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0s hail and greetings Exiles with the
2s coming of chapter 3 we are revamping the
5s journey system that you know whether
7s you're a new player or a seasoned
9s veteran you will find something to get
11s from this renewed system in its Essence
13s the journey system is exactly what the
16s name suggests it's your journey in the
18s exiled lands or the Isle of SEPTA from
21s taking your first step out of the desert
23s to experiencing all the features we're
25s adding in Chapter 3 The Journey system
27s tracks your every step and helps you
30s understand the wild world of Conan
31s Exiles better while also reaping its
34s various rewards initial Journey steps
36s are laid out in extreme details because
38s we want the new player and the returning
41s player experience to be as intricate and
43s well understood as possible we will
45s teach you the basics and then we will
47s expect you to use this knowledge in the
50s upcoming steps the further you advance
52s in the category is the less this new
54s system is going to hold your hand but do
57s not fret if you're a veteran player or
60s you simply want to play a new character
62s you'll be able to skip the first journey
64s category as this only teaches you the
67s basic control such as how to walk how to
69s climb gather resources Etc if you don't
72s want to see the journey system at all
74s you can just simply disable it from the
76s options menu the new Journey UI in the
79s top corner will show your current
81s Journey step along with a detailed
83s explanation of its requirements if you
85s go to the journey menu you will see that
87s we change the UI and made it easier to
90s navigate through you will be able to see
92s each step their details and the rewards
95s you'll get from them some Journey steps
98s will play out in a streamlined manner if
100s you want to proceed and unlock some
102s Advanced features you will have to first
104s finish the previous tiers we want to
107s make sure you get all the rewards and
110s learn everything because we don't want
112s this menu to get cluttered too much we
114s hit some Journey tiers they will be
117s automatically unlocked once you finish
119s the prerequisites when chapter 3
121s releases the journey system will be
124s completely reset and every player will
126s have a fresh start with some steps being
129s retractively completed this is to ensure
132s that you don't miss any rewards and hey
134s maybe you will find something new to
136s learn too the journey system will grant
139s you free cosmetic rewards and other
141s goodies every reward is per character
143s and if you decide to make a new
145s character you'll be able to get the same
147s rewards once you finish the required
149s Journey steps the new Journey system
151s will be active on March 14th with the
153s release of chapter 3. we hope you will
156s enjoy this revamp have a safe journey in
158s the exiled lens and the Isle of SEPTA
164s foreign