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8s thank you
18s I have a list of some of the cut spells
20s on my phone
21s um it's a list of 22 spells
25s but there were even more than these that
28s were so far out of scope that I just
30s literally deleted them because I didn't
31s want to see them anymore
34s um but uh one is the sandstorm so some
37s of you might know in lore that the uh
39s The Scourge Stone was used to summon
40s sandstorms and people wanted to be able
42s to summon their own
44s and Laura why can't I do it
46s um uh the spell I eat your heart from
48s Age Of Conan where the herald of zotley
50s reaches into someone's chest eats their
53s heart and gets a buff for even their
55s heart
55s that one was technically very expensive
57s right and then not every monster has a
59s heart in the same location things like
61s that
62s this is kind of hard to eat a skeleton
63s heart
65s uh polymorph other the ability to turn
67s someone else into a rat snake or spider
71s um weapon to snake one where you would
73s cast a spell and literally turn
74s someone's weapon into a floppy snake in
76s their hand
78s um a Spirit box that no affiliation that
81s lets you uh speak with ghosts so that
83s would be like an added interaction where
85s you can explore the world use the spell
87s and or hear different stories or Legends
90s or things that learn knowledge for
92s emotes or you know recipes that you
95s couldn't otherwise learn
96s magical mounts this one had really
99s um
101s no further description other than an
103s expensive ritual that summons a magical
104s mount we did wind up getting a couple of
106s these through the Demonic Rhino and
108s demonic horse but I think when they were
110s these were proposed the the things were
112s like I would like a Magic Carpet yeah
114s things that were very not Conan demon
117s blood sacrifice
119s um ritual performed to summon a demon to
120s harvest their blood this one just turned
122s into the normal human sacrifice so you
124s can't put a demon on the table but we
126s did make the blood sacrifice for other
127s things
129s freeze use the moisture in the air to
131s freeze an enemy temporarily so that's
132s just a straight up stun yeah it is very
135s cool
136s it is a bit stretchy in the high fantasy
138s side of things for Howard but
140s we also let that logic kind of play into
142s the ice bridge too that was kind of the
144s same justification
146s you've got water walking
148s you can guess what that one does uh
150s super jump allows the user to jump high
152s into the air they do not take fall
154s damage when Landing that kind of found
156s its way into slow fall and the bet a
158s flying potion that allows the user to
160s temporarily fly they do not receive fall
162s damage after flight expires
165s well that one actually also I think was
167s highly inspired by uh one of the dark I
170s think it's actually
172s there's a Dark Horse comic that's in one
174s of the Conan omnibuses where the height
177s their hyperborean Sorcerers that are
179s wearing robes and have gems and they fly
182s through the air and shoot lasers out of
184s the gems at Conan and other slaves that
187s are fighting back against the
188s hyperboreans I think that's where that
189s one read
191s keep shifting and then there's a whole
192s set of sub spells for shapes shifting
194s like snake pizzelle Etc
197s summon greater demon this is the one
199s where you would basically have an
201s on-demand avatar on a lesser scale I uh
204s I happen to be a really big Mortal
206s Kombat fan uh and a lot of the stuff in
209s sorcery was pretty shank swing inspired
211s as far as the soul manipulation stuff
213s goes and that was one where I wanted to
215s walk out and be like your soul is mine
217s and you know actually get some benefit
219s for it but again combat spells they
221s didn't play out well especially with our
223s slower more methodical casting system
225s Phantom walls
228s I don't even remember that one okay oh
230s it was actually your idea yeah
233s I I contextualize them as a loser report
236s walls okay fair enough
238s so the pitch on that one was you go to a
242s wall on a base it has to be a standard
245s buildable wall and you reach out and you
247s touch it and it loses its Collision so
249s you can just walk through yeah so you
251s could make your own kind of hidden
252s pathways through your base
254s I don't think we ever told the coders
256s about that concept because we didn't
257s want them to cry
260s and uh one of the last ones I can
262s remember is horrify which was meant to
264s just be like an area beer on things you
267s know so they would cower in that also we
270s made the tech for it and then decided it
271s wasn't a good pitch for a spell but it
274s actually wound up making its way back
276s into creeping Darkness where we apply
278s the fear effect to some of the NPCs in
280s the area of the the darkness so they're
283s actually kind of afraid of the dark and
285s Afraid of the spider
294s there was a lot of tech built for
296s sorcery there was a lot of tech built
299s for sorcery
300s um so sorcery when we first started
303s implementing it this was before we
305s actually knew what sorcerer's gonna be
307s as we said elsewhere there were a lot of
310s Concepts that we had originally and that
312s changed and
314s we didn't exactly know what the tech
316s needed to support for it at the start we
319s didn't know if spells would be able to
320s do damage he needed some way to be able
322s to allow a spell
324s to convey damage
326s I don't think we actually use that
328s anymore anywhere but we had to build the
330s tech for it uh the different types of
332s followers the uh the the raised corpses
335s the demons
338s when we were originally talking about
339s them we decided these guys should have
341s different rules than a normal thralls
344s and that's not just for gameplay it's
347s also for the lore of it and for the
350s feeling of being a sorcerer as a
352s sorcerer you're manipulating and
353s controlling the world you're dictating
355s the environment in which you engage in
357s combat
358s a sorcerer
360s doesn't show up to combat by himself
363s he shows up with allies and he puts
365s those allies in front of himself and
368s makes sure that they take the Run of
369s them he stands back and does whatever
371s he's done a bit more servants than
373s allies yeah
374s a sorcerer makes allies in some cases
378s literally
380s and
381s we didn't have a tech for that that all
383s had to be built out uh stealth was
386s another fun one that had to be built
388s the casting system itself
391s you can system went through more
393s revisions than anything else yeah it's
395s built upon our normal combo system in
397s the way that it intercepts inputs but
399s beyond that but not anymore it's not it
402s was at one point no it's uh it it has
406s taken a life of its own at this point
408s um
409s it started out as a very very simple
413s um in a sound bizarre but you would
415s press the special attack button or on
417s the keyboard the control key but you had
419s your staff the staff is the one thing
421s that never changed it's because the
422s staff was an actual weapon right so you
425s had to have light attacks and heavy
426s attacks so the special action was hey my
429s special action is to cast a spell yeah
431s originally you would have the staff and
434s if you clicked you went oh
436s and that was it it was a one-step combo
438s it's actually still there uh it the
440s version that's out now is better it's
442s two-step oh okay we used to have just
444s one where you just go
448s because we never really wanted it to be
449s a weapon right the sorcerer if he fights
451s would fight with a blade like a normal
453s man right right so the the uh the
455s original version of the casting system
457s when you started casting it would open
459s up a a radial menu like say when you're
462s interacting with a chest or something
463s like that and it would show you
466s different icons for different schools of
468s magic or domains or whatever that'd be
470s called and it wouldn't tell you what it
472s is and then you navigate into it and
474s there'd be spells in there and it would
477s just continually pop radio menus and you
480s choose what spell you want to cast and
482s then it would do a cast animation of
484s some kind and then
486s that was it and you were basically
488s limited by how fast you could click
490s through the radio so
492s that was awful
494s so we moved on we put animations between
497s the radial menus
499s it looked cool
500s if you weren't the one cast
504s we ended up scrapping that
506s moved to a version where the radial menu
509s was off to the side
510s and problems but now you can see
512s yourself looking cool okay
515s we had some problems where we didn't
518s exactly want to uh okay so a bit more
522s context in the version of sorcery that
524s you have
526s spells of different tiers take different
529s region pouches but it's consistent there
532s all of the first tier spells take tier
535s one pouch all the second tier spells
537s take the two pouch and all of the third
539s tier spells take the tier 3 ouch
541s in our original version each spell had
544s unique reagents and you had to carry
546s them on you
547s so
549s in the original version of I want to say
551s it was mass call you had to have
553s something like 20 stone and five iron
554s Stone to cast it
556s which not a problem you'll probably get
559s that back but that meant you had to go
561s out into the field with those 20 stone
563s and five iron Stone we also talked about
565s a version of detective resources where
567s you had to carry the resource you wanted
568s to detect with you so when you cast the
570s spell it would read what was your
571s inventory and show you those items only
575s yeah the the UI itself also came in very
577s late as far as being able to see the
579s spells in on your character sheet you
581s know in knowledgement so people that
584s were play testing it had to go off of
586s like documentation or slack messages we
588s sent with a list of ingredients to cast
591s spells yeah spells there was no
592s reflection of it in game yeah you
593s originally could only see them in the
595s the radial wheel when casting
598s not very friendly
600s uh so the uh the version that we
603s actually have in the release game
606s started out as a result of
609s basically we were what like a week from
612s one of our milestones and there was a
615s meeting with Dennis and a couple of
618s other leads and saying well
621s look at this and this is the weakest
623s part of the whole system it has to be
625s fun yeah and it wasn't it was awful yeah
629s we we actually wound up looking at the
632s um
632s second prototype that Chris made
635s so the first one was the radio menu that
637s pops up the second one was one where
639s your character would hold their staff up
641s and the stones would come out of the
643s ground and at the time they were just
645s using like placeholder Rock like Pebble
647s meshes that we had that were blown up
650s and they had a billboard of the
652s different uh schools of Magic on them
654s and I was like well
656s I like this one the most because it
658s feels like a toy like it feels like I
660s can reach out and touch it there's some
661s tangibility to it and and that made it
664s feel a lot more grounded and if you
665s remember things I've said
667s at other times in the video the whole
669s point is for magic to feel very
670s realistic rounded ritualistic and the
674s stones were conveying that more than
675s anything else we had we went through a
677s ton of Concepts like I was in a ton of
680s concept meetings
681s um to talk with different ways we could
683s show like clouds of smoke with the Rune
686s floating inside of it and you know what
688s kind of tech issues does that represent
690s or what does that give us on like
692s consoles and how many different ways can
694s we show these and everything that just
696s had a rune kind of floating in the air
697s wound up feeling like a UI to me and one
701s of the guiding pillars that we have for
702s the game is to is to avoid user
705s interface whenever possible if we can
707s show you something about your character
709s through the world
710s or we can do it in a way that is
712s represented you know another example
714s might be the healing potions that were
715s really contentious for people but
717s previously you just ate fish really fast
720s to heal and no one could see what was
721s happening you were just gaining
723s but by adding that potion we make it
725s work we feel more realistic and more
726s tangible
728s and it was the same for the casting
729s system
730s the stones
733s were a bit inspired by like the original
735s direction that was given to us by Joel
737s um one of his uh one of his big
740s references was eternal Darkness the way
743s when you cast spells runes kind of
744s appear around your character in the game
746s and he was like I'd like something like
747s this and we kind of took those runes and
750s lifted them up because when you're
752s playing a third person action game
753s looking at the ground is
755s it's not what you want to be doing so we
758s put the runes up in front of you and we
759s have these things you felt like you
760s could reach out and touch and suddenly
762s it felt more like the Spells were really
764s a lot more intentional a lot more
766s premeditated
768s it also kind of brings in the feel of
771s an Alchemy that's a consistent feel
774s throughout the rest of sorcery as well
776s we've used that to explain away some
778s sorceress things in the past like the
780s conversion
782s but you're working with the existing
783s physical objects themselves I'm just
786s saying what he said in different words