how close to
2498s reality that actually is yeah so yeah
2500s you can you can chain yourself up uh to
2503s them or actually you can also throw a uh
2506s for all yeah you could put unconverted
2508s thralls into this as well right now you
2511s can't take them out that's the thing we
2512s might change later like making it
2513s unconverted through all storage or
2515s something but for now it's just you put
2516s one in and they're stuck in there yeah
2518s and simply replace it yeah if you want
2519s if you want to put it you have to you
2521s have to destroy the thrall and have it
2523s replaced in order to uh
2528s video games folks so
2531s um and so uh we have the horde room we
2534s have all this
2535s um and yeah like I guess I guess the
2538s main thing is like you know why is this
2539s important to you why is this something
2540s you should care about like you want you
2541s want to like build up your resources
2543s um because later you're going to be able
2545s to uh use those funds that you you know
2547s use that currency you've accumulated for
2548s for a ton of things for your clan and
2550s for your for your base and uh you know
2552s for your server basically uh we have we
2554s have a lot of uh a lot of really awesome
2556s stuff cooking up um yeah it'll also be
2558s the what determines the difficulty of
2560s The Purge that's right so uh you know if
2564s you want to get high tier ones you
2565s should have a high full overflowing
2567s Coffer yeah if you have a huge horde
2569s then yeah you're going to get a
2570s consummate uh
2571s bunch of folks being like hey
2573s we get some of that I'm trying to break
2575s your break your walls down and get a
2576s piece
2579s um and so like you know obviously with
2581s uh planned hordes being a thing like uh
2584s there's definitely an emphasis on a clan
2586s nudity and bringing bringing your your
2588s players under the same Banner uh and so
2591s um to that end also we we also wanted to
2593s make sure that uh Clans and players and
2596s communities had finally had better ways
2598s to uh Express uh their own like
2601s individual group's identity and so we
2604s are going to also be rolling out a new
2606s uh Clan Emblem workbench uh Clan Emblem
2609s totem which allows you to uh customize
2612s with with some caveats uh for your clan
2616s uh to display on various items and new
2619s placeables that we're adding as well uh
2621s I think what's going into the update are
2623s a couple different Shields one of them
2624s is equipped on the character right here
2626s that displays your Clan Emblem as well
2628s as a variety of building placeables and
2630s wall pieces and various banners that you
2632s can put around your base as well
2635s um so you can see some banners yeah
2637s instance up there my pink fish actually
2640s one of the sickest things you can get
2643s is in the other corner
2645s of this base that I know the layout of
2647s very well very intimately yeah
2650s yeah
2652s so that that appears on your on your
2654s horse as well
2658s um we'll go into it a little bit also
2660s but
2661s um when like when someone with
2663s permissions to update the emblem for
2664s your clan updates it uh it is
2666s automatically propagated across every
2668s surface that your clan owns that has
2669s that is able to display a banner so you
2671s don't have to like go back and like
2672s painstakingly update each individual
2674s piece or anything like that and then
2676s there'll also be some permissions as
2678s well so like uh if if you know you can
2680s only set it so like a certain person or
2682s certain person of a certain rank of a
2683s clan can edit the emblem uh and
2686s um you know like the the basic recruits
2688s like cannot for example in order to
2690s prevent griefing
2692s um
2693s so here's the UI uh that we're that
2695s we're working with and so uh you'll be
2698s able to choose from a variety of uh
2700s emblems and backgrounds that we uh their
2703s preset I saw a question in chat asking
2704s if you can import your own emblems uh we
2707s won't be allowing that um for this
2709s feature just because that opens up a lot
2711s of uh unfortunate
2713s um adult content yeah it's just it's
2715s just
2716s you just know people going to use that
2717s to troll people and it's like that's not
2719s that's just not something that we that
2721s we want and we have the ability to yeah
2722s it's just not something that we want for
2724s anyone really
2726s um and so we'll have a bunch of preset
2727s emblems and backgrounds that you can
2729s choose from and we'll be adding more as
2730s time goes on as well uh we'll also be
2732s adding a variety of emblems uh for
2735s example to battle pass rewards
2737s um and that might for example be uh take
2740s the place of like maybe some of those
2741s wall sprays that we've seen a lot of
2743s comments about just to help increase the
2745s value of those and then also
2747s um in case you're wondering also uh you
2750s yourself so as long as the person
2752s setting the emblem has a special emblem
2755s learned that it doesn't come by default
2757s that's still displayed for everyone who
2759s has a thing that's still this like if
2761s that gets updated everyone still gets to
2763s show it up even if like like if Dennis
2765s has a special emblem and I don't or like
2767s he got like some emblem from somewhere
2769s else that I don't I don't know myself I
2771s still get to show it off them I think
2772s because he he set the banner and then it
2774s shows up on my stuff so yeah just in
2776s case that's a concern in the clan will
2777s see the same the same image no matter
2779s what it's set to whether you own that
2781s thing or not
2782s pardon
2784s of course
2786s ah yes cool
2789s so um and then yeah we'll be adding more
2791s things that also like uh we also intend
2793s on adding more things that also show uh
2795s Planet booms and again we'll be showing
2796s off uh and adding more emblems in the
2799s future as well
2801s just trying to read through here
2805s um let's see here
2808s so yeah
2809s um I think that so that's about it for
2812s the clan features that we have coming up
2814s and this is uh these are the basic
2815s things that we're adding uh for the
2817s first phase of the age of War
2820s um we wanted to move into combat updates
2823s in a bit but I also wanted to take a
2825s minute to see if there's any like
2826s additional questions that we can answer
2828s about some of the clan features now and
2831s then we can move into the the major
2833s combat stuff the Nitty Gritty system
2834s stuff
2836s what happens if Purge is disabled
2839s uh you just won't be able to summon a
2841s purge yeah yeah
2842s um so I guess that's the thing I can
2844s talk a little bit more about too The
2846s Purge isn't going to be an overbearing
2848s system that just occurs because you play
2850s the game it will become an opt-in system
2852s so now when you want to purge just like
2855s the convergence trap you'll be able to
2856s say I would like a purge now and
2859s basically press a button for it and some
2860s of the purge to attack you it won't just
2863s happen for no reason
2865s and yeah all that um pretty much as far
2868s as I know like all the stuff that we're
2869s going to be showing off here will also
2871s be available on Septa uh as well for the
2873s most part yeah
2875s um like obviously like any changes that
2877s we make to like specific map elements in
2878s the exact lens which there there might
2880s be some some small changes uh with the
2883s with the shift into a new age uh some
2886s things from the pre the prior age uh may
2889s have may have changed a little bit yeah
2891s some some things from the old age of uh
2894s you know change some some people some
2896s new people are showing up yeah yeah yeah
2897s some some notable NPCs May for example
2900s have taken a load off lost a few pounds
2903s really really trim some weight off their
2905s body you know okay so we got a question
2907s from Chad are there permissions for
2909s storage like for the Coffer and stuff
2911s like Clan permissions at all or
2913s to keep teammates or clan mates from oh
2916s just like ganking the gold
2918s uh that won't really be expanded upon
2920s until the second chapter
2922s um I am almost positive that is in our
2924s design for it
2926s um so not just anyone can spend it
2928s so eventually yes but in chapter one
2931s it's going to be anyone can move
2933s whatever's there so yeah but there's
2935s nothing to do with it really the the
2937s actual value in chapter one yeah I just
2939s want to collect because then then you'll
2941s be able to to use that for the purges in
2943s the next chapter obviously like when
2945s you're in your clan like make sure you
2946s recruit people that you trust like
2947s that's just kind of like yeah we can't
2949s really like govern all that like that's
2950s that's kind of up to you and your
2951s community yes question from Chad
2954s um what happens if someone takes your
2956s that's got your emblem on it does it
2959s change the emblem emblem or does it keep
2962s the emblem yeah it would change to match
2964s your guild if you're if you're sorry
2966s your clan if your clan had an emblem if
2969s they don't have one it's either going to
2971s revert to like a default or like kind of
2974s blank surface or something yeah
2976s um but yeah right now it and always
2979s it'll just do whatever your Clan Has so
2981s if you take it from someone you're claim
2982s to one piercing
2984s that is a really neat idea though like
2986s the idea of like a trophy or something
2987s like kills you've made from from enemy
2990s players or something like that yeah that
2991s is a cool idea thank you for that yeah
2994s all right
2996s just uh going over chat just like really
2999s quick again and slopping back over to
3001s the gameplay someone said alliances
3004s would be nice we actually have a plan
3005s right now in the third chapter to allow
3008s people to be able to make an alliance
3009s but it's still going to require some
3010s play testing and stuff like that too the
3013s whole idea is just that you'd be able to
3016s make a temporary alliance with another
3017s person or Clan and that would just
3019s reduce the amount of PVP damage they
3021s deal you deal to them and it would
3023s remove Target locking just like if
3024s you're in a normal Clan with someone and
3027s then after some period of time or some
3028s event that would get broken but that is
3030s in our in our plans
3034s what about uh huh yeah I mean we're
3038s seeing a lot of comments about the
3039s PlayStation 5 specifically uh I'm not
3041s personally aware of any details about
3043s that right now and so I'm sorry we can't
3045s uh directly address that in today's
3047s stream oh something I will say though
3049s something that uh we are aware of and
3051s we're working on a fixed for that should
3053s be in this update is I know a lot of
3055s folks have talked about uh like
3057s disconnects
3058s um and that is that is something that we
3060s actually have a fix in for in testing
3062s right now
3063s um and so yeah well we hope to have that
3065s out
3066s uh most likely with the age of War
3069s update uh which which will be coming a
3071s little bit later
3072s um but we do have uh we do have a handle
3074s on it so yeah be sure yeah we are aware
3077s that we know that we know that's
3078s something that a lot of folks are
3079s worried about we know it's a while out
3081s but um
3082s the process to get updates out is
3084s lengthy so it's about the soonest we
3086s really yeah yeah that's the thing too
3088s like if it's if it was just like Steam
3091s for example it'll be one thing but yeah
3092s with uh with their other partners in
3094s publishing uh like on consoles there's
3096s there's a lot of additional steps and
3097s certifications that we have to do so
3098s it's not a it's not as simple a process
3100s as like push button send update as much
3103s as we'd love it to be sadly
3106s okay
3107s um just wanted to move on uh we'll take
3108s some more questions towards the end but
3110s we still have a lot of meaty stuff to
3112s cover uh and so I wanted to see you into
3114s combat
3116s combat mechanics and combat changes this
3118s is all free update so far yeah yeah so I
3121s mean yeah so everything's shown right
3122s here is just it's going to come baked in
3124s with the age of War update when that
3127s launches we don't have a release date to
3129s share at this moment uh however we uh
3132s there it may go into it's going to be on
3134s public beta extremely soon we'll talk
3136s about that in just a sec
3138s um but yeah the armor set I was wearing
3139s is not free right well yeah yeah sorry
3141s that's all the stuff we've talked about
3143s yeah yeah so the content is going to be
3144s yeah so all the features and such like
3146s that like yeah the the new Clan systems
3149s um like the The Horde and emblem systems
3151s all the combat stuff and then all the
3152s future things we're talking about also
3154s well you know you won't these are all
3155s going to be free updates and we're
3157s sticking to our commitment of like
3158s having these like major gameplay
3159s features be like the big free updates
3162s that you get just like sorcery for
3163s example uh and then you know the the
3166s what kind of like supports the
3168s development event really you know funds
3170s the development that is like you know
3172s the the systems that you see like you
3173s know the battle pass and the bizarre and
3174s such like that so
3176s um we hope you're loving like the free
3178s stuff that we're gonna we're able to
3179s give you uh with this uh so again thank
3181s you for your support for because that's
3182s that's what allows us to to put out you
3184s know just really cool stuff and and
3186s realize our vision uh for the game
3188s without
3189s you know charging for it for new
3191s features
3193s let's see okay
3195s so hopefully that addresses some of your
3197s concerns and again yeah I know you're
3198s going to have a ton of questions and
3199s there'll be plenty of time to ask them
3201s uh there'll be places you know we
3202s welcome you to drop comments on the
3204s forums as well or on social media we
3206s always read that
3208s um just please be you know please be
3209s constructive if you can if you're really
3211s angry
3212s you know
3215s don't use that try not to use expletives
3216s don't make it personal anyway sorry uh
3218s talking about making a personal uh we're
3220s going to now detail some uh a big big
3225s changes to the combat Paradigm within
3228s Conan exiles
3229s Dennis yeah um this might seem a little
3232s bit scattered because there's a lot of
3233s stuff to talk about and I'll probably
3235s remember some of it while I'm talking
3236s about it
3238s um
3240s so yes we're addressing two big things
3244s in in this age one of them is that we
3248s are working on AI in general so we know
3251s that right now on servers with a you
3253s know decent number of players it starts
3256s to break down pretty bad even if you're
3257s playing in single player it's not always
3258s terribly interesting
3261s um so we're kind of coming in on both of
3263s those fronts right like let's try to
3265s make it fun to fight things to begin
3266s with and then also try to fix those on
3268s servers
3270s um so to begin with one of the biggest
3273s problems one of the biggest issues that
3275s I had was
3278s uh players seem to have almost infinite
3280s stamina and I know a lot of people will
3283s um
3284s might recognize this with like dagger
3286s spam for instance right like just
3288s spamming light attack on daggers and
3290s auto targets your enemy it keeps going
3291s uh and you can just Spam it forever
3293s because it costs eight stamina
3295s so one of the first big things we did
3298s was increase the cost of stamina for
3300s attacks
3301s and increase the Regeneration rate of
3303s stamina so now there's a point where you
3305s can run out of stamina and get stamina
3307s back again
3309s that gives other players and AI a chance
3313s to actually attack you
3315s before this update we had a system in
3317s that would let AI just become
3318s invulnerable to stuns for a short period
3320s of time and when you're playing the game
3322s it feels like a bug because you know
3324s when you hit something it should get
3325s stunned so why after I hit it for two
3327s and a half seconds does it stop getting
3329s stunned so we took that system out
3331s completely and just made
3334s um enemies you know they get the chance
3336s to attack back now when you run out of
3338s stamina
3340s uh we also did a HP Nerf across enemies
3343s or for enemies across the board which
3346s also makes your character feel stronger
3348s and
3350s um we increase the amount of damage that
3352s a lot of enemies do as well to increase
3353s their threat
3354s so there's a little bit more tension in
3357s combat now than there was before that's
3359s really the whole aim to the all of the
3361s changes is to increase like the ebb and
3363s flow of combat to make it feel like
3365s there are more tense moments and moments
3367s where you know you can breathe and kind
3369s of overcome an enemy
3371s um
3372s yeah let's see uh the new two skull
3374s Champion enemies so uh for one two and
3376s three skull enemies we also rebalance
3378s their difficulty with the idea
3380s essentially that the number of skulls
3382s reflected the number of players we would
3383s think that you would need to fight them
3385s so you can still kill the red mother
3387s which is still three skulls by yourself
3389s it'll just take longer we're trying to
3392s reduce the amount of feeling of Health
3393s sponge of enemies
3396s um weapon classifications updated
3399s yeah so uh I mean we're we're we
3402s category we are re-categorizing a number
3404s of items uh to be classified with the
3407s unique epic and legendary distinctions
3409s right uh and so kind of part of that is
3411s that legendary weapons are getting
3413s gigabuffed that's part yeah uh we we
3416s know legendary weapon we've seen a lot
3418s of feedback from players saying uh that
3420s they just feel like Legendary Weapons
3422s just don't really uh like aren't
3424s consummate with their title like they
3425s don't really feel legendary uh and so we
3428s we want to address that so Legendary
3429s Weapons will will be uh they will take
3432s the Throne of being just extremely
3435s powerful weapons however they will not
3437s be craftable anymore it's my
3439s understanding they won't last forever
3440s either yes and
3443s um
3444s so yeah Legendary Weapons will be will
3447s be like at the very top tier of like end
3449s game uh items that you collect through
3450s adventuring and then under that would be
3452s epic items which are still craftable
3454s really powerful but uh you know a
3456s legendary item of uh you know a similar
3459s classification or similar tier or like
3461s level tier uh a legendary open will or
3464s or should be the the intent is that it
3466s will outperform the legendary will yeah
3472s the legendaries will be the top no
3474s matter okay okay like no matter what
3475s that's gonna be the best thing you can
3477s get cool
3478s um then there's also you know whenever
3480s we play test we found ourselves going
3482s into camps a lot and seeing you know we
3485s would loot a lot of Chess and there was
3486s a lot of stuff to find but we never
3488s really found anything interesting in
3489s those chests
3490s so in the second chapter there will
3492s become a really big revamp to the amount
3495s of like the type of items that you find
3497s in a chest we have plans like we never
3500s add base materials so you'll never lose
3502s plant fiber or sticks from a chest again
3504s you know it has to be unique items or or
3507s combined materials
3510s additionally we made a new tier of
3512s weapon called a unique weapon which will
3514s have a blue border and the blue border
3517s weapons will be better than what you can
3519s typically craft in their given tier
3521s but they will also you know you won't be
3524s able to repair them forever and we'll
3526s talk a little bit more yeah about that
3527s you know a couple times yeah and then
3529s like unique weapons are still strong but
3531s like they they themselves will still be
3533s outperformed by their epic and legendary
3535s counterparts for the most part but
3537s they'll still be really good like if you
3538s get one like
3539s it'll it'll carry you for a while for
3541s sure yeah and uh there's there's five
3543s total tiers of weapon strength and
3546s legendary sits at the top and then
3547s working yourself from you know Stone to
3549s iron uh to uh you know we have a section
3553s that's like uh like the steel stuff well
3555s there's like steel and then there's like
3557s all rare stuff oh yeah yeah oh okay yeah
3560s we put like cars to you and obsidian and
3563s anything that's just not like basic
3565s steel basically like in its own tier uh
3567s and they're called like rare metal or
3570s rare or weapons and they're just uh a
3573s bit under legendary uh but also the last
3575s bullet point on any slide is durability
3577s now has to be managed
3580s um I think I've spilled the bean several
3582s times on stream that one of our design
3584s uh guidelines for Exiles is that nothing
3587s is permanent and you know you should
3590s basically always have to work to
3591s maintain and keep things up so that you
3593s know the world is pushing back against
3594s you and with weapons right now it's not
3597s really the case because you can get or
3599s build one weapon and keep that weapon
3601s forever just by repairing it over and
3603s over again
3604s so in this update there will be uh a bit
3608s of a rebalance there as well where when
3609s you repair an item it will lose its
3612s maximum durability
3613s you know depending on the quality of
3615s repair kit you use that durability may
3617s be more or less but you will have to use
3619s repair kits to repair things and you
3621s won't be able to keep those items
3622s forever because of that
3624s this is a big thing especially for
3626s legendaries because like we want you to
3628s explore in the world we want you to
3629s leave your base and go out and get
3630s something cool be excited that you got
3632s it and bring it back and you know use it
3634s whenever you feel like it's a good uh a
3636s good situation so I know that that might
3640s sound very scary the numbers are pretty
3642s forgiving though it's not
3645s you know if you guys are familiar with
3647s playing breath of the wild some weapons
3649s in that game might break very quickly
3650s yeah we're not gonna have we're not
3651s trying to copy yeah yeah yeah we're not
3653s gonna have weapons breaking three hits
3654s don't worry yeah your things will last
3657s long even with the worst repair kits but
3659s they will not last forever
3662s yeah and then also has a um side point
3665s also uh legendary repair kits are being
3667s renamed to Grant Master repair kits to
3669s avoid any confusion with like legendary
3670s kits and Legendary Weapons uh and then
3673s also as a side point uh any Journey
3674s steps that previously required to you to
3677s craft a legendary item will be changed
3679s to just require an epic weapon of a
3681s similar similar type instead so uh that
3684s shouldn't block you as well in case we
3685s missed anything like obviously like
3687s please let us know
3688s um it's going up in tests and so
3690s let us know so yeah obviously like this
3692s you know this this sounds kind of scary
3693s but we're hoping that uh and we might be
3695s able to kind of show an example of kind
3697s of what that might look like but
3699s don't worry like once you get your hands
3701s on it we're hoping that uh we're hoping
3703s that it doesn't sound as scary and
3704s obviously like please leave your
3705s feedback uh like when you do get your
3707s hands on and play around because we're
3708s always going to be listening to that
3709s yeah same with the stamina changes you
3712s know I don't think I don't know if we
3713s really we didn't really show it off yet
3714s but uh they cost a lot more stamina now
3717s but the flip side of the coin
3719s interesting and it comes back much
3720s faster yes so you know you really find
3723s yourself doing little strings of Combos
3724s and then waiting a second giving some
3726s breathing room and then doing some more
3728s um so I have a character right now that
3730s isn't you know they have some grit I
3732s think it's coming from these uh yeah
3734s from these armor pieces they have a
3735s little extra stamina so they don't have
3737s the base 100 stamina and I'll just give
3740s a little a couple examples of some
3742s weapons
3743s um
3744s like so I have I have a I think this is
3746s a one-handed sword not a short sword
3747s just let me it is a short sword so a
3750s short sword
3751s um basically the kind of the rules like
3752s the smaller the weapon the less stamina
3754s it costs to swag in general and it
3756s should feel very natural so when I use
3758s light attacks with this sword
3760s um you can see it's taking about 20
3762s maybe a little less like 19 stamina or
3764s something like that
3766s um and then when I use heavy attacks the
3767s heavy attacks are much more much more
3769s possibly they're taking more you know
3770s like yeah the other ones are like 15 and
3772s these are the 20 basically yeah you'll
3773s see uh across the board yeah you'll see
3775s stamina costs for attacks uh
3779s previously I think weapon attacks cost
3781s between three and nine stamina and then
3783s across the board they'll be they'll cost
3784s from 10 to up to 40 stamina per swing
3786s but on this on the same token you'll
3789s also notice that your stamina like the
3790s delay before stamina starts regening is
3792s like almost instant so it previously
3794s used to be like up to like two points
3796s almost three seconds yeah like almost
3798s three seconds before your stamina starts
3799s to regenerate and now it's
3801s 0.1 seconds across or yeah it's 0.1 yeah
3804s 0.1 seconds we can set it okay
3807s it's as close to instant as you can
3809s possibly make it within like our engine
3811s so yeah uh you you're spending your
3813s stamina a lot faster but you're
3815s regaining it much much faster as well
3817s and so you get the uh this overhaul to
3820s like stamina management I think the idea
3822s is to oh yeah create create a more like
3824s back and flow uh back and forth flow to
3826s combat
3828s um where like dodging and blocking is
3830s more important
3831s um and especially like now that you know
3833s enemies aren't getting uh like they
3835s don't become immune to the hits done uh
3838s you know if you if you land like good
3840s hits in like you you create more
3841s openings etc etc and I did in addition
3844s to that
3845s um all Heavy attacks are all weapons
3847s across the board uh I believe we're
3849s gonna do more damage and we'll apply
3850s some sort of secondary effect on hit
3852s whether that be like [ __ ] or thunder
3854s or bleed etc etc so weapons that weapon
3857s types previously that didn't have you
3860s know apply debuffs or whatever on a
3862s heavy attack we'll now have them it's
3865s like a weapon per weapon basis on like
3867s what gets what
3868s um you'll be able to see in the patch
3870s and that's when we post them later yeah
3871s and that's really an effort to reduce
3873s confusion as well because
3876s you know we we increase the cost of
3878s attacks which means with some weapons
3880s you're not going to be able to do a full
3881s combo um like if you have 100 stamina
3884s and a two-handed ax you're not going to
3886s be able to get the final hit in right so
3889s uh just making the SAS effect apply on
3891s every heavy attack is a lot less
3892s confusing and it's easier to get them
3894s out just feels better across the board
3896s um and and to contrast this you know
3898s what I was showing before this is the
3900s two-handed mace you know so those
3902s attacks are significantly more costly I
3904s think it's something in the ballpark of
3905s like 45 yeah it drains a ton of stamina
3908s yeah but I'm ideally also like now also
3911s maybe you want to actually put some
3912s points
3914s that's the thing so now if if we
3916s actually go back and and we put points
3918s in grit which I save some up just just
3920s for you guys
3922s uh
3923s we can actually swing it and not only we
3925s can actually do the whole combo now with
3927s just a few points in the stat yeah and
3929s then with the regen perk also you just
3930s get your stamina like super duper fast
3932s anyway so you can just like kind of Dart
3933s in and out of combat uh and and time
3937s your swings better instead of just like
3938s kind of sitting there and hoping hoping
3940s to face tank it or you know hoping that
3942s your enemy can is still hit stunned by
3944s it or something like that yeah speaking
3946s of that too
3947s um we're also starting to work now on
3949s the the ability to rotate while you're
3952s performing an attack so
3956s um I'll try to make this not too nerdy
3957s but there's a certain window window of
3959s time after you commit to an attack that
3961s you'll be able to turn your character uh
3964s just to can you know to continue
3965s targeting while you're swinging right
3967s now one of the things that feels worse
3968s in combat is when an enemy is walking
3970s kind of near you or past you and you
3972s swing and you're aimed at them whenever
3974s you started the attack but then they
3976s just kind of sauntered past you and then
3978s you miss so now you'll be able to keep
3980s tracking that Target and hit it as well
3984s it's not going to be like like an Aimbot
3986s like it's not again right right yeah
3988s yeah it's like if I do this heavy attack
3989s when he's winding back you know until he
3992s actually brings that hammer down I can
3993s re-aim these yeah yeah so like the idea
3995s there is yeah to bring down like yeah
3998s just make it feel more fluid and like
3999s less like clunky
4001s relatively speaking considering you're
4002s wielding a giant hammer ax yeah and then
4005s someone in chat also uh made a comment
4007s about it but
4008s um yeah like the heavy attacks from like
4010s the space for example might cost a ton
4012s of stamina but like I believe we're also
4014s substantially increasing the damage of
4015s heavy attacks for most things yeah and
4018s in chapter one there are some heavy
4020s attack Buffs but in chapter two that's
4021s when you'll see it hit full force um
4023s yeah I think yeah sorry I was just gonna
4026s say we want to make it feel like it was
4028s worth the stamina yes that you paid for
4030s it yeah yeah and again like in play
4031s testing like obviously we want your
4033s feedback on it so if you really feel
4034s like like especially in testing like if
4036s if you feel like it's just not worth it
4038s please let us know because we can change
4040s that before it goes live
4043s um but yeah across the board like heavy
4044s attacks will probably depending on the
4046s weapon we'll probably do between like
4047s five and up to 20 more damage uh
4049s depending on the weapon type
4051s which is exciting and then like a bunch
4053s of other like things like um changes to
4055s uh some of combat multipliers uh and I
4059s think and change to Shield durability
4061s and a couple things tons of things in
4063s the patch notes uh and of course also um
4066s since you're also talking about like a
4067s little bit of the the extra like wiggle
4070s room for targeting uh we're also making
4072s some adding some updates to how
4073s targeting functions as well I think
4076s outside of the space there should be
4077s some like elephants already that you can
4079s just like run out and
4080s uh go find uh but I know a lot of folks
4084s have helped okay I mean you can just I
4086s think it's right out the door
4087s but we know that like you know something
4090s that a lot of folks have mentioned is
4091s something I've I personally have also
4092s run into is when you're facing off
4094s against really large enemies like a
4096s dragon or a mammoth uh might be on the
4098s other side
4100s um it just locks on to like their one
4101s point and you're just kind of like
4102s sitting there like struggling to have
4104s the camera like follow along and you
4106s know people with like motion sickness
4107s issues also kind of have issues with
4109s that it's it's just I don't I don't want
4110s to just stare at just anyway we all know
4113s the pain
4114s so uh there's multiple Target anchor
4116s lock like points now uh on like for
4119s example on this all the mammoth's legs
4121s so now instead of like desperately
4123s trying to Target some anomalous blob
4125s inside their body you can actually like
4127s Target their legs and each one is an
4129s individual point so as like if you if
4130s you move your Target in cursor yeah you
4132s can you can lock onto each individual
4133s Point uh which uh when you're not
4136s getting uh your ass trampled by mammoths
4139s uh should at least help with uh being
4141s able to follow along combat or if you
4143s want to you know stick to their butt and
4145s do backstabs it should be a little bit
4146s easier to follow along yeah we're trying
4148s to put those on like right now they're
4149s on things like
4150s um Frost Giants dragons mammoths so
4153s anything that's like really big where
4156s you typically find yourself aiming like
4158s way high because whenever you aim at the
4161s character or sorry when you aim at an
4162s enemy
4163s your character tries to swing at the
4165s lock-on point so right here they swing
4167s really high but right here they swing
4169s really low so it's a lot easier to
4171s actually hit them now
4176s I'm sorry I'm just watching this man
4178s with like yeah sex your horse sorry yeah
4179s what's up um so there are concerns sorry
4182s I'm going to try speaking louder um
4186s yeah so Nicole's in the back over here
4188s um just like yeah reading chat and uh
4189s relaying questions to us there are
4191s concerns uh with these stamina changes
4193s in regards to Sorcerers and Corruption
4195s right yeah I did see that like yeah Max
4197s corrupted Sorcerers will have a lot less
4199s stamina to work with and yeah you pretty
4202s much have to invest in grit if if you
4204s want to be using sorcery like that and
4207s uh
4209s still fighting in combat without your
4211s you know your followers doing it for you
4212s if you we still might make some changes
4215s here I'm not totally sure yet um I did
4218s play test several days uh recently
4221s playing a maxed out corruption build
4223s with the stamina changes and you have to
4226s select you know an appropriate weapon
4228s and probably use some stamina gear but
4230s if you if you max out your grit and uh
4233s and you wear clothing with stamina on it
4235s it's really not a problem and and I
4238s think that players even regardless of
4240s having corruption or not will find that
4241s to be the case uh so you know if you
4245s still feel like hey I don't have enough
4246s grit and I want more you can still match
4248s your grid out where where stamina gear
4250s and you'll have you know just as easy a
4252s time as now but that's you know that was
4254s a choice you made you chose
4257s you chose to wear that stamina gear
4259s because you wanted more stamina that's
4260s the way you developed your character
4261s people think you're a monster right now
4264s I'm just I just have yakity sacks
4266s playing on a Reiki right now just
4267s watching these wolves chase this poor
4268s Horse Around
4270s like sir you're a [ __ ] your horse your
4273s horse as an aside also I should say uh
4275s so like uh creatures like wolves and
4278s such like that uh across the board also
4280s are going to be much dead like they have
4282s lower Health across the board but deal
4283s more damage to you and so like a pack of
4286s wolves we're already not super easy to
4288s fight but uh when I was testing because
4291s these things out at this base uh I ran
4293s into that pack of wolves outside and
4295s immediately got slaughtered like
4296s instantly I was like oh [ __ ] well I can
4298s speak a little bit more to that too
4299s because that's also kind of in our plans
4301s uh you know going forward
4304s um we're working on some more systems
4306s that we think will come in the second
4307s chapter
4308s that will limit the number of enemies
4311s that attack you simultaneously
4313s um you know as we test and as we go
4315s through camps and and you know play with
4317s the game in a different way than we've
4319s played with it before we find that like
4321s fighting a stream of enemies is really
4323s the most fun so we're gonna try to have
4326s enemies basically manage themselves in a
4328s way that they they don't come at you
4329s necessarily one at a time but it might
4331s be two or three at a time at most well
4333s anyone else that would be engaging with
4334s you is kind of just background noise
4336s like taunting in the distance
4339s um and that actually might be a good
4340s segue to talk about camps as well yeah
4342s yeah yeah yeah
4344s um so we've done a pass on all of the
4347s camps and Exile lands and in sipta
4351s um and we've kind of changed the way
4354s enemy senses work
4357s basically
4359s actually hold on I'll give you guys the
4361s best example because this is this is the
4363s most uh pleasing version of it I was
4365s going to turn god mode on so you can
4367s oh yeah yeah the please please don't
4369s worry about the logo still saying age of
4371s sorcery this is still oh yeah
4374s most of it is so you'll see some of this
4376s menu stuff is uh new this is all stuff
4379s that we've been working on also um some
4380s of it's probably going to be replaced as
4382s well it was our our first pass yeah yeah
4384s so again yeah not everything shown here
4386s is not necessarily representative of
4387s like the final product oh yeah normal
4389s sky is back we'll talk more about that
4391s stuff when we do the quality of life
4392s stuff as well though but here's the cool
4395s thing
4395s so now whenever I run up to new azigarth
4398s I aggro these guys out front and that's
4402s it
4403s there's not going to be like 500 other
4405s guys coming from inside oh my God uh
4408s even this guy like look I'm this close
4410s right now and he doesn't even want to
4411s murder me so yeah we've kind of reduced
4413s the senses on us a lot of stuff and the
4415s Cry for Help on a lot of stuff
4417s so you don't just pull an entire huge
4420s place at once
4422s um for those that really enjoyed that
4424s you still can leave our Jenkins if you
4426s really want to but yeah for most folks
4429s uh yeah like the call for help like
4431s aggro radius on like allies or Allied
4434s enemies was pretty huge and it was
4436s really easy to just get way like it
4439s would be really fast yeah it would be
4440s sworn by this yeah the whole the whole
4442s yeah the whole village would be
4443s aggregate on you to die instantly so
4445s yeah like we we wanted to limit the
4446s number of people that you're fighting
4447s all at once because now combat is
4449s balanced around you know you fighting
4450s one or two people at most otherwise it
4453s becomes like
4454s it becomes pretty tough actually or that
4456s you that or you just have to disengage
4457s and run and hope that you can take them
4458s off on a one by one or you know however
4460s you want to do it yeah I mean to me it
4463s feels really good whenever you come in
4465s and clear one of these camps out it
4467s feels like you're making progress
4468s through the camp it doesn't feel like
4469s you're just getting chased by a ton of
4471s guys and we've updated leaching rules
4472s too so enemies won't chase you nearly as
4474s far as they used to in most cases
4478s um yeah there's there's there's a lot a
4481s lot going into the combat changes and
4482s that's why I say you know it's going to
4484s be hard for me to even remember
4485s everything off the cuff because there's
4487s so many little things here and there
4488s yeah and I see some people in chat also
4490s talking about like well what about you
4491s know how am I going to distribute your
4493s points uh I mean that's kind of up to
4496s you I mean I I think I think it's
4497s reasonable to uh say and expect that you
4501s know the the sort of like the meta to
4502s use that term will will change with with
4504s each chapter with each age like I think
4507s I think it's reasonable to expect that
4508s some Paradigm changes will come up and
4510s and we will ask you to uh like assess
4513s your strategy or your
4517s yeah yeah look you can't have both you
4519s can't complain about the meta being
4520s stale and complain when we change things
4522s yeah yeah that's the thing yeah I mean
4524s well I mean you know all you can always
4526s you can always let us know but you can
4528s complain I just it's just yeah that'd be
4529s 100 balance yeah that's the thing well I
4531s mean it's always valid sure stand up for
4534s you
4536s but yeah yeah so we have to pick and
4538s choose and so the the this is the
4540s direction that we want to go with and uh
4542s you know we look forward to the the
4544s discussion and the builds that end up
4545s coming up because ultimately it's about
4546s making it fun yeah like we're making the
4549s moment-to-moment gameplay yeah yeah like
4551s ultimately we want to rule of cool it so
4552s like if it's fun like that's the most
4554s important thing and obviously like fun
4556s is also a subjective thing so we want to
4558s hear what you guys say
4560s play games for fun no because you hate
4562s yourself no I mean I already hate myself
4564s but you know
4566s yeah that's why I play nothing to do
4568s with the game oh yeah yeah that's that's
4569s a that's a corollary that's totally fine
4573s Oh Nicole okay
4576s um
4576s so yeah that is sorry uh lost I had a
4579s little brain fart losing myself here
4581s really quick
4583s um let's see
4585s uh going over some of my notes do we
4588s have any other questions from chat
4589s really quick I like you Andy thanks
4593s thanks bud a little self-loving enough
4595s you know that's something I've been you
4596s know it's an ongoing process right like
4598s self-care and self-love are all very uh
4600s like nebulous and sometimes difficult to
4602s accomplish tasks especially if you have
4604s poor executive function like I do
4606s so shout outs to all my shout outs to
4609s all my depressed Gamers out there let's
4611s go let's go what's the dates at the end
4615s yeah yeah sorry so yeah we got uh just
4617s updated clarification on uh Gates
4621s um
4622s but yeah we'll talk about in just a sec
4623s there's a good question will you fix
4625s double jump Goomba builds Yes actually
4628s uh we have a change going into this
4630s update that'll come in chapter one that
4633s changes it from requiring one person
4635s standing on the head to two people
4637s standing on a head so you really have to
4639s coordinate to get the achievement now
4640s but it will stop people from unless
4642s unless it's like a teleporter squash
4644s which could still happen uh it's gonna
4646s be a lot harder to to Goomba people
4650s do you mind if I just like [ __ ] around
4652s you can do absolutely anything you want
4654s do you want to change the fight nah
4656s that's fine we don't have to do anything
4657s crazy like that I just want to show
4659s people how bad I am at this game
4662s just because also we're just standing
4664s here I just want to move around a little
4665s bit so while we're taking some questions
4666s I'm just gonna have some gameplay maybe
4668s I should just like build some blocks and
4669s jump over them and just have that be the
4671s entire stream
4673s um what about stamina
4676s pretty much unchanged climbing sprinting
4679s um the you know the jump we mentioned
4681s jump earlier Jump's not a ton expense a
4683s ton more expensive anyway like Andy if
4685s you do it right now I think it's like 10
4686s stairs yeah it's eight uh yeah it's
4689s eight stamina right now but I think if I
4691s had double jump it increases well it's
4694s there was no charge for the second jump
4695s before oh that's right that's right so
4697s now the second John cost stamina as well
4700s so you might uh you might also see uh
4703s the build that I also have here is a Max
4705s agility build because uh I I found that
4707s with the changes the personal suggestion
4709s obviously we're not telling you how to
4710s play but I really like rolling thrust uh
4713s for for reasons you can probably imagine
4715s if you're not familiar with it after
4716s your role your next attack doesn't cost
4718s stamina and has increased armor
4720s penetration so it's super it's super fun
4723s I really like it so that's kind of what
4724s we mean by like you know the value of
4727s certain talents or the way you want to
4728s align your talents uh is going to be
4730s different on what we're hoping to yeah
4732s just shake things up a bit yeah
4734s will modders be able
4738s to be able to uh that was part of what I
4740s requested for people to be able to add
4742s emblems I'm not 100 sure if that is the
4745s case or not right now
4747s all right what was the question we'll be
4749s able to mod the clan feature so yeah so
4751s will models be able to claim our mod
4752s Clan features right right yeah um I I
4755s hope so I don't have 100 definite answer
4757s right now but I think it should be the
4759s case
4760s um with any new features that we add we
4762s try to make the mod accessible and that
4764s was one that right off the bat in the
4766s initial spec sheet I gave the team I was
4768s like I would like modders to be able to
4770s add their own so
4772s we'll we'll have to follow up on that
4775s make sure it happened
4776s will weapons be getting new move sets
4780s new move sets weapons we don't have I
4782s don't think there's any new move sets in
4784s this one in this update
4786s um a lot of the stuff that we're doing
4788s is with combat changes and especially
4789s with AI is also intended to let us kind
4793s of make a baseline for the combat to be
4796s designed with better interplay so we
4798s might see some changes come to specific
4800s attack animations or potentially new new
4804s animation sets for weapons
4806s depending on how well that attack or
4809s weapon is doing with the standard for AI
4812s they'll kind of dictate the way a player
4814s plays
4816s hmm oh actually while we're doing this
4819s really quickly
4820s um I think this is also a good time to
4821s just show off some of the new visuals
4822s and sets that we might be able to what
4824s we're adding to the game as well
4827s um because yeah we can show off some of
4828s the new battle pass stuff coming up
4829s because obviously like with the new age
4831s with the new chapters comes new battle
4832s pass new items in the bizarre we can
4834s still take questions while I show some
4836s of this stuff and also keep in mind work
4837s in progress yeah I don't know if we want
4840s to go ahead and announce the dates yeah
4841s the blog is out so okay cool yeah so uh
4844s just so uh you all know uh the
4848s public beta for Age of War is available
4852s tomorrow May 23rd
4855s you can visit our forums to find out
4857s details on how to access it it just
4859s involves installing a a separate like
4863s public beta client from Steam you can
4866s also type I believe explanation point
4867s beta to get a link to The Forum that's
4872s only for you in twitch if you're
4873s watching a recording you just go to
4875s forums.funcom.com head over there check
4878s things out
4880s um and then Age of War itself is set to
4883s launch June 22nd 2023.
4891s someone said fix the purge are broken in
4894s chat where you been dude
4897s that's that's a huge part of what we
4899s just revealed we're doing this marriage
4903s um so yeah the the first level reward is
4904s the steranian Bandit armor which is what
4906s we're wearing on our character right now
4908s um and a special plan emblem uh and so
4912s yeah we we're adding some Clan emblems
4913s and other things to the battle pass as
4915s well
4916s and of course uh new emotes uh new
4920s replaceables and building pieces yes
4921s that's actually a new feature as well
4923s um so weapon emotes that's right yeah
4926s we missed an entire feature but yeah
4928s um we're changing the emote system to
4930s work in a way that they can be
4931s contextualized so um if you have a sword
4935s in your hand you can do a sword emote uh
4937s so you know if you have the right emote
4939s and the right weapon
4940s um
4942s weapon emotes
4944s so let's see if I can do this is a nice
4946s two-handed sword let's see oops uh
4950s notes for mods on Collins at this time
4952s it's not on a roadmap right now
4954s um I I think the repeat the question
4956s sorry yeah sorry uh someone asked about
4957s mods on consoles it's not on our roadmap
4960s right now so it won't it definitely
4961s won't happen during the Age of War can't
4963s I
4964s um it's a thing that we all would love
4966s to do because we all recognize the value
4968s that mods brings Exiles
4972s but it's it's a big big big big task and
4978s I'm not sure when it'll happen but we
4981s would like it to
4983s and with this up
4988s features absolutely of course yeah
4991s all right just a second here I'm getting
4993s messages from folks
4996s we're still yeah still evaluating the
4998s possibilities but yeah because of the
5000s technical limitations in Ram and stuff
5002s like that it's just really tough yeah
5003s memory is the biggest problem yeah
5004s Exiles uses a lot of memory because it
5007s has a lot of high definition materials
5008s and textures and uh
5012s mods cost memory so yeah oops
5019s under
5021s yeah
5023s um I don't no there's not really a whole
5025s lot we can go into about that I think
5026s right now yeah yeah sorry
5028s wait where are they listed do I haven't
5030s learned I think the command that I was
5032s given is not correct uh
5034s sorry anyway we'll have any weapon
5036s emails so like uh the shield for example
5037s will have a shield bash animation if
5039s you're holding your your two-handed
5041s sword you put them in like a guardian
5043s stance like this like a sentinel
5047s um
5048s apologies for that we'll uh we'll
5051s definitely be able to show them off at a
5052s later time
5057s yeah that should be set to true I just
5059s don't uh I just don't think I've learned
5061s it and the command that I had for it is
5064s not working unfortunately
5068s excuse me but that's okay so yeah we'll
5070s have like uh we have uh weapon emails
5073s playing for other weapons as well like a
5074s spear training emote I think a couple
5077s other things as well that are
5078s be available there
5081s uh and yeah and so
5085s you'll notice that a lot of the things
5086s that we have are still like very uh
5090s let's see stygian themed because uh
5094s some you know Conan and hiborian age uh
5098s lore Masters may recall the stygians are
5101s a powerful force within the land and uh
5104s whale they see an opportunity
5107s and so we may see lots of them come by
5109s or
5111s that'll play into the second third
5114s chapters of this age and uh you know
5117s it's not really I mean at this point if
5119s you're not connecting the dots
5121s precision's are coming to the exiled
5123s lands you know and and more Force than
5125s they're currently there they're going to
5127s set up a fortress in the exiled lens and
5130s they're going to start to rake some cash
5131s into it
5133s and it's time they're going to build up
5135s so it's time to build up the fight back
5136s yep
5139s so yeah sorry about not being able to
5141s show the whipping emotes currently but
5143s yeah so yeah there's an example of the
5145s the a 2D image of what you can expect to
5147s look uh expected to look like so yeah
5149s we're excited to have this um and then
5151s later on you know we want to add more
5153s emotes including like potentially like
5154s paired emotes for example or like
5157s and fatalities fatality animation that
5161s might be part of chapter three yeah
5162s maybe those are those are the things
5164s that's on like our stretch goals for
5166s like uh age like I know fatalities are
5168s in in the in the plan okay yeah so when
5171s you kill guys it's not just gonna be the
5173s incredible crash dummy explosion of
5176s Limbs just body parts everywhere yeah
5178s there will be a chance for you to really
5179s you know dismember them
5181s yeah and of course like having having
5183s two character models like choreographed
5186s and play an animation together is
5187s actually kind of a more complicated of a
5189s technical achievement than you might
5191s imagine so the more work goes into it
5193s than you might think
5195s uh okay we'll give that a shot let's see
5199s here
5200s all right
5204s well so okay the the for those of you
5206s messaging us over slack uh when I have a
5208s weapon out and I hold the wheel thing
5210s down I just don't get any option for
5211s anything and I don't think I actually
5212s have the the emotes learned uh so that's
5215s okay it's okay we'll we'll show it off
5216s at another time the beta is only for yes
5219s so sorry yeah so the beta is only
5220s available for PC but of course the age
5222s of War update will be available on all
5225s platforms that come in excels is
5226s available on so like that would be on PC
5228s that would be on Xbox and uh Playstation
5232s um and again like the update itself will
5234s be free you don't have to pay for like
5236s the new features or anything like that
5239s so yeah the update will be available for
5240s all platforms
5242s don't you worry but yeah the the testing
5244s is only available on Steam through the
5246s through the public beta client
5248s uh quality yes quality of Lifestyle yes
5251s because I see people asking questions
5253s yeah we will talk about
5255s well let's talk about it
5257s yeah so we got through the target lock
5258s improvements yes part of what I didn't
5259s really talk about with the target lock
5261s improvements too is we're adjusting
5262s where the actual camera is and where
5263s your character appears on on screen as
5265s well so that should just feel a lot more
5267s nicer and natural as well
5269s we're actually locked onto a Target
5275s um
5276s so yeah the
5278s what what other quality of life stuff
5280s did we want to go over because I know
5281s some of the spells that we had like some
5283s of the sorcery spells are going to be
5284s updated to be like toggles for example
5286s so like find resources and whisp wall
5288s instead of being a duration-based uh
5290s buff effect it'll just you just turn it
5292s on and then you cast it again to turn it
5294s off so it just stays with you yeah uh
5296s indefinitely until yeah until you recast
5298s it we also think we fixed the thrall
5300s Decay timer
5301s mmm so whenever you log into a server it
5304s won't just be a bunch of floating
5305s thralls in the world that should
5306s actually disappear when they're supposed
5307s to
5309s it's good quality yeah and then uh
5312s updates to Darkness yeah that one's
5315s super fun and we didn't kind of actually
5316s show that one too if you want to swap
5318s over to Game Mode real quick oh yeah
5320s because it is the middle of the night
5321s yeah
5323s there's a weird sound thing I noticed
5325s yeah yeah sorry about that thank you for
5327s letting me know
5328s um so you know we don't have the the
5331s blood moon eclipse anymore uh metamosis
5333s and and uh
5336s are no longer warring in the exiled
5339s lands the way they were so everything's
5340s kind of back to normal but you might
5342s notice you can actually see a little
5343s more as well right now is the dead of
5346s night you know about 30 feet or so in
5349s front of my character you can see it's
5350s just completely black Shadows but but as
5353s I go up to them you can see so you know
5355s we've adjusted the way lighting works
5357s and and added a little system in to let
5359s you be able to see more in your
5361s immediate proximity at night so you're
5362s never going to be stuck in in the
5364s absolute dead of night again you'll
5366s always be able to see a small area
5368s around yourself but obviously like this
5369s is still super dark but like it's not
5376s without the eclipse has been pretty a
5378s pretty brutal Affair in my experience so
5380s yeah having having a little bit of like
5381s a minimum light radius around you so you
5383s can just see in front of you uh is
5385s really nice and then of course like you
5386s know torches are still available yeah
5388s the torch is still better yeah yeah
5393s oh let's see uh of course yeah the new
5396s diving animation we saw a little bit of
5398s that we can uh you can Scrooge McDuck if
5400s you really want to uh and then uh of
5404s course like it works better if you're
5405s high diving off of it or I guess you can
5407s slow fall and just like perpetually just
5409s stir you in the animation forever
5411s uh another like other fixes and quality
5414s of life things like uh chicken dance
5416s actually counting for challenges
5419s um
5420s leaving and entering dungeons won't make
5422s uh
5423s we'll now make grass behave correctly
5427s uh and then a few a few updated uh drop
5431s equipment on death server options as
5433s well Bonk
5435s oh nice
5438s creative mode I tried to turn it off
5441s before it hit the bossy just explode
5442s hell yeah
5443s very good
5447s so uh actually we can take a few more
5449s questions from chat and then uh I think
5452s then we must bid idea because we must
5455s get onto things
5457s lots of people asking about yo new math
5460s stuff at all or no new mess right now
5463s yeah people asking about new maps we're
5465s not doing a new map right now uh age of
5467s Amazon was in fact a joke
5470s that I would leave an entire
5472s presentation up on both screens that
5474s shows what the next age would be and I
5476s would certainly not write my
5477s presentation in Papyrus
5480s the classic font but yeah I mean stay
5484s tuned uh you know new Dungeons and new
5486s and new maps are things that we we can
5488s and and may do in the future so uh if
5491s age of War doesn't tickle your fancy you
5493s know keep an eye out yeah yeah uh
5495s because they'll be sure you'll be
5496s excited about what comes after that yeah
5497s because they'll they'll be new ages
5499s after age of four also so because we
5501s were committed now to like again
5502s advancing the actually advancing the
5504s tale of the exiled lines and like
5506s changing things as we move forward so
5507s yeah there'll be some small changes on
5509s the exod lands uh when Age of War
5511s launches as well obviously apart from uh
5514s the eclipse not being there and then
5516s we're making some maybe some other
5518s little things here in there as well oh
5520s and then yeah uh new armor sets coming
5522s with the uh with the update as well I
5525s believe this is a bizarre item but uh
5528s this is like a stygian soldier outfit
5530s um some some of you who have been
5532s playing uh like Conan games for a while
5534s May recognize this uh as the armor that
5539s was shown in some of the old Age Of
5540s Conan keyart
5542s and we're happy to finally have it uh
5544s realized in the glory of unreal here
5547s someone asked if the karak dungeon would
5549s go away yeah that'll still be there
5552s um it is it's the same as before you
5554s enter the same way and everything there
5555s just might be a little bit of a mess
5559s uh those were temporary content the all
5561s of the Katan Exiles uh save for a few
5564s that you might find straggling in the
5565s exiled Lanes will be gone yeah they're
5568s kind of in this like with with well yeah
5570s they'll they'll be kind of scattered
5571s around here there I won't say anything
5572s yeah any PVP news kind of uh one of the
5576s things we will be doing probably in
5577s chapter two I think is revamping
5579s trebuchets as well
5582s um so the way that you Siege people or
5584s or you know attack other other players
5585s might change a bit
5588s um
5589s there is that
5590s toying with some other more extreme
5592s stuff but I'm not sure if it will make
5593s it into production or not so I'm not
5594s gonna tease anyone with it yeah yeah is
5597s the beacon for Mecca Moses area going to
5599s be the same no no the beacon is gone
5601s that was a result of the ritual he was
5603s conducting and if you show up there you
5605s might see why it's not there yeah there
5607s might be some there might something
5608s might have happened so yeah battering
5610s rams uh yeah there should be a battering
5612s ram in chapter two
5613s um like a handheld one we wanted to do a
5616s full-on like hey I pushed cart version
5618s of it but I think we just simply don't
5619s have time uh to put that together so
5622s we'll do one that you know you can break
5624s down Doors by hand
5626s um
5626s we'll probably also consider trying to
5629s do like carry animation like um like
5631s that same carry animation for the chess
5633s like putting an explosive jar and
5635s enemy's hands so if they're part of The
5636s Purge wave you know they come at you and
5638s you can shoot the shoot the barrel the
5640s jar from far away and blow them all up
5644s scrub brush excellent sick was the
5647s princess saved all right find out claim
5649s find out yeah I mean you can check
5651s tomorrow yeah right you'll be able to
5653s see for yourself when this goes live
5654s tomorrow I don't have an exact time of
5656s when it'll be it will be live but please
5658s stay tuned on the forums or on social
5659s media uh on Twitter and Facebook uh for
5663s you can you can see or go follow us here
5666s I don't know if my finger will get cut
5667s off but yeah go follow us here at Conan
5668s Exiles on Instagram Facebook and Twitter
5670s for all the latest updates on when
5673s public beta will be live for Age of War
5676s I didn't get to wear the sickest set for
5678s everybody yet there are no oh yeah now
5680s for an official server wipe no sir no
5682s yeah we'll pretty much never wipe
5684s servers unless we really really really
5686s really have to
5688s um taking away people's progress in the
5690s game is the number one fastest way to
5692s make them stop playing the game so we'll
5694s do everything in our power to prevent
5695s that from happening yeah
5697s this is a veneer Shaman armor set that
5701s will also be uh I can't remember if
5703s that's a battle pass or bizarre item but
5705s that will be a vanity set available with
5707s the update as well
5709s hmm
5711s mounts there will be a new Mount coming
5712s but I'm not going to say what it is yet
5715s some of you probably have probably have
5717s corrected people have mentioned it in
5719s chat already yeah but we're not going to
5720s confirm what it is oops
5722s it's my it's my finally Gundams
5728s so you can hear Frederick malmberg just
5729s like teleporting behind me and I was
5730s like no
5731s don't
5735s you know we could we could sit here and
5736s talk and and show off all this stuff
5738s like pretty much all day but we uh we do
5740s have to uh get going uh shortly so I
5744s know there's a ton of questions in chat
5745s I know other tons of folks will have
5747s more questions as they come up
5748s especially when uh the testing period
5751s goes live
5753s um but uh please stay tuned for tomorrow
5757s when the age of War up uh Chapter One
5760s update uh becomes available for beta
5762s testing
5764s um and we'll keep you updated on like
5765s any changes or anything that comes up
5766s during that test uh and and look forward
5769s to to a new age Dawning over the exot
5772s lands on June 22nd yeah public beta
5775s tomorrow and so again
5778s um I think if you type I think beta
5781s explanation point beta in chat I think
5783s nightbot should have a thing that has a
5784s link to the public test Forum so go
5786s ahead and bookmark that in preparation
5788s for tomorrow
5789s um we'll put a little blast out on
5791s social media announcing when it's live
5792s and you guys can take a first look and
5794s take the first steps into the next Age
5796s Of Conan exiles
5798s oh
5800s so I think that actually about wraps it
5804s up
5805s um any last housekeeping things I'm
5807s going to look over here
5810s um let's see uh also keep an eye out for
5815s uh oh yeah so yeah sorry so the we have
5819s a question from uh internally on slack
5821s about some of the ql stuff
5824s um one of the one of the changes that
5825s we're updating is that the drop
5826s equipment on death or different drop
5828s equipment on death options uh to go into
5831s them specifically there are Now options
5833s for lose nothing on death
5834s uh setting zero uh lose everything on
5837s death uh which is one by default or lose
5841s just backpack inventory on death so you
5844s know so you don't just get completely
5845s wiped on death so you just you just drop
5848s like you keep what's on your hot bar and
5849s your armor I think and yeah actual
5851s backpack gets dumped yeah so that that
5853s whole play allows for like extra
5855s granularity for like server admins or
5856s private server admins to make it uh just
5859s like a good middle ground between All or
5860s Nothing
5861s so hopefully that uh helps kind of
5864s enable
5865s um like still like some consequences for
5867s dying for example on your private
5868s service but like yeah again not not All
5870s or Nothing
5872s thanks for bringing that up appreciate
5873s it
5875s um oh and then uh yeah so other
5877s housekeeping things again so um yeah so
5879s disconnect issues will be resolved or
5880s you know we have a plan a fixed planned
5883s um in the age of War update
5886s um uh twitch drops so yeah we had uh we
5889s did have an issue with the um rock nose
5891s figurine twitch drop which is supposed
5893s to be the third twitch drop campaign
5895s that we're running uh there was an issue
5897s with the actual like placeable item in
5899s game so we did postpone the
5901s um that campaign for that specific item
5903s I don't have details off the cuff on
5907s if and or when that will be run again
5910s um but we will have you know we'll have
5912s other campaigns uh in the future as well
5915s so again just like keep an eye out on
5917s our social media and I think you might
5921s be even be able to see on like upcoming
5923s campaigns on like a twitch website I
5924s can't remember exactly where you find
5925s that but we'll have that and yeah we're
5927s sorry for anyone that like was confused
5929s by the roughness figurine or any
5930s streamers that um you know we're hoping
5932s to be able to to help you know use that
5935s to help grow their stream a little bit
5936s so yeah we do apologize for that and
5938s speaking of streamers and content
5939s creators of course also we want to give
5941s a very special thank you uh to whack
5943s Jordy Kaya on fire and SEMA uh for
5948s sharing some uh exclusive teasers across
5952s uh streaming and showing it off on so on
5955s their channels
5957s um if you haven't already yes these are
5959s these are some some excellent folks
5961s within our community we're really
5962s grateful to have them and have uh so
5963s many other folks uh just like really
5965s excited to sink their teeth into the
5968s game so again yeah Special thanks to
5970s those four and uh all our other content
5972s creators and you know we'll be in touch
5973s with everyone as well for for future
5975s collab projects and such too it is so so
5978s so fun to watch everyone speculate about
5980s what oh my God yeah yeah well when when
5983s uh when Kaya's uh teaser came out and
5985s the thumbnail turned into age of the
5987s Amazon I was like
5989s I posted the preview up on our forums I
5991s was like what is this thumbnail guy
5995s I was like oh no
5998s um and then also
6000s um for those who are looking on our
6001s forms as well uh stay tuned also for uh
6004s winners for our Mystic masterpieces art
6007s contest which we ran and uh we finished
6009s up we're still reviewing our entries and
6011s casting our final votes and we'll have
6013s uh final announcements uh by the end of
6016s May and then previously when we were
6017s announcing the contest we were like
6019s you'll get the next next chapters
6020s content or battle pass this is before we
6023s announce the age of wars and now we can
6024s just say you're gonna get the age of War
6025s chapter one battle pass
6027s um if you won so there's that I think
6031s that's about it
6033s I think that's it hell yeah once you get
6036s a patch notes there's so much stuff oh
6038s my God yeah and and a lot of it at first
6040s glance will probably seem scary too but
6042s I think once you get your hands on it
6044s and you actually get in game and play it
6045s it's all really yeah yeah like just like
6048s we explained yeah yeah just like we had
6050s gone over on on string here like yeah we
6052s know like a lot of those damn changes
6053s and the durability changes like sound
6055s really scary on paper but we're you know
6058s we're confident and hopeful that that
6060s you'll find it uh uh a not scary and
6064s actually in fact be ideally fun uh when
6066s you do actually get your hands on it but
6068s again please let us know
6071s any final thoughts friend
6074s well
6080s I know as soon as we leave this room I'm
6082s going to think of like five things we
6083s didn't talk about that I wanted to yeah
6085s and as soon as that door open then I
6086s come I'm just gonna like flop over and
6088s follow my face on the floor because I'm
6089s just like oh finally at last uh I I do a
6093s lot of streams but I still get really
6094s nervous whenever we uh stream and talk
6096s about stuff and especially on on uh you
6099s know just like really like big uh
6101s announcements like this you know talking
6102s about the next like story arc and
6104s progression Arc for Conan it's pretty
6106s nerve-wracking
6107s it's like zero stress yeah yeah yeah he
6110s has to actually control the [ __ ]
6111s yeah a lot of a lot of I don't know I
6114s just get really in my head I don't know
6116s how uh I don't know how some of y'all
6117s that do it every day do it a lot of
6120s respect yeah I guess that's it right
6121s like you do it every day and you just
6122s get used to it and I'm just really
6124s anxious and hard on myself anyway
6127s um thank you all so much for joining us
6130s on this very special episode
6132s um again public beta for age award
6134s begins tomorrow uh full launch for Age
6136s of War begins June 22nd uh head to our
6140s forums let us know what you think
6143s um tell us what your favorite kind of
6144s pizza toppings are yeah my name's Andy
6147s Dennis say hi to Nicole come on over
6150s here come on over here just come on over
6152s here okay this is this is the lovely oh
6154s I know this is it's a mess back there
6155s the lovely Nicole uh my my partner in
6158s crime here in the NC Community team uh
6162s has been has been back here uh helping
6164s talk to chat and relay messages from our
6166s slack channels and chat uh so thank you
6168s Nicole lots of love thank you and lots
6171s of love to you for tuning in watching us
6174s supporting us playing Conan Exiles
6176s until next time friends
6178s adios and goodbye
6184s and
6186s see maybe yeah
6201s and there
6204s good job guys