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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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May 14, 2024
Forward notice: We are aware of and continuing to investigate an issue where characters may periodically sink into building pieces. Due to the delicate nature of foundations and sensitivity to changes that affect them (if you know, you know 😥), a resolution for this issue will arrive with a future update. Thank you for your patience; we understand it's frustrating.

Bugs and Tweaks
  • Thrall Command and Interact inputs are no longer mapped to the same button as interacting with Battle Pass notifications. The Battle Pass shortcut on Tier Completion popups now opens with the Inventory button.
  • Improved animations for golem movement and combat.
  • Friendly followers have received further 'If not enemy, why enemy shaped' training and no longer attack allied golems.
  • Fixed certain items missing the option to Repair, such as Redeemed Legion armor. Note: You still need to know the recipe for an item in order to repair it, but this should now function properly, as well as within Creative Mode or when the UnlockAllRecipes admin cheat is enabled
  • Split stack window triggers on long press rather than press and release.
  • Fixed issue where player is not able to Shift-Click an item from another player's inventory into their own.
  • Fixed several additional areas where players can fall through the world and die.
  • Fixed framerate issues when dropping items from inventory on PS4.
  • Fixed issue where a game's host becomes stuck when respawning after removing their bracelet.
  • Fixed issue where Option button indent boxes disappear when nothing is selected in inventory.
  • Logged out unconscious players now display their name when inspected.
  • Gazelles once again know fear and flee from danger.

Battle Pass/Bazaar
  • Improved visual effects (VFX) for Yamatai Onsen Water Pump.
  • Arcane Reinforced Doorframe is now correctly granted from the Arcane Builder Revisited bundle upon purchase.
  • Normalized HP values on parts of the Arcane Builder Revisited bundle that were unintentionally set too high.