This is a Call to Arms! Exiles! For the next couple of days we’re running a special TestLive event!

Everyone joining us between 22nd of February 2019 9.00 PM CET and 27th of February 2019 10AM CET, who reaches level 40 and meets the special requirements below on one of our TestLive servers, will be entered into a raffle for a chance to be the lucky recipient of one of 500 Atlantean Swords.
  • Please use the template for proper bug reports and report any issues and general feedback in these threads accordingly: CtA: New VOIP[], CtA: Unnamed City Changes[], CtA: Balancing/Progression[] and CtA: General Bugs[].
  • Please also check if the bug you are about to report hasn’t already been reported. There is no need to create multiple comments about a bug if a proper bug report has been posted already, unless you have additional information to add.

To clarify: This patch is a different build than the one we are working on stabilizing for Live for next week. Patch Notes for this new TestLive update can be found here.

  • We will wipe all buildings and characters on the TestLive Servers and ask you to create a new character on either EU1, 2, 3 or US 1, 2. 3.
  • The servers will also have accelerated harvest and EXP rates (5x).
  • The test will start at 9.00 pm CET and end at 10am CET. The focus is to report any bugs you might encounter and give us feedback on the changes we've made to the game.
  • Additional requirements to reaching lvl 40 on Test Servers:- Have a Dismantling Bench in your player inventory when the event ends- Have a fragment of power (drops from the new bosses in the Unnamed City) in your inventory when the event ends
  • The reports need to follow our guidelines for bug reporting[] as provided in the forums.
REQUIREMENTS AND THANK YOU We will draw 500 lucky winners among everyone who joins the test, reaches at least level 40 and meets the requirements listed above. Your prize will be Conan's Atlantean Sword, which is normally only available through a specific, physical version of the game.

After the event, please send an e-mail to and include the server name of the Test Server you played on, character name and character level at the time you stopped testing. Don’t forget to report your bugs in our forums!

Here are the instructions on how to join the TestLive Servers []

Thank you for your continued support and for helping us test this patch and get it out as smooth as possible!

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