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Hey guys I remember reading a couple weeks ago that people were having an issue where literally nothing was spawning (harvestables, enemies, nothing) in single player, was this fixed or is it just a wait and see kinda thing?

I only loaded in once so I haven't checked If it's as simple as reloading to fix but just wondering if devs have acknowledged it.

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Originally posted by Fattsacks

I ma struggling with this bug right now on single player mode. Can't seem to find a fix, although it did correct once before. Maybe servers side maint fixes?

Is this also on Xbox? And on an official server?

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Originally posted by Fattsacks

I'm playing exiles.on Xbox one gamepass, single player. I found a fix - had to make admin, change server settings requiring reset (I think pvp Tolerance), reload, then change settings back to default, and reload

Hey glad to hear it! And I appreciate you letting me know what worked for you.

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