Hello Exiles!

We hope 2019 and January have been treating you well so far.
Picking up on old traditions we wanted to let you know our rough plans going forward, to keep you in the loop as much as we can.

We have a an additional hotfix planned for early next week that will address a few crash issues as well as control input issues that led to problems with movement, camera and shield behavior. We're also further addressing issues with players flooding a server and impacting other player's performance and play experience.

This patch will go live for PC first and will be available for consoles a few days after, as soon as it is cleared by Microsoft and Sony CERT.

After this, we will finalize another TestLive update to address some of the issues reported and further work on our performance improvements. If you haven't already, please check out all the changes and updates[forums.funcom.com] including Purge improvements. We're very thankful for any feedback and input.

The current TestLive Patch, including any additional updates, is scheduled to go live at the and of January or Start of February at the latest. We want to make sure it is as stable and as optimized as possible in addition to gather as much feedback as possible from your side about new things that have been added. (Again, please check out what's coming right here[forums.funcom.com].)

Part of our focus is to refine core mechanics, make exploration more exciting and improve experience as well as the leveling curve. We already have our Purge improvement/fixes on TestLive. January and February will see updates where we will gradually deploy more patches to our Test Servers which deal with the following issues, additions and improvements:

  • More updates for the Purge
  • More performance updates
  • Improvements to AI behavior and controls
  • Progression balancing from starting experience to end game (parts of this is on TestLive already)
  • Improvements and additions to make exploration both more dangerous but also more rewarding (more on this soon!)
  • Fixes to UI and Admin Panel
  • Avatar, Siege and Raiding balancing and improvements
  • More Exploit fixes
  • Building Quality of Life Improvements

Stay tuned for more juicy details and info for each of these areas as we progress

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