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198s 3.0 is probably the biggest update we've
201s ever made it touches almost every aspect
203s of conan exiles fans should absolutely
205s be excited for 3.0 it is a major patch
207s it includes sorcery sword and sorcery
211s this is the other half of the genre
212s that's been missing on top of that we've
214s got updates to the building system it's
217s going to have a battle pass a perks and
219s attributes revamp and shop as well
221s called the black lotus bazaar
237s sorcery is absolutely imperative to the
238s world of conan when the genre was having
241s its name coined it literally became half
244s of the name sword and sorcery we've
245s always wanted to add sorcery to the game
247s we think it's a part of the game that
249s needs to be there to experience howard's
251s world in full a lot of other games are
253s high fantasy games and they focus a lot
255s on fireballs and things that you can see
257s coming out of your hands we wanted to
258s find a way to make it
260s feel more kind of physically grounded
262s sinister and evil it's more about
265s focusing and amplifying sorcerous energy
268s and as you select different words of
270s power you'll be building different
272s spells
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280s sorcery is broken up into two different
282s parts there's rituals and spells
285s rituals are more kind of the the
286s crafting side of it where you perform
289s some kind of magical or sorceress ritual
292s at a crafting station at your base in
295s order to
296s make something build something in your
298s base you'll build a sacrificial stone
300s you'll drag an unconscious combatant and
302s put them on the stone and there will be
304s a ritual recipe in that crafting station
307s to
307s offer them as a sacrifice perform a
309s ritual draw their blood and then the
312s station will open up again and you can
313s take the item out tons of different
315s rituals necromancy for instance allows
317s you to summon the dead or create undead
320s mounts a couple other rituals we have
322s are integrated into the fast travel
323s system that we're implementing so we
326s have one that's kind of a set of
327s teleporter pads and you'll need some
329s blood and some brimstone to fire that
330s pad up
332s illusions basically allow you to take
334s weapon or piece of armor and apply a
337s different look to it so if you're able
339s to craft two different pieces and you
342s like the look of one but the stats of
344s another you can apply the look of one to
347s the other so it allows players to look
349s how they want without sacrificing the uh
351s the stats that they want to have with
353s their equipment
357s we've also wanted to go through and
359s address all the perks that we felt were
361s sort of underperforming and sort of give
364s them a facelift essentially we've blown
366s up the entire system and made a new meta
368s we have some great surprises and we were
371s really changing the way that conan
372s exiles plays on all of the attributes
376s corruption is a core part of sorcery so
378s we wanted that to also impact the
380s attribute system when your character is
382s exposed to corruption
383s it'll corrupt their form and their their
386s whole physical being with that power you
388s can corrupt your physical self in order
390s to gain access to special perks once
392s you've reached a certain corruption
393s threshold your character will be able to
395s corrupt their strength their vitality or
397s their charisma into improving themselves
400s these benefits won't show themselves
402s very powerful at first but as you devote
405s yourself more to the void they'll start
407s showing up and making you more and more
409s powerful
413s when we first started working on the
414s game we implemented the building system
417s in a particular way but since then a lot
419s more survival games have come out that
421s have made us realize hey we can do a
423s little bit better truthfully i think the
425s old building system was a little
427s difficult to use with the gamepad
428s however with this new system it's
430s designed to be used with the gamepad and
432s i think it's going to be so much easier
434s for people it takes all the crafting
437s recipes all the building items that
439s you've unlocked and puts them all in one
441s menu you can go to the section you want
443s find the piece you want and it's a lot
444s simpler
448s the creative mode is incredible you get
450s this admin panel it unlocks all the
452s building pieces and you can create your
454s perfect home or castle or fortress a
456s fundamental change in how you can build
458s in the game it'll be really really easy
460s i think for people to to build their
462s perfect home
465s some building pieces are part of the
468s battle pass and others are going to be
469s in the shop in the battle pass we have
471s sorcery themed building pieces which are
473s built to complement and supplement the
475s existing base building sets the main
478s reason we're doing the battle pass is so
480s that we can continue to release free
482s features i'm a strong believer that
485s monetization should be more on the
486s cosmetic side changing the way you look
489s necessarily and not changing the power
490s of things
492s so the battle pass you're going to get
493s some really cool things new armors
496s weapons mounts that are all built around
498s the sorcery theme there are two ways to
501s progress through the battle pass and the
503s first is to play the game every day
505s you'll be given a series of challenges
506s and when you complete one of those
508s challenges you claim the experience from
510s it and then that challenge is replaced
512s with another one if you don't want to
513s play to unlock everything in the battle
515s pass you can also purchase levels in
518s increments of 1 5 and 15. so for those
521s of you who have less time that option is
524s there as well so we won't have cosmetic
526s dlcs like we did in the past with the
527s culture packs we will have battle passes
530s and ages instead we are going to have
532s multiple sorcerer themed armor and
534s clothing options some of them will be
536s in-game and craftable others will be
538s offered as part of the battle pass or as
540s part of the shop we're also adding an
542s item store to the game and this will
543s allow players to have more of an
545s all-a-cart option for what they want to
547s buy
551s it's been a long time coming making
552s sorcery with each new release of conan
555s exiles we're trying to make the kind of
557s game that we feel like our players want
559s to play and that we want to play so if
560s you want to see more of this definitely
562s follow our coding excels instagram
565s facebook twitter all of that thank you
567s all for all of your support and for
568s playing our game and enjoying it and i
570s hope all of you have a great time
571s exploring the world and finding the
573s things to do those dark evil rituals and
575s become the twisted sorcerer atop a tower
579s [Music]
610s greetings and greetings and salutations
613s friends and thank you for joining us
615s uh for the uh official talk of all
618s things update 3.0 age of sorcery uh my
621s name is andy bended i'm nicole dennis
625s uh and we are here uh live in the durham
627s north carolina studio it actually has
629s been quite some time i think our last
630s stream was like eight months ago so i'm
632s just like it was a while yeah it's been
634s a while just trying to get back into the
636s saddle i haven't been in front of the
637s camera in a little while so pardon me if
640s i'm a little
641s oh it's an exciting time though yeah
643s plus like yeah this is an exciting like
644s this is this will be an exciting stream
646s this will be an exciting time uh we're
647s going to be going into a bunch of
649s details about uh all things with this
651s update um
653s and uh working to of course uh pick up
656s on any questions you might have in chat
658s or things i'm sure there were plenty uh
661s we all we saw plenty over the weekend as
663s well and so we'll work to uh certainly
665s address uh as much as we can
667s uh during the stream
668s we're gonna go over a lot so like buckle
670s in this might be a long stream uh we
672s were originally planning like maybe like
673s an hour hour and a half
675s don't be surprised if we go over like
676s two hours at this point um
678s but yeah so today we're going to be
680s going over
681s everything to do with the aegis sorcery
683s update coming up uh in quarter 3 2022 uh
687s we'll be talking about uh sorcery and
689s how
690s that works uh we'll be of course talking
693s about the new building system uh the
695s revamped attributes uh the battle pass
698s and the black lotus bazaar
700s uh not necessarily in that order and
702s then well yeah we'll of course take some
703s time to answer questions that may have
705s come up or may come up in chat or things
707s that we've seen
708s um
709s and we'll go from there this is a really
710s exciting time uh thanks for joining us
713s um
714s so any forward from you friend before we
717s jump into things yeah um
720s so we know there's gonna be a lot of
721s questions about this and
722s uh if it looks like i'm i'm reading off
724s script a little bit today i did prepare
726s a lot of notes so i don't get anything
727s wrong
728s uh because a lot of the stuff we'll talk
729s about today we know for a lot of people
731s can be touchy
732s um
733s so to talk about
735s the battle pass and the bizarre to begin
737s with
738s as we started to get into the features
740s that we're putting into this update
742s we decided uh that we had had have a new
745s monetization method for exiles
748s we knew that if we made exiles it had to
750s be free or sorry if we made sorcery it
752s had to be free and it had to be for
753s everybody so we didn't want to have to
755s make a dlc and ask you
757s to pay for a feature that should be part
759s of the core fantasy of the game
761s so we decided
763s um
764s we'd create we'd have to create an
765s update that can both ship the sorcery
768s and generate revenue at the same time
770s and we decided to develop these features
772s to support the future of the product as
773s well
774s we do want to move exiles into being
776s more of a fully supported games as a
778s service kind of product and this helps
780s meet that end so if you're an exiles
783s player now and probably a lot of you are
786s there aren't a lot of ways when it comes
787s to dlc for you to get your hands on new
789s content we've released a handful of
791s culture packs that give you an
792s assortment of armor and building pieces
794s and other miscellaneous cosmetics
796s but for the most part there isn't a lot
798s of opportunity opportunity to invest
800s more in the game that you want to play
802s so these new systems will let us offer
804s more items at a faster rate and let you
806s pick and choose the things that you
807s actually want to get
809s so whenever a new pack of stuff comes
810s out maybe you don't really care about
812s the building pieces and you just like to
813s get the armor of the weapons
815s and
816s that that'll be a choice with with these
818s uh these pathways
819s and there are no paywalls in our system
821s nothing will prevent you from
822s experiencing any content in the game
825s will not sell power in the shop of any
827s kind it'll only be novelties and there's
829s no need to buy anything if you don't
831s want to it's i've put a lot of effort
833s into this personally to make it as
835s non-intrusive or not invasive as
837s possible
839s and we'll go over more of the details of
840s all these things as we get into it more
842s indeed
843s yeah i mean yeah something something i
845s kind of wanted to
846s point out also is that it's actually
847s like super like
849s non-intrusive uh the battle pass stuff
852s is like it's just like in a corner of
854s the screen which you'll see in just a
855s second so let me yeah we don't want to
856s show off let me pull this up just really
858s quick and like i'll be looking down a
861s lot i've got yeah
863s uh reading everybody's chat um we also
865s have um some of the community team in
867s chat so they'll be there helps any you
868s know help with any questions as well
871s so let's see how this works okay so here
873s is
874s what the battle pass will look like you
875s might have seen this in the trailer that
876s we just aired um dennis can you walk us
879s through like kind of what we're looking
880s for clarify things or if they're if
881s there are any questions that we had seen
883s uh previously uh if there's anything you
885s want to touch on from here yeah i think
887s the first thing to talk about is just
888s like a tiny disclaimer that all the
890s stuff that's in the trailer and even
891s things we're showing on stream today are
893s still a work in progress so we have a
895s little disclaimer in the corner of the
896s stream
897s um we had to you know make the trailer
900s to show everything to everyone to get
901s them excited about it but a lot of the
902s details that you go in and fish and
904s check out will be a little bit off for
906s what they would be in the end i know a
908s lot of things that that people do ask
909s about in terms of the shop itself is
911s like are the are these the prices you
913s know and the prices themselves are even
914s still a work in progress um i had a
916s conversation about it just this morning
918s briefly
919s um but yeah looking at the battle pass
921s what we're seeing here is basically
926s similar to what you would see in a
926s battle pass in other games where
929s you see you have a series of rewards you
931s interact with the game and you engage
933s with the systems like you normally would
934s to receive the rewards in the battle
936s pass as you play through and get that
938s experience from finishing the challenges
939s you'll unlock battle pass levels and
941s those levels will let you claim the
943s rewards if you own the battle pass if
945s you don't own the battle pass there will
946s still be about 12 rewards in this pool
948s of 60 that'll be completely free
951s so even if you're not paying into the
953s battle pass to get all the rewards
955s there's still some little novel things
956s you can pull out of it
958s and then yeah like you can see like so
960s these are the first two like pages of
962s the battle pass and so you can see
965s a few examples of the items that are
968s pretty clearly marked as as free so you
970s don't need to actually like have the
971s battle pass if you want to like level up
973s your pass and like get those for example
976s um
978s and then yeah all this stuff is
979s accessible from like the very top mini
980s there uh and so it's just it's just an
982s option that you can just select once you
984s once you go to that menu i can go into a
986s bit about the structure of the battle
987s pass also the way the way that we'll lay
989s things out so
991s whenever we decided again that you know
993s we wanted to put a battle pass in to me
995s it felt very important that we try to
996s integrate that with the world and the
998s story of exiles as much as possible um
1000s there are a lot of games that have a
1002s battle pass and it's just kind of this
1003s tacked on monetization thing that's in
1005s there and i was like if if we do this
1007s and we we make it part of the game we
1008s should try to make a part of the world
1010s too so with every battle pass you'll see
1012s as you scroll through the pages there's
1013s a uh there will be a series of tableaus
1015s that unfold and tell a story about
1017s something that has happened or happening
1019s in one of the maps
1021s so the current one for age of sorcery is
1023s a series of events that is occurring in
1024s the exiled lands and as you go through
1027s and complete the different pages of the
1028s battle pass
1029s the little text doc there's a little
1031s scroll up in the corner and some text
1033s will reveal and kind of lead you along
1034s with the story is
1036s um that's that's the stuff in the very
1038s top okay you can't
1040s yeah way in the top left of our screen
1042s there you can see it's a bunch of
1043s gibberish but that will start
1044s materializing into uh legible language
1047s as you as you complete more of the
1048s battle pass yeah to go along with the
1050s idea of sorcery being um as you'll learn
1052s more about it it's kind of a sort of
1054s archaic
1055s or like uh otherworldly kind of language
1058s i suppose and as you're unlocking this
1060s this experience in the battle pass
1062s you're gaining the knowledge to to read
1063s the runes
1065s and um so the structure for the battle
1068s pass is
1069s going to be such that we have ages like
1071s age of sorcery
1072s and then each age will be broken down
1074s into several chapters and those chapters
1076s will be where we hit the big content
1078s updates with each one of those chapters
1080s we'll not only be adding new things in
1082s the shop and new rewards in the battle
1084s pass but we will be adding new playable
1088s content or major updates to existing
1090s content
1092s at the same time so whenever we do an
1094s update it's not just going to be oh
1095s here's more stuff to buy it's going to
1097s be okay here's also some new stuff to do
1100s um so that that's the way we'd like to
1101s follow through with that going forward
1103s and all those like major
1107s that that will be gamepl added to the
1109s game as like part of the base game
1111s because you don't have to per like you
1112s don't have to buy anything
1113s yeah gain access just like sorcery right
1115s so like there'll be a battle pass but
1117s like you know anything new and exciting
1118s we do add like that'll be available for
1121s everyone yeah a big part of the reason
1123s we wanted to go down this route is
1125s because it lets people opt in and
1126s support us when they want to or just if
1128s they see something really cool they want
1129s to have
1130s and then that helps us actually fund
1132s further development of the game so we
1133s can make all of our other features
1135s coming out uh free for everybody and
1137s really justify continuing to support
1139s coding exiles because it's a game we
1142s love you know the team that works on
1143s exiles wants to keep working on exiles
1145s and we want to keep adding stuff to it
1148s but we have to be able to justify it at
1149s the end of the day you know um like andy
1151s said we have to keep the lights on yeah
1153s yeah we got to keep the lights on we you
1155s know this is all we have a lot of
1157s amazing like talented designers and
1158s artists and all sorts of people working
1159s here um but at the end of the day yeah
1161s we got to keep the lights on gotta stay
1163s fed etc etc so
1166s um so thank you for that yeah uh and so
1168s next i wanted to touch into
1171s um
1171s so you had mentioned how so challenges
1174s that is the primary method of how one
1177s would
1178s uh level up the battle pass correct yeah
1180s cool so we'll swap over to this
1184s there's a lot of details for challenges
1185s as well i know like a lot of questions
1187s have been raised about them already as
1188s well and i have a list of some stuff
1190s that i'd like to go through just so i
1191s don't miss anything yeah
1193s the battle pass can be compressed
1197s the battle pass can be progressed by
1199s completing challenges
1201s challenges give battle pass experience
1202s and levels and as you progress through
1204s the ballot pass levels you can claim the
1205s rewards as i mentioned before
1207s there are 60 rewards in in our battle
1209s pass at present and if you don't own the
1211s battle pass you can still earn about 12
1213s of those rewards like i mentioned before
1215s owning the battle pass lets you claim
1216s everything at no additional cost
1218s so there is a cost to purchase the
1220s battle pass
1221s and once you spend that amount of money
1224s you'll be able to claim everything for
1226s each level that you unlock
1228s now there's also a premium battle pass
1231s that
1232s addition all all it does on top of the
1234s normal battle pass is grant you 15
1236s additional levels so as soon as you buy
1238s it you get 15 unlocks right away no
1240s matter where you're at
1241s the levels are linear so they'll always
1243s be 1 000 experience to complete there's
1245s no increased grind the further you go um
1250s you can also buy additional levels of
1251s chrome coins if you don't want to do
1253s challenges to gain the xp
1255s and now to look at the the menu for some
1258s of the stuff that we have every 24 hours
1260s you'll get xp multipliers on each slot
1262s that's available to you
1264s so you can continue to complete those
1266s challenges for normal xp once those
1268s multipliers are gone so that 2x times
1270s 150 2x times 30 etc that you see at the
1273s top those are the multipliers you get
1276s and you you get five a day like i said
1278s it can pull up to 20 in the back end as
1280s well so you can miss four days of
1282s playing the game come back and still
1285s have 25 total multipliers
1288s to be able to go through and and do all
1289s the challenges you want and still get
1291s that bonus xp to prevent you from
1293s falling behind
1295s you can also reroll challenges um i know
1297s one of the questions someone asked was
1299s can you pay for rerolls but
1301s uh i think that yeah yeah
1305s yeah so this
1307s those are dice now yeah
1310s the uh the icon in the video was
1311s temporary it was a copy over from the
1313s shop where you can purchase chrome coins
1315s and we've uh we've done a lot of work on
1317s the ui since then to make things more
1319s clear where things can be bought and
1321s can't similarly with the remaining xp
1324s boosters thing up in the corner i
1326s changed that text to say xp multipliers
1328s remaining because it sounds less like
1330s something that you can buy and and we
1332s don't really want the people to have the
1333s illusion that we're just trying to uh
1335s nickel and dime people and
1337s you know hit you with as many like micro
1339s transactions yeah
1340s as we possibly can that's not the case
1342s right we avoid them as much as we
1344s possibly can
1346s yeah so don't don't worry i know yeah
1347s that was definitely something that came
1348s up uh
1350s so yeah and then um
1352s in addition to that so like there's
1354s there's the multipliers but then
1356s once like once you use up your day's
1358s multipliers like you can still like
1360s infinitely complete challenges yeah if
1363s that's the thing that like you're
1364s motivated to do because it gives you a
1365s goal or something you want to do the
1366s challenges are there for you to keep
1368s going through them you just won't get
1370s that multiplier another artifact of the
1372s past is that these all say 2x on them so
1374s i know some people have already done the
1375s math to try to figure out how long it
1377s would take you to finish the battle pass
1380s those values the xp values haven't
1382s changed i believe we might have brought
1384s the bottom end up so i think 30 is no
1386s longer the minimum it might be 40. i can
1388s clarify all this later or you know you
1390s can just guys can just see it when it
1391s comes out
1392s to change still anyways there's that and
1394s the multipliers are going to be 10x by
1395s default now too so it's going to be much
1397s faster than you would have calculated
1399s based on the release videos teaser video
1403s i do also have information on how long
1405s we expect it to take uh to complete the
1407s battle pass but i'll get that when we
1408s get to that when i get to it in my notes
1411s um
1412s the battle pass can be completed purely
1414s by finishing challenges so you'll never
1415s be asked to pay again after you buy the
1417s battle pass
1418s if you complete the majority of the
1419s battle pass and i think this is up to
1421s like level 57 or somewhere abouts you'll
1424s be refunded for the cost of the battle
1426s pass
1427s throughout the progression through it so
1429s you see in some points on the track we
1431s give you chrome coins those in the end
1433s will total up to be the entire cost of
1434s the battle pass so
1436s theoretically if you buy one battle pass
1438s the first time and you complete all of
1440s them up to that point that you
1442s participate in you will always get your
1444s chrome coins back and be able to buy the
1445s next one at no additional cost it's like
1448s you buy the battle pass once as long as
1449s you don't spend those prom coins you can
1451s keep buying each successive battle pass
1455s and we'll be keeping eye on the progress
1458s uh that everyone makes in the battle
1459s pass if we feel it's taking too long for
1461s too many people we can tweak the xp
1463s multiplier on challenges or the xp
1465s values in the back end and speed things
1467s up for people and that won't require
1468s like a patch or whatever either way
1470s that's right it'll be a change on our
1471s side that just automatically goes out to
1473s everybody when you get new challenges
1474s you'll get the new data and you'll be
1475s able to keep up with everybody else
1477s [Music]
1478s we base the amount of time needed to
1480s complete the ballot pass on someone
1481s being active twice a week for at least
1484s an hour per session
1485s so most of the challenges you get will
1487s be completed when playing normally and
1489s you'll get if you get challenges that
1491s you don't think you complete that option
1492s to reroll is there as well
1494s um i believe right now we give three
1496s degree rules per day and one reroll
1498s changes all of the challenges so if
1501s there's something in that list of five
1502s that or anything in that list of five
1504s doesn't suit what you want to do you
1506s have three chances a day to just
1507s completely get rid of those
1509s um and look for something else that's
1511s more suited to what you might want to do
1515s and i think that's pretty much the
1516s majority of what i have to say about the
1517s challenges at the moment cool um there's
1520s a lot of uh you know one of the notes
1522s you left was there's a lot of really
1523s cool exclusive rewards like war paints
1525s wall sprays replaceables building pieces
1527s emotes
1529s um
1530s yeah uh there's a lot of awesome stuff
1533s in there yeah okay so wall sprays are
1535s new
1536s right yeah it's essentially um a really
1538s quick little r d thing we did where we
1540s were like hey it would be cool to be
1542s able to place decals on the wall or on
1543s the floor or you know just be able to
1545s decorate more so it's kind of just a
1547s little thing you make at the at the dyer
1549s at the dyer station
1551s and uh the bench and you can just spray
1554s uh like an image of a rhino on a wall or
1556s something like sweet nice
1559s oh also item illusions are a really big
1561s thing to talk about yes
1563s we can talk about that let me let me
1565s pull that up actually that's under my
1566s that's under my other stuff but let's
1568s show that off now um and uh we have a
1572s lot of questions and we'll probably
1574s answer i mean not all of them but as we
1576s go through but we may have answer
1577s questions yeah maybe if we have time yes
1580s certainly i think uh and then certainly
1582s we'll work to uh answer questions
1585s or like you know as we as we're
1587s progressing through like our points
1589s hopefully we we are able to answer some
1591s questions that may have already come up
1593s uh but if you see anything particularly
1594s the pertinent of being asked a ton uh
1596s don't be afraid to just bring it up and
1597s we can
1598s be fine with that there's one in
1600s particular that i saw a lot was um if
1601s this is just official or if it's also
1603s private
1604s yeah so the battle pass and the shop
1606s will be on all servers of all types that
1609s will be on official servers private
1611s servers modded servers and single player
1615s no matter where you play you'll be able
1616s to participate in the the battle pass
1619s and purchase things from the shop if you
1620s want to
1621s sweet
1623s um
1624s what we have up right now is actually
1625s the upcoming weapon illusion system um
1629s let's see if i can
1631s just uh actually
1634s to
1635s set that up
1637s okay
1638s so um
1639s we're adding an illusion system to the
1641s game uh and so
1642s at one of the new stations that you can
1644s build i believe it's called the
1646s falmaturgy bench here
1648s you can
1650s make a
1651s weapon look like a different weapon now
1653s there are some restrictions to that uh
1655s they have to be
1656s of a like type so like you can't make a
1659s short sword look like an x or like a
1661s hammer or something like that and i
1663s believe and correct me if i'm wrong you
1665s have to be able to craft the item that
1667s you want to take the appearance of
1669s normally yeah there's a slight caveat
1671s you you do have to be able to craft the
1673s item that you
1675s want to use the appearance of
1676s unless you use one of the illusion items
1678s that we've made so one of the things
1680s that you might get for free in the shop
1682s or in the battle pass will be an
1683s illusion item that
1685s we can just take something we think
1686s looks really rad and people will like to
1688s see or check out and we can make a
1690s version of it that you can use in the
1692s thaumaturgy bench
1694s even if you don't know how to make the
1695s items so here you can see in the video
1697s it says uh you basically
1699s these items aren't compatible i think
1701s yeah because i'm trying to take you
1702s don't know how to well
1703s it's because it's a different type of
1705s weapon so i'm taking that i'm taking a
1706s uh steel i'm taking a steel
1709s short sword and trying to make it look
1710s like the yamata naginata
1712s different types of weapons uh but then i
1715s swap uh i i take the appearance of the
1716s yamata assassin's blade which is a
1718s one-handed sword uh which then can take
1720s the appearance
1721s so that's the only restriction is it has
1723s to be like andy said the same type you
1725s can make any
1726s any two-ended acts look like any
1727s two-handed axe you can make any chess
1729s piece look like any chess piece
1731s all you have to do is know how to make
1732s this bench and know how to make the
1734s items that you want to combine
1739s but uh yeah so that that also so that's
1741s a cool thing that we're going to be
1742s adding and then also like kind of gives
1743s us extra options to like throw in as
1745s goodies yeah here and there also like if
1747s um you know really make some like really
1749s cool weapons in the future something
1751s like that we can just like potentially
1753s just like have the illusion items in
1755s addition to like actual crafting recipes
1756s or something like that just as an
1758s example but this will be a system that
1760s will launch uh with the update uh while
1763s we still have people i wanna uh
1766s throw in one clarification everyone's
1768s just leaving now that's fine at some
1769s point you know
1770s as soon as we start answering more
1772s questions yeah we'll have less people
1773s right but while everyone's still here uh
1775s our monetization expert wanted me to
1777s chime in and say that
1779s uh the the amount of time we base our
1782s play sessions on being one hour is not
1784s one hour doing challenges it's one hour
1787s of a normal play session expecting that
1789s you will
1790s naturally complete the majority of those
1791s uh through normal play
1794s that is good clarification
1797s thank you friend for for that
1800s um
1801s it's okay we've covered
1803s a lot of the stuff at the battle pass a
1804s lot of stuff at challenges illusion
1806s system is there anything else that you
1808s think we're missing before we move on to
1811s the bazaar the bazaar i think it's shop
1814s time i think it is shop time all right
1815s cool
1817s where the heck is it where did i put
1818s that
1823s are you saving the best for last
1825s of course
1827s naturally
1829s okay
1830s this is the black load is bizarre um
1833s fpo stands for placement only it's just
1834s a it's just the placeholder don't worry
1836s about it
1838s work in progress yeah it's all work in
1840s progress yeah it's not some anyway yeah
1842s it just means placeholder uh so yeah
1845s this is this is certainly uh something
1847s that uh
1848s another thing that we've seen plenty of
1850s comments about and so we're hoping to be
1852s able to allay any concerns you might
1854s have about just how
1856s this works
1857s yeah i think one of the biggest things
1859s to touch on is that uh stuff in the shop
1861s doesn't go away forever when it's gone
1863s it does have a timer on it a lot of the
1865s reason we have a shop setup like this
1867s right now is because
1869s the back catalog of items that we have
1871s will not be so extremely large that it
1873s makes a lot of sense to have a lot of
1875s categories where you filter in a lot of
1876s stuff so
1877s in order to be able to get everything
1878s cycled through and have everyone have
1881s their eyes on it it makes more sense for
1883s us to just be able to show a few items
1885s at a time and be able to really showcase
1887s how cool they are because like with a
1889s lot of these you can see we've we've got
1890s some really cool
1892s uh art made to show them off like the
1894s sandstone sandstone set one at the
1897s bottom is uh yeah down here
1900s uh sorry i'm just like
1902s i absolutely love the way this looks and
1904s like i had this image in my head and i
1906s asked for it and got exactly what i
1907s wanted but it's just basically like a
1909s little diorama where we can display all
1911s the stuff that's in the set and have a
1912s building made of the pieces that are
1914s included in it and i think it looks
1916s really cool um but yeah the bazaar
1919s is its own instead of stuff that rotates
1920s in and out
1921s it's different from the battle pass the
1923s items in it won't be battle pass items
1926s you can just snag bundles like cosmetic
1929s armor sets placeables building pieces
1931s emotes and the like
1932s it'll rotate out based on the size of
1934s the preview in the shop so the the big
1937s daddy preview
1938s uh this one lasts 30 days
1940s the medium-sized ones over here
1943s will cycle every two weeks
1944s and the smaller ones like these two over
1947s here rotate every 48 hours
1952s like like we've said before we'll never
1954s sell power in the shop
1955s any items like weapons or armor that you
1957s get from the battle pass
1959s or from the shop will have similar stats
1962s to previous dlc armor and weapons that
1964s you've seen before where they kind of
1965s just sit along that iron tier and then
1967s you get an epic version that you can
1969s make as well it's like the star metals
1970s here or something like that yeah yeah
1972s exactly
1973s so um
1975s yeah that's that's that's the plan when
1977s we don't plan to sell things that
1980s make anyone any stronger through the
1981s battle pass or the shop it's all novelty
1983s it's all cosmetic it's all for fun
1985s and then uh one thing i know that uh
1987s came up also was uh when we rotate items
1990s like they're not gone gone like this
1992s like
1993s the sale of the item or whatever is just
1995s being rotated like items will come back
1997s in rotation
1999s like
2000s as you know
2001s discounted or whatever over time like
2003s it's never going to be like oh if you
2004s don't get this in now and 40 like one of
2006s these small ones like it'll come back at
2008s some point yeah like any other sale like
2011s yeah in the world so i know uh some
2012s people ask too if because we're going to
2014s these like
2016s you know shops and battle pass that we
2017s own if we would still have sales or
2019s discounts but yeah there will be uh
2021s sales on items in
2023s in in the shop and
2025s uh going forward you know you'll see
2027s those marked off i think we i think we
2028s have uh maybe some images as well that
2030s show that discount but we'll see if you
2032s don't see it now you'll see it very soon
2035s yes uh yeah i don't have any i don't
2036s have any of that loaded up here but yeah
2038s i mean eventually y'all will see it so
2040s again yeah like
2042s if something like if something gets
2043s rotated out like it'll come back at some
2045s point so you know you won't you won't
2047s like permanently miss out on anything
2049s that's like shown here
2052s hope that helps um
2054s cool great
2056s that's a lot of nitty-gritty
2057s housekeeping stuff
2059s and a lot of exciting stuff
2061s i know it's like edge of your seat
2062s riveting experience
2063s i guess
2064s before we move on from the shop yeah
2066s stuff there's actually more notes that i
2067s didn't work into yeah stuff that we uh
2070s touched on before so the battle pass we
2072s up will be updated every 90 days
2074s it's right around 13 weeks so all the
2077s previous content will be removed and new
2079s content will be put in its place when
2080s the battle pass goes away
2083s we have to
2084s um
2087s sorry the
2089s seasons that come in sorry nuts the ages
2092s will be in place for usually probably
2094s around two to three chapters
2096s and each chapter is what will be updated
2098s every 90 days
2099s so you have those you know those 13
2102s weeks to get the ball pass get through
2104s everything that's in there
2106s and um
2107s then we'll put another one in its place
2108s and keep going forward with it so that's
2110s kind of the update cadence you can
2112s expect for features as well so whenever
2114s we add that new battle pass like i
2115s mentioned before we'll also be adding
2116s new content new features new things to
2118s do at the same time
2121s um
2121s already touched on battle passes and
2123s challenges being available on all server
2124s types
2126s the battle pass and the shop are
2128s intended to replace the old dlc packs
2130s going forward so
2131s if we make new culture packs or new maps
2133s we'd always like this to be the platform
2135s that we deliver it through i know a lot
2136s of people had that question i think
2138s that's kind of where the question of you
2139s know will i still be able to get things
2140s on sale
2141s yeah yeah yeah um i also have one
2144s question yeah um there is a question if
2147s the balance rewards our accounts per
2149s server
2150s yeah i saw a comment about that on
2151s youtube as well it was literally my next
2153s bullet point oh great i saw a comment on
2155s youtube saying that they hope things
2157s that you pay for will be account bound
2158s and that will be the case anything you
2160s buy that will be available or anything
2162s you buy will be available on any
2164s character you have or ever make so
2166s there's only one slight exception to
2168s this rule and it's if we add free single
2170s use items to the shop or those free
2172s slots in the battle pass you only get to
2174s claim those once per character
2177s but outside of that every other thing
2178s that you ever have
2180s will be with you forever right and if
2182s you make a new character then you would
2183s be able to get that
2185s that one stack or whatever of an item
2187s for example that new character the
2189s consumable things that you claim you
2190s can't get those again so whenever you
2193s say you complete one of the free tiers
2194s in the battle pass and it gives you a
2196s cool like sword illusion you claim that
2198s on that character and that's the only
2199s time you can claim that okay you can't
2201s go back and start the battle pass again
2202s you get that item once
2204s you get to see it and it's gone after
2205s you're done using it okay
2207s but everything else will always be there
2209s cool and
2210s [Music]
2213s uh something was in my head about it and
2215s i
2215s just i i lose my train of thought every
2217s three seconds last night yeah in the
2219s middle of the night
2220s yeah we'll we'll break we'll wake up in
2222s a cold sweat
2224s that's what i wanted to say and just
2225s like friend like frenetically just like
2227s tweet
2229s rogue on the exiles account
2231s oh i i actually did remember
2234s we added a new tab in um what you guys
2236s know now is the feats menu we've renamed
2238s the knowledge menu to make it more
2239s streamlined with the rest of the
2241s language around the system so we added a
2244s new category in the knowledge menu
2245s that's
2246s called ancestral knowledge that has all
2248s of the stuff that you'll ever get from
2249s the shop and the battle pass all in one
2251s place oh cool so you'll see when you
2252s make a new character that you have all
2253s that stuff ready to go right out of the
2255s gate
2258s very good
2259s nice and streamlined i like it i think
2262s that hits all my bullet points for for
2263s all of these sweet yeah any were there
2265s any hot questions that we wanted to try
2267s and answer real quick before we get into
2270s the good stuff oh yeah how do we feel i
2273s mean there's there's one question that's
2274s like uh not it basically is the update
2277s going to come out to pc and console at
2279s the same date
2281s that's our plan at the moment so
2283s as we've done most recently in the past
2285s we're trying to keep everything in
2286s parity um so that's what we're pushing
2289s for yeah yeah i mean like and like
2291s unforeseen things can and often do
2293s happen so like
2295s you know
2297s the intent is that we'll make sure that
2298s it's all like released all at the same
2300s time but you know if something comes up
2301s that we're not like
2303s we didn't see ahead of time like you
2304s know we'll let you know of course we'll
2306s keep you updated on anything like that
2309s cool great all right what's next what's
2311s next what's your next smash watch this
2313s okay what um what do we want to talk
2316s about next magic okay
2318s we can do that it's time it's time folks
2320s wow
2322s um
2323s so yeah
2325s the next update
2326s as you might have guessed by this point
2328s with it being titled the age of sorcery
2330s what could it mean it includes
2333s sorcery
2334s [Laughter]
2336s it's vader time oh yes it's time because
2339s i just choked twitch chat
2341s um
2342s so yeah uh
2344s sorcery was a really important uh like
2346s feature that we wanted to uh work into
2348s conan excels for a very long time
2351s um
2352s it was uh it was one of our old uh
2355s og promised features from back in early
2357s access and uh where we're finally able
2359s to make good on that promise
2362s and we took a lot of care to make sure
2364s that sorcery in conan exiles is
2366s represented
2368s in the way
2369s uh as accurate as possible to howard's
2371s original work so like
2372s um you know historically throughout the
2375s conan like uh fiction
2378s uh
2379s it tends to be much more like so like
2381s the world itself tends to be much more
2382s like a low fantasy fair
2385s yeah very dark uh sorcery in general
2388s tends to be relatively seldom seen
2390s uh and is considered exceptionally
2392s dangerous to both
2394s people being affected by it and perhaps
2396s the caster or user
2398s if they're not experienced in their
2399s craft or if they're careless or reckless
2402s um and as as with many things regarding
2406s you know once you get a taste of
2408s you know extra dimensional power when
2410s you have like the fab fabric of reality
2412s like at your fingertips
2414s uh
2415s power is addicting and so you just want
2417s more and so oftentimes sorcerers in the
2419s fiction are
2421s depicted as like power hungry one might
2425s say corrupt one might say corrupted
2427s indeed uh where's this thing that i had
2429s hold on you're telling me there's no
2431s broomstick riding no there's no
2433s broomstick riding uh there will not be i
2436s and so like also just keep in mind that
2437s we uh like sorcery and conan exiles will
2440s not feature like walking artillery units
2443s you know you're not going to be
2445s launching where the heck sorry i'm sorry
2447s i'm looking through this thing right now
2448s and i can't talk about it anyway yeah
2450s yeah yeah that's a really important
2451s thing with sorcery and exiles and or
2454s rather in howard's universe is
2456s you know
2458s we don't want you to be replacing combat
2460s in exiles with sorcery so i know there's
2463s also been a lot of concerns that
2466s this will turn into you know high
2468s fantasy spell flinging duels and
2470s swords and and bows and everything will
2472s be pointless but that goes against our
2476s our like the cloth we're cut from right
2479s like everything about exiles is meant to
2482s be intimate bloody melee combat and that
2485s doesn't change even if you're a sorcerer
2487s there are things that you can do from
2488s farther away that can influence combat
2491s but at the end of the day
2492s you've got to get in there and you've
2494s got to chop stuff down just like any
2496s barbarian would because that's the
2497s nature of the universe yeah and that's
2499s what we try to keep true in the sorcery
2501s system as well
2502s and so um yeah sorcery is in the world
2506s also typically depicted as sort of like
2508s an evil dark art
2510s and uh you know historically in fiction
2513s as well you know we know
2515s certain characters certain notable
2516s characters throughout the universe have
2518s uh
2520s done all sorts of fun things
2522s with sorcery so uh the the picture
2524s behind us also the green picture is uh
2526s is actually artwork from our uh legacy
2528s mmo age of conan featuring uh tothamon
2531s and of course this is uh falsely doom
2534s from the classic arnold conan movie
2537s uh but that's yeah to kind of give an
2540s example of like
2541s the sort of like kind of mood
2544s that you can expect when it comes to you
2546s know mastering or you know taking the
2548s dive into sorcery um
2551s yeah like you said like you're not going
2553s to be throwing magic missiles or like
2555s light spells or whatever no no truth
2557s yeah we we um one of the design kind of
2560s directions that i gave one one of the
2562s tenants that when we started was that
2564s sorcery should not be a replacement for
2566s melee combat we knew that when we made
2568s it it should be
2570s different means to similar ends so there
2573s will be different tools that you can use
2574s in the in
2576s the course of your game
2578s much more nefarious and evil tools than
2580s the ones that you currently have but
2582s there'll be alternative ways to approach
2584s similar problems and solve those
2587s problems and ways to use people
2591s as the means to that end right
2593s uh that's that's kind of the mo for
2595s sorcerers and in howard's universe is
2598s they don't mind taking a couple people
2600s and cutting them down if it means
2601s advancing their own power yep
2603s so you can actually see behind us uh
2605s behind nicole here actually is uh no not
2607s i'm always on the way no no it's fine
2609s it's we're all in the way but yeah this
2611s is this is like a sacrificial altar that
2612s you can then chain someone up to and
2614s then take their blood or steal their
2616s soul essence
2617s um maybe later we'll have a specific dlc
2620s that has uh our our models in as as
2623s sacrificial altars the argyle sacrifice
2626s yeah yeah yeah instead oh yeah instead
2628s of like body pillows we sell like dev
2630s sacrificial altars
2632s yeah that makes sense yeah i can i can
2634s just hear my ceo like ready to teleport
2637s behind me and break my neck right now
2638s yeah yeah
2640s um so yeah let's show off some examples
2643s of some of the sorcery that you may be
2644s able to cast
2646s um so this is actually also a
2648s uh example of exactly how the
2651s um sorcery system actually like
2653s functions in the game and how you cast
2655s uh or invoke various sorceries so can
2657s you walk us through some of the world
2658s yeah i can give some context as well so
2660s whenever you start playing the game
2662s you'll encounter sorcery kind of
2664s organically
2665s uh part of the story
2667s that is being told is that sorcerers
2669s have been
2670s uh kind of almost almost in a pilgrimage
2672s style fashion sent out
2674s uh
2675s into different camps in the world and
2677s you'll encounter the sorcerers and and
2679s when you when if and when you take them
2681s down you might find a mysterious map and
2684s the map will lead you to somewhere in
2686s the world that will lead you to find a
2689s uh scary old tome
2691s and that tone contains power the the
2694s essence of the correct corrupted power
2696s that
2696s lets you cast magical spells and perform
2698s rituals and
2701s what you're doing whenever you read that
2702s tone is you're learning a a language and
2705s we call these the words of power
2707s the words of power are used to construct
2709s construct spells so andy if you can
2712s actually
2713s snap back to that video of casting again
2717s whenever you're looking at this
2720s set of uh stones that's coming up what
2722s you're actually seeing is a
2723s representation of those words
2725s and you put the you put those words and
2727s syllables together to build a phrase
2729s that casts a spell
2731s so the words of power are at the or
2733s they're an ancient
2736s you know mysterious language that at at
2738s the core of its being gives you the
2740s ability to perform this magic because
2742s you've kind of absorbed that knowledge
2744s in in learning it um
2747s so
2749s once you've gone out you learn the
2751s system to unlock the words i'm not going
2753s to spoil it all now because what fun
2755s would that be but you know you figure
2757s out how to learn all the words
2758s you start to unlock more and more
2759s sorceress power and you get more and
2762s more spells along the way you'll see
2763s more of those options appear whenever
2765s you're casting spells or you'll learn to
2767s craft more things and you just have more
2770s tools and options available
2773s one thing that also
2775s um you can see in the top right corner
2777s my character has
2779s a lot of corruption
2781s and you'll see actually corruption is uh
2782s is now inexorably tied to sorcery in the
2786s game now
2787s um so each
2789s various spells cause additional
2791s corruption buildup on your character up
2793s to a maximum of fifty percent corruption
2796s as it's currently
2797s uh and different different spells will
2799s increase your corruption by different
2800s amounts you can kind of see on this
2802s example here like
2803s uh obviously these values might be
2805s subject to change but you can see here
2806s like 20 corruption like so
2808s uh casting the spell i believe this one
2810s requires 20 requires i'm so sorry i'm so
2813s sorry so there's kind of different power
2814s tiers of spells as well and
2817s as you go into those higher power tiers
2819s they require more complex reagents to
2821s cast a spell that's an important thing
2823s to know is that casting spells does
2824s require reagents because we wanted to
2826s feel more ritualistic
2828s we wanted to feel slower paced and not
2830s like an action game where you're just
2832s pushing a button on the hot bar and
2834s flinging a spell out it should feel like
2836s a ritual so
2838s going to the world and collecting
2839s reagents
2840s collecting the things you need to learn
2842s how to do the spells all of that is part
2844s of making it feel more
2846s premeditated more calculated right very
2848s much so yeah
2849s and as you cast spells they generate
2851s corruption on your character they make
2853s you more corrupt because magic at score
2855s is inherently evil
2857s in howard's universe there is no good
2859s magic
2860s all the magic that makes you more evil
2862s makes your corruption increase
2864s and you can cast more powerful spells
2866s the higher your corruption is so some of
2868s the more powerful spells that you've
2869s seen in the trailer already like flying
2871s the bat demon for an example
2874s it requires a much higher level of
2876s corruption so
2877s if you want to be able to do that you
2879s are going to have to risk your body and
2882s you know give your health away as part
2885s of the trade-off for being able to use
2886s this power
2888s and then you'll see in a bit too um well
2891s i mean uh
2892s having a ton of corruption also causes
2894s your character to have
2896s very visible
2897s uh your character starts to suffer like
2899s very visible side effects yes
2901s for for allowing that corruption within
2903s your body um
2904s this is independent of sorcery as well
2906s but we added a really cool effect on the
2908s character that makes them become more
2909s gaunt and pale
2911s and you know
2912s their veins start to stand out more with
2914s like a black and blood looking kind of
2916s effect inside them and
2918s it's really cool and we've also added a
2920s spell on top of that because i know a
2922s lot of people play the game and they
2923s they want to do magic and they don't
2924s want to look nasty so we also added a
2926s spell that actually lets you hide
2929s that effect as well and you can turn
2931s that on and off it actually i believe it
2933s lasts forever until you cancel it
2935s damn
2937s yes this is the effect of being fully
2939s corrupted yeah and then this is me very
2941s conspicuously cropping the video so you
2943s don't see the dev casting window and
2945s then there you go
2948s now you're not gross and nasty anymore
2949s you're a
2951s in your sky sorcerer you're a totally
2952s normal person cool and good um
2957s [Laughter]
2959s all right let's show a couple more
2960s things i don't know if you would know
2961s this dennis but someone was saying like
2964s doesn't sources tie into the braces at
2966s all like as in like
2968s something about you can't do sorcery
2970s stuff if you have bracelet
2971s or is that it is part of the story
2974s um
2975s i guess i won't divulge too much of it
2977s myself
2978s but i'll give you the high level
2980s the high level is there's a new shadowy
2982s sneaky figure in the exiled lands
2985s he has found a way to cast magic despite
2987s the bracelets
2989s and beyond that i think i'll leave it up
2991s to our
2993s creative lead
2994s or our content lead matt
2996s to give more details
2999s sorry i will i will try to talk louder
3001s i'm sorry oh sorry you're fine
3004s okay
3005s yeah maybe i shouldn't do that
3008s um so i i know we'll talk more about
3011s this probably but someone had a question
3013s about um
3014s regards to
3015s the impact that 3.0 will have on modding
3018s um i don't know if we were going to
3019s touch on that later or i could talk
3021s about it a little bit now but sure
3024s one big thing is we do have a relatively
3026s large window of time prepared for
3028s modders to be able to get their mods
3030s ready
3031s um i can't say exactly how long it will
3033s be because that might give away
3035s or or set precedent for what we expect
3037s our launch date will be and also our
3039s test live date
3041s um but
3042s we will go to test live we will have a
3044s version of the dev kit that'll be ready
3046s to update mods
3047s and there there will be ample time for
3050s people to update mods before the game
3051s goes live
3053s on top of that the mod ability of the
3054s systems involved in sorcery
3057s is
3058s high so we wanted we knew that when we
3060s made this other people would either want
3062s to strip stuff out of it or add their
3063s own or you know change it create their
3065s own spells it's all moddable
3069s um and sorry it's gonna be available on
3071s sipta as well like yeah that's right
3073s yeah everything that you see in 3.0 in
3075s this age of sorcery update will be on
3077s both maps
3081s great great what we're seeing here is
3083s one of the uh
3084s uh spell called darkness which uh
3086s creates a localized uh like
3089s darkness for the lack of better term uh
3091s and also spawns a whole bunch of these
3093s uh spider webs all around uh throughout
3095s the area which can cause uh character to
3098s become ensnared you can use local light
3100s sources for your character to see
3101s through the darkness like this torch or
3103s maybe the wisp that you saw earlier
3105s and if you step out of the area you can
3107s still see the area of effect and where
3108s the darkness was cast off in the
3110s distance and as you approach it you will
3113s simply walk back into the darkness until
3115s the effect ends and it lasts
3117s like a minute or two or something
3118s something along those lines right now
3120s yeah some more cool details about this
3121s spell actually are that there is local
3123s light on your character that lets you
3124s see in the darkness better than other
3126s people seeing it
3127s and if their npc is in the darkness area
3129s when you cast it they'll actually start
3131s to cower in fear and you can kind of go
3133s through and start to dismantle camps and
3134s kill things and take it apart
3136s methodically instead of just hitting one
3138s guy and aggroing everything in a half
3140s mile radius
3143s uh and kind of to touch on your uh part
3145s about uh making sure that source view
3147s feels like you it's something that you
3148s want to like pre-meditate and calculate
3151s because because of the kind of casting
3153s time or the process like you definitely
3154s kind of want to do these things a bit
3156s ahead of time and also some spells will
3158s when you cast it uh at least one in my
3160s experience i saw
3162s i was i was a ways away from some mobs
3164s that uh weren't daggering me and as soon
3166s as when i cast the spell they're like
3168s you and they started running at me the
3170s one that you used was specifically to
3172s detect to like
3174s get the attention of enemies
3175s that one yes yeah so but i did that with
3178s invisibility too and i cast invisibility
3180s and the grey ones were like and they
3181s just immediately came after me because i
3183s was too close to that one i cast oh yeah
3184s so maybe that was a bug i don't know
3185s invisibility does give you it does
3188s decrease the senses of enemies around
3189s you as well
3191s you can get closer to them but you can't
3194s get right in their face if you get too
3195s close they will still attack you gotcha
3198s uh yeah i was gonna someone was from
3200s chat was wondering if uh spells stack at
3202s all so if you cast darkness and then
3203s invisibility or some spells do some
3205s spells don't so there are big ones that
3207s are big environmental changes like we
3209s have a a lightning storm that will just
3212s blast
3213s lightning bolts down at enemies below we
3215s have that darkness spell
3217s uh we have another one called call of
3219s the dead that raises this deathly fog
3221s out of the ground and zombies will fight
3223s alongside you those big ones that have
3225s an impact on the environment
3227s are specific
3229s to one area if someone casts the
3231s lightning storm and you cast a call of
3233s the dead underneath it the lightning
3234s storm will go away because we can only
3236s allow one major environmental spell in
3238s the area but if you cast darkness and
3240s you cast invisibility yeah you can run
3241s into darkness invisible
3243s sweet
3246s ah let's see here let's show off this
3248s bad boy
3251s so talking about other things that can
3252s affect the environment uh as well uh
3254s there's uh there's this fun one called
3257s the ice bridge which has some really i
3258s think some interesting technical ads oh
3260s yeah implications uh of course i'm up
3262s here on this ridiculous height uh just
3264s to
3265s show an example of how
3267s one could use like a really basic
3268s example of how one could use an
3270s icebridge to cross a chasm for example
3273s uh the icebridge is destructible as far
3276s as i'm aware um and so
3278s yeah you can you can blow up an enemy
3280s one if you want
3281s um
3282s yeah you can just whack it with a weapon
3284s if an enemy puts an icebridge up you can
3286s smack it and strike it down
3288s similarly with the bat demon um by the
3290s time you guys get it it'll it'll be
3292s working the way it's supposed to be
3294s right if you shoot someone on a bat
3295s demon with an arrow it'll knock them off
3297s right away cool yes
3299s and npcs can hit people on the bat demon
3301s pretty consistently as well uh
3303s i was testing it at the little undead
3306s camp next to the uh sinkhole the other
3308s day and nice the archers there were just
3310s annihilating me with life nice very good
3313s uh and then as far as i'm aware we don't
3315s have any plans to wipe servers right no
3317s no i don't think so no everything that
3319s we put in will just be an addition on
3321s top of the game that's already there it
3322s won't change anything about uh
3325s you know
3326s your character itself at a fundamental
3328s level that requires wipe or your base at
3330s a fundamental level
3331s um when we get back into the perkin
3333s attribute revamp later one thing to talk
3335s about is like we will do an attribute
3337s wipe
3338s so
3339s whenever you log in it will tell you
3340s your attributes have been reset and you
3341s can just automatically go and set them
3343s back up
3345s yeah we'll talk about the the specifics
3347s of the perk like revamp as well in uh
3350s just a little bit uh here i'm showing
3351s off uh uh one of the sorceries called
3354s detect resources which basically gives
3356s you like a map hack that shows you uh
3359s all sorts of uncommon or like mindable
3361s resources in a pretty wide area
3364s um
3367s and so you can use this like if you if
3368s you're in a particularly like mineral
3370s dense area for example and you don't
3371s know you want to see what like all the
3373s all the bits were
3374s uh you can use that to
3377s see what's going on with that yeah each
3379s resource has a different color and a
3381s little effect that appears so you can
3382s learn the colors or in the silhouettes
3383s and know what you're seeing
3388s this fun little lad is a demonic portal
3391s this is one of the new buildings that
3392s you can uh create
3394s with the update yeah this is one of my
3396s favorite things i love the effect
3399s what does it do
3400s so it's a personalized fast travel
3402s system you don't need to absolutely rely
3405s on the map room to get around and for
3407s people play on sipta and modded maps
3409s especially
3410s this will be you know a great way to be
3411s able to actually move around the map
3414s it acts as like a placeable any other
3415s replaceable or crafting station you
3417s would put in your in a base so you'll
3420s have to maintain it it'll have to have
3421s you know land claim and decay rules
3423s applied to it
3425s uh but basically any any number of these
3428s that you create for your clan
3430s will be able to access each other and
3434s when you step inside the portal some
3435s stones will appear and show you the
3437s names of the the buildings of you as
3440s you've placed them out and the stones
3441s actually point to those buildings in
3443s space so if i'm at new river and i'm
3446s looking one of the volcano the stone
3447s will be pointing north toward the
3449s volcano
3450s and you know it'll give you an
3451s indication of which direction you're
3452s going whenever you go from point a to
3454s point b and you can link multiple of
3456s these together any any that your clan
3458s builds will all be linked together sweet
3463s uh so that's just a little taste of some
3465s of the sorceries to come
3466s um
3468s i do want to then move into talking a
3470s little bit about how corruption or so so
3473s moving into the perk system which we
3475s just mentioned
3477s uh there will also be
3479s the ability to corrupt your perks and in
3481s addition to that so first we're going to
3483s show
3484s kind of give a little context of
3486s the
3487s upcoming prick revamp and then also show
3488s you an example of what corrupting those
3491s perks actually looks like
3494s so first we're going to show this off
3496s here actually let me
3498s a quick edit
3501s and then nope
3504s and then that
3506s showing off the new perk system so um as
3508s that is said
3510s you're loot you're gonna not lose all
3511s your but you're gonna have all your
3512s perks or all your all your attributes
3514s reset
3515s and then you'll be greeted now with this
3517s updated uh perk window uh some of the
3520s names are
3522s um out of date in this video at the time
3524s that it was taken i believe charisma is
3525s now called leadership
3527s as of the most recent uh like internal
3529s build as far as i know uh and i don't
3531s know about
3532s building but that should be
3536s anyway not again still undeveloped so um
3539s one of the main goals of the perk revamp
3541s was to this is actually important what
3543s it's actually important to talk about
3545s the leadership
3546s yeah
3547s so yeah because there's a lot of people
3548s that pointed this out savage is gone yes
3551s yeah
3552s but the new names actually bring savage
3554s back yeah
3556s charisma is now authority authority so
3559s that becomes the a where grit is now
3562s grit moves down
3563s and craftsmanship is
3566s something that starts with an e
3569s we just changed these names a couple of
3571s days ago so it's really hard for me to
3573s yeah
3574s yeah
3575s uh maybe maybe if quaglon's watching he
3577s can drop me the expertise
3580s oh is it expertise i think it is okay
3582s that makes sense yeah so savages is bad
3584s so everyone that was sad to see savage
3585s gone savage is back
3587s okay savage right savages right because
3590s we did cut we did cut survival
3592s right right um
3594s i guess there's a ton to talk about with
3595s perks and attributes specifically so is
3598s there anywhere you want to start
3600s gosh i mean i know
3602s so would you like me to start
3604s um
3605s either way it's fine uh i mean i i know
3607s that with the with the revamp one of the
3610s main goals was to
3612s make it more like a one-to-one uh sort
3614s of experience where like each level you
3617s get you get one
3618s attribute point that you're gonna put in
3620s so that makes i mean that makes things a
3622s lot easier in my eyes um
3624s to like kind of plan your builds better
3626s or like calculate your builds better
3629s and in addition to that while
3631s streamlining the process
3633s um you can see here that we are also now
3635s adding a
3637s choice of perks when you level up your
3640s attribute
3641s sufficiently um so in in strengths
3644s example here
3645s um you get you know you see everything
3647s up okay my hand cut off you see
3649s everything at the very top and then you
3650s get the choice
3651s and then you know when you get the third
3653s perk you get to choose that and then the
3654s fourth one is another choice and you can
3656s see the the choosing option here
3658s um
3659s and that goes for for all the attributes
3661s uh on the list
3663s um
3664s is there anything else that i'm missing
3665s here
3666s yeah i mean you pretty much touched on
3668s it the whole the whole idea here is to
3670s really shake up what's available in
3671s terms of character customization and
3673s progression and make it easier to plan
3675s for stuff so that's why we went down to
3677s you know 60 points total because level
3679s cap is still 60. you get one point every
3681s time you level now it's easier to plan
3683s out how you can build stuff do i want to
3685s do like
3686s you know and max out two of them and
3688s then have two it at 10 points each or do
3690s i want to split one of those tens into
3692s two fives
3693s and we tried to make the the choices
3696s at the 10 and 20 level a hard choice to
3699s make so you're really deciding between
3701s like two very you know impactful things
3704s whenever you get to those those points
3706s and we hope that that leads to a lot of
3708s variety and builds and
3709s you know right now when you play there's
3711s kind of like three builds that you might
3712s use depending on which activity you're
3714s doing and for the most part it's pretty
3715s fixed
3716s um so changing this and allowing more
3718s customization a little more
3719s personalization i think will you know
3722s make you feel more like you own your
3723s character and it'll it'll let you do
3725s more of the stuff you want to do instead
3727s of just doing what's there because
3728s there's no option
3729s yeah like allowing for uh like really
3731s giving you the option to like
3734s each of those perk choices like you said
3736s is like very uh i want to say that we're
3737s like specialized so it's like the two
3739s like really powerful options
3742s um but you know of course picking one
3743s locks you out of the other one until you
3744s respec
3745s uh and so yeah you have to like you know
3747s make a make one of those hard decisions
3749s that i like to make when i'm min-maxing
3751s my character i think i'm investing my
3752s character like which which direction i
3754s want to go yeah um we have some
3756s questions on like how weight or
3758s encumbrance is happening
3760s uh so it's actually built into that
3762s expertise perk by default which is
3764s craftsmanship on this screen that's
3766s definitely yes yeah so but we added
3769s minor bonuses to all the attributes as
3771s well so if you invest in strength you'll
3773s also get some more encumbrance as well
3775s too because obviously it makes sense
3776s that someone who's more strong should be
3778s able to carry more right so encumbrance
3780s will still be on that it'll be on that
3781s bottom attribute that you see here
3784s we increase the amount of encumbrance
3786s that you get per point and this actually
3788s goes to
3789s towards all of the attributes like the
3791s amount of strength that you get at the
3792s end of spending 20 points in strength
3795s now is similar to the amount that you
3797s would have got from spending 50 points
3799s in the old system it's just squashed
3801s down so you gain a lot of power a lot
3802s faster it's a little more front loaded
3805s but in the end you'll still reach about
3807s the same amount of power
3809s okay um and two other really quick
3811s questions yeah you may touch on this i
3812s don't know um will armor and weapons
3815s give attribute points
3817s that's important because just looking up
3818s like yeah good call good call yeah it
3821s also goes into this build system as well
3823s so previously uh whenever you put on
3825s armor it would add attributes and then
3827s it kind of muddied the picture of what
3828s you were really spending your personal
3830s development points and because you might
3832s you might not really realize oh i put on
3834s this chest and it gave me strength and i
3836s take it off and now i don't have one of
3838s the perks i had before
3839s so we took the attribute points
3841s themselves off of weapons and armor and
3844s we added the derived stats
3846s so
3846s you can see in this in the strength
3848s preview it says that strength adds
3850s strength weapon damage
3851s and uh
3853s you know additional carry weight
3855s whenever you get a piece of armor that
3857s would have had strength before now it'll
3859s have strength weapon damage so you get
3861s what the stat what is derived from that
3863s stat on the armor piece directly instead
3865s of getting the attribute which then
3867s gives you the stat
3869s at the end of the day you're getting the
3870s same stuff but the the picture of what
3873s your attribute points are spent
3875s doing is much more clear
3879s and then are people's attributes going
3880s to be reset upon up once the update's
3883s out or i assume yeah but okay when you
3885s log in you'll get a pop-up it'll be like
3887s the first thing you see that your
3888s attributes have been reset and then you
3890s can just go right back into the menu and
3892s start fishing out what you want to spend
3893s them on yeah
3894s uh also of note uh we are also going to
3898s be uh resetting a lot of binds i think
3900s uh with the update yeah i believe that's
3903s it's important housekeeping yeah we have
3904s yeah because a lot of things have
3906s changed in terms of input and how you
3908s control the game
3909s as far as like specifically building is
3912s one of the big ones
3914s but along with that we've made changes
3916s that let you
3917s kind of double bind inputs or customize
3919s your bindings a lot more so like right
3921s now if you
3923s don't want the crouch button to make you
3925s let go when you're climbing you can
3927s change just the stop like the stop
3930s climbing button
3931s and crouch and have those be separate
3932s buttons so we decoupled everything and
3935s made a lot more customization available
3937s but as a result we need to
3939s set everybody back to the beginning so
3940s there's no confusion about
3942s uh why is this button opening a menu
3945s and like crafting an item and making me
3949s jump all at the same time or you know
3950s whatever wacky bindings might occur if
3953s we didn't reset them yeah so
3956s sorry in advance but yeah just just know
3957s that you'll have to redo a lot of your
3959s binds and just so you know yeah this all
3960s this stuff like all the opening your
3962s attributes your inventory all that uh
3964s it's tabbed now
3965s oh yeah
3966s whoa no more eye to open the inventory
3969s it's it's you know a little more
3971s keyboard friendly being that i has a
3973s keyboard button we changed it all the
3974s tab to open but i mean it's right that's
3976s more organized exactly
3979s yeah yeah yeah muscle memory i know is a
3981s very powerful thing but yeah so the all
3983s that stuff you see at the top there will
3984s yeah just be opened up with the uh tab
3986s button now i think the defaults too are
3988s that you can i think it's shift q and
3990s shift e to switch between the tabs at
3991s the top okay cool so you don't tab
3993s through the tabs once you open the menu
3995s you have other shortcuts to go through
3996s those menus
3998s sweet
4000s thank you thank you and then um
4002s real quick also
4004s we had mentioned that there will also be
4006s a way to corrupt your perks
4010s yeah people are really a lot of
4012s questions about uh bow builds like
4013s accuracy and how that is now
4016s changed yeah that's an important thing
4017s good question uh so we took all the
4019s weapons in the game and we put them in
4021s one of two categories a weapon is now
4023s either primarily a strength weapon or an
4025s agility weapon so if you want to be a
4028s character that is primarily you know an
4030s agile
4031s sneaky jerk who runs around and stabs
4033s things in the back you don't even need
4035s to invest in strength anymore if you
4036s don't want to
4038s you can just invest in agility and then
4040s spend the rest of your points in all the
4041s utility and survival based things and
4043s the other attributes
4046s that being said you can invest in
4047s strength and if you do you'll get about
4049s an extra 10 damage on top but the vast
4053s majority of the damage for those agile
4055s weapons will come from agility those are
4057s included as agile weapons
4059s and you will get increased damage from
4061s increasing agility there is no more as
4063s you can see no more accuracy attribute
4065s it's all rolled into agility together so
4067s over clapping so many people are like
4068s i'm a sneaky jerk yeah me too roger by
4071s the way sorry guys
4073s i'm just a i'm just a jerk period
4078s i'm i'm more of the the
4081s yeah yeah
4082s and you can get strength out as much as
4084s you want hell yeah and you know be just
4086s as strong as you were before if you also
4088s put points into agility just like
4090s agility gets more damage from strength
4092s strength is more damage from agility as
4093s well there's about an extra 10
4096s shave there you can get
4098s but it comes at a cost because if you
4099s spend those full 20 points into agility
4101s just to get a little more damage you
4103s lose a lot of utility and vitality grit
4106s um you know all the other attributes
4108s have a lot to offer you'll find
4113s sweet
4114s i'm gonna talk now about a little bit of
4116s a corrupted perks oh yeah so in addition
4119s to this new perk system uh and tying
4122s into the the um
4124s like increased kind of uh emphasis on
4126s corruption and importance of corruption
4128s like in in like the general gameplay of
4130s conan exiles
4131s once you hit a certain threshold of
4134s corruption on your character you then
4137s gain the opportunity to then corrupt
4138s your perks um
4141s it's it's a little it's cut off by the
4142s the logo at the very top there but
4143s you'll see actually hold on let me
4145s i'm not going to move it around but you
4147s can see the little pop-up pump ups here
4150s little soul remnants yeah these guys
4152s these little little soupy green bottles
4154s those are soul remnants and so
4158s you can use the sacrificial altar which
4160s you saw in our intro screen to throw
4163s someone on there and harvest their soul
4166s and then when you when you take their
4168s soul that becomes a
4170s consumable like reagent to then go ahead
4172s and corrupt your perk of choice and i
4175s believe at least right now in this
4176s example uh each perk point or each
4179s attribute point that you want to add
4180s corrupt
4181s costs one soul remnant so
4184s um
4185s but as you move uh as you corrupt your
4187s attribute you'll notice that the perks
4189s will also change into special
4191s corruption
4193s only
4194s perks
4195s and so yeah we're just showing strength
4197s again in this example but you'll see
4198s that the first
4200s tier of perk from strength transforms
4204s into something that scales with
4206s uh corrupted strength and then the
4208s second option then turns into uh
4210s you know what
4212s no evil villain in the conan world is
4215s complete without a good old kick good
4216s mule kick good old mule kick hell yeah
4219s uh you don't keep your original perk
4220s right it gets overwritten by that's
4221s right you corrupt your body you corrupt
4223s your you know your very self and any any
4226s any attribute your character or your
4229s your person would have had from being
4230s strong before
4231s it's kind of wiped away and replaced
4233s with a little more twisted version yeah
4235s yeah
4236s and sorry
4238s um
4238s when it comes to dancers and
4239s entertainers so what's the deal with
4241s that like things that reduce corruption
4243s yeah so they still do what they did
4245s before
4246s one of the caveats with corrupting
4248s yourself with the attribute system when
4250s when you do corrupt attributes your
4252s character will start to gain
4253s uncleansable corruption so this
4256s character and in the example here
4258s corrupting an attribute halfway would
4259s mean that 25 of their health bar is
4262s uncleansable
4263s you can still gain more corruption
4264s beyond that point you can still go up to
4266s 50
4267s but 25 of that will be removable
4270s if you max out any one of these
4271s attributes fully corrupted you will have
4274s a permanent 50 corruption on your
4276s character which means you can never go
4278s above 50 health
4280s so that's that's the cost that is the
4282s cost of corruption it comes at the cost
4284s of your health the cost of your stamina
4286s but it gives a extreme amount of power
4289s this is kind of really like a glass
4291s cannon build when you max out your
4292s strength like this because you know you
4294s throw all your health away but you start
4296s to do massive damage with that first
4298s corruption perk that lets you deal more
4300s damage the more corruption you have or
4303s the more corrupted your attribute is
4305s and that can be cleansed with uh you
4307s know the standard means any of the
4309s standard potions it will reset your
4310s attributes you could remove the
4312s permanent corruption and and become
4314s cleanseable again
4317s great but yeah if you want to re-corrupt
4319s you know if you want to re-corrupt your
4320s your attributes then you would have to
4322s to harvest more souls to be able to
4324s corrupt your thing go through that
4325s process but yeah you know if you if you
4327s don't you know want to
4329s uh uh
4331s live with the consequences of your
4332s decisions
4333s every every every uh every time you
4336s drain a soul from uh
4338s a thrall it'll give you five soul
4341s lessons so it takes four lives to
4344s corrupt
4344s your body that's that's the price of
4346s maximum corruption is four lives
4349s um
4350s and can you preview the corrupted perks
4353s or you can't preview them right now and
4355s it's pretty much an in theme like an
4357s in-universe themed kind of decision
4358s right like
4360s if if you are dedicated to this dark
4362s magic you kind of trust in that it will
4364s give you the power that you're asking
4367s and i know that there will be a wiki
4368s page up yeah within like a minute within
4371s five minutes of the chess live patch
4372s that has all of them but in terms of the
4374s experience that you get to we want to
4376s make things feel as dark and evil and
4379s you know
4380s like perverse as it can right yeah and
4382s also like capturing that element of like
4385s uh you know you you're appearing behind
4387s the veil or beyond the veil kind of on
4388s your own and kind of experimenting and
4390s meddling with powers that you may not
4391s necessarily fully understand
4393s and so you know part of that uh
4396s mystery yeah yeah part of that mystique
4398s is like oh you don't know exactly what
4399s you're going to get when you corrupt
4400s your body initially uh and that that
4402s kind of philosophy sort of extends to
4404s actual
4405s the very act of casting sorceries when
4407s you invoke those words of power is that
4409s you kind of have to see like like
4411s there's a description of like what's
4412s going on but like it's not like
4414s um
4416s like there's not like an explicit like
4417s chain of things that you just select
4419s that you kind of like as you as your
4420s repertoire
4422s uh expands and you collect more uh
4425s options for your source for i'll say
4427s then you're kind of encouraging like oh
4428s like i just got this new page like
4431s time to test it out and see what the
4433s what the hell does this do and like kind
4434s of yeah sorry see what happens and then
4436s hopefully not like
4438s i don't know have it backfire on your
4439s way i mean probably won't happen but
4441s that's that's the magic will backfire on
4443s you well directly
4445s yes
4446s for now yeah sounds like a great mod
4448s though
4451s cool okay uh
4453s that covers a lot of that
4454s so that is the attribute system uh next
4456s we want to talk a little bit about the
4459s building system i know you guys have a
4460s ton of questions um we'll we'll try to
4464s answer some at the end if we can
4466s uh we also have we still have a lot more
4468s to go through too yeah we're yeah most
4471s we're nearing the end of our initial
4472s notes um
4474s but yeah we'll we'll a lot for a fair
4477s amount of time to be able to answer like
4478s whatever questions and
4480s concerns that you might have either you
4481s know either from before today or after
4484s watching this if you have anything else
4485s that you wanted to ask we'll try to uh
4488s make some time for that
4489s gonna switch to us talking heads over
4491s here
4492s uh and so one of the other features
4494s coming up is the creative mode uh you
4496s might have seen a little bit of that in
4497s our trailer um but it is
4500s uh the main thing to keep the main thing
4501s about that is that um
4503s all the entire building system is
4506s essentially now housed within a new
4508s craftable item simply called the
4509s construction hammer uh it's a very
4511s simple item to craft uh it costs
4514s like a little bit of water stone or
4515s something like that just extremely basic
4517s materials and then once you craft that
4519s and equip it like a weapon
4521s it is through that that you will be able
4522s to access
4523s um
4524s all your building materials all your
4526s various options that you have
4529s um and in addition to that they'll be
4532s uh like one touch the contextual options
4535s where like you can just like
4536s i think by default it's like you press
4538s right mouse button on your mouse
4540s and it just automatically switches to
4543s the delete brush so you can just like if
4545s you placed a bunch of stuff down and you
4546s made a mistake you can just hit right
4547s click
4548s delete and then hit right click again
4549s and then go back to billy and then
4551s um if you
4553s uh
4554s like let's say you're like you know
4555s building building up a bunch of walls
4558s and
4559s uh you think oh like i want to add a
4560s couple details in this corner like you
4561s might switch over to one thing you know
4563s let's say you put down a brazier and
4564s then you want to go back to building
4565s walls uh by default on pc you just press
4568s middle mouse button on like
4570s whatever thing that you want to
4572s go back to building you hit middle mouse
4574s button and then it you'll see a little
4575s button like above your um
4577s hot bar but it'll then
4579s select whatever you pressed
4581s as like your selected building item and
4582s then you can go back to like building
4583s walls for example and then that that
4585s also works with other placeables like
4587s razers and and all that
4589s yeah and anything you put down that
4590s could be built through the menu you just
4592s look at it press middle mouse or r3 and
4593s you select that piece with it i can't
4596s express how fast it is it's so nice it's
4598s so much nicer for everybody it's better
4600s for mouse and keyboard it's better for
4602s gamepad like objectively
4605s it's so nice yeah and then hand in hand
4607s with that also is the new creative mode
4609s which you can then uh i believe you have
4611s to be admin to be able to access that
4615s but whatever yeah so what it does is it
4617s um it clears out a bunch of unnecessary
4620s ui elements because it turns you
4622s invulnerable
4623s uh you are cannot be detected or
4625s attacked by hostile npcs
4627s uh and so yeah it removes your health
4629s bar uh stamina bar a bunch of other
4632s different elements you can get building
4633s yeah so you get more screen space and
4634s then yeah you get you learn every single
4636s recipe
4637s uh like building recipe in the game
4639s instantly
4640s uh you can build unlimited numbers of
4642s them
4643s uh and then there is a toggle fly mode
4645s where if you double tap space or double
4647s tap jump yeah you toggle between free
4649s flight mode
4651s and being able to walk around yeah and
4653s then of course of all the other
4654s um like shortcuts that are available
4656s through the construction hammer are also
4658s available in creative mode so like uh if
4660s you want to just like fly around and
4661s while you you know build up something
4662s like you can just yeah select select
4664s some walls and build some things up and
4665s then
4666s uh you know go go select a torch with
4668s middle mouse and then add a few torches
4670s and then just like hit a button to open
4671s up the window and select which other
4673s building pc one put a bunch of those up
4674s and use your shortcuts to kind of swap
4676s between each one and then like fly
4679s around it really quickly if you want to
4680s get back inside and like get a quick
4682s detail like you can just double tap jump
4683s and
4684s uh drop back in it's easier to
4686s participate in building contests
4690s yeah
4691s the guy in our marketing team that makes
4693s all of the awesome buildings that you
4694s see in our trailers and everything so
4696s yeah yeah uh sat down last week and
4699s uh i had to see like a suggestion for
4701s him to mix a couple of our building sets
4702s together
4703s and he was like yeah i sat down for
4705s about 15 minutes and threw this building
4707s set together and it looks great i can't
4709s believe how fast the new building system
4711s is so it's
4712s it's it's there's a slight learning
4714s curve when you get into it and you might
4716s be inclined to think oh this is so much
4718s worse but stick with it for like five
4720s minutes and i promise yeah
4723s the very yeah the very first time i got
4725s to play like a test build internal let's
4727s just like like what's going on like my i
4729s didn't really understand what's going
4730s with my binds i think this is before the
4731s binds got wiped too so i was like some
4733s of the things weren't working but
4735s once everything was working the way it
4736s was supposed to be for like you know
4739s doll when you get the hands on this
4740s update i was able to just like build a
4742s whole bunch of examples and just like
4743s have a ton of fun like really fast
4745s um so hopefully you have the same
4747s experience um and touching back on
4750s creative mode right now it is just for
4752s server admin so you do have to have
4753s admin to do that we are working on some
4755s stuff that we plan to come out later no
4757s official release date or anything where
4759s we want to be able to make it available
4760s for anyone on a server so you could
4762s potentially make a creative server and
4764s just say anyone that logs in can toggle
4765s it on and off
4767s um or you know adding that as a setting
4769s and a server uh you know normal complete
4771s your pvp server as well
4773s oh and one note i did i did see a quick
4774s thing a quick question in chat uh it
4776s unlocks every everything that you
4779s that you as a player can build so like
4782s if you don't have a specific dlc or you
4785s know coming up with a specific building
4786s package or something like that owned
4788s then you won't be able to place those
4790s buildings down
4791s until you you know buy the dlc or buy it
4793s from you know or earn it from the battle
4795s pass or buy it from the shop or
4796s something like that i was just in firm
4797s informed the creative mode server
4799s settings already in cool so
4801s yeah the release date's still tbd i
4803s don't know what you want for me
4806s right nice very good
4808s nice yeah i love these live updates that
4810s we're getting on slack here fresh out of
4812s the oven
4813s thanks paul
4815s um
4817s so yeah that's uh that's an exciting new
4819s feature that's also going to be
4819s launching
4820s with this update yeah
4822s um
4823s and then
4825s there's a bunch of other
4827s like i don't want to say miscellaneous
4828s but there's like other like a bunch of
4830s other like quality of life changes and
4831s balance changes that we'll be making of
4833s course
4834s uh with the update lots of bug fixes uh
4836s we are going to start also working on
4839s um
4840s like a bunch of updates to like
4842s followers and thralls like just across
4845s the board um
4847s and this is going to be like a
4848s multi-stage process so when the update
4850s launches i believe like generally
4852s speaking through all hp is going to get
4853s nerfed uh they will have end damage
4856s actually so
4857s generally speaking they'll have less hp
4859s and less damage however
4862s you can strengthen them with the new um
4865s what was what was the new name of the uh
4868s the authority authority yeah so once uh
4871s so now thralls will be directly the
4872s thrall's effectiveness will now be
4874s directly affected by your authority
4876s attribute so increasing that will make
4878s all your followers and thralls and all
4880s that much stronger taking it a step back
4882s we know that the thralls are insane
4884s right now in terms of yes the dam the
4886s potential damage they can deal and the
4887s amount of health they have and it feels
4889s like the thrall is the star of the show
4891s and really when you're playing this
4894s barbarian power fantasy game we want you
4896s to be the star of the show so we've made
4898s some adjustments now and we'll continue
4900s to keep making tweaks and adjustments as
4901s we add updates and quality of life
4903s features but like andy mentioned thrills
4905s will have substantially less health in
4906s this update
4908s uh one of the most notable patch notes
4909s is that uh beastmaster tamos had his
4913s his uh tables adjusted to be correct
4915s there was a little bit of a bug
4916s which led to his absurd health pools how
4918s much did he have like
4920s it's it's tens of thousands at the
4922s moment yeah maxed out with the right
4924s perks
4925s and and now you you'll be lucky to have
4927s him hit like 12 000 which is still an
4930s insane number can i still point out uh
4933s but the changes that we've made are
4934s meant to be safe we don't want to nerf
4936s the game so hard that the content
4938s becomes unplayable or you can't you know
4940s you can't participate in it so we are
4942s taking steps to get
4943s get it to where thralls are less of the
4945s thing in the spotlight and players are
4947s more however that authority attribute is
4949s meant to mitigate that as well so if
4951s you're a person who likes playing with
4952s followers and you and you that's just
4954s the way you like to engage with the game
4957s uh you can you won't gain the health
4958s back that they lost but we did also
4960s reduce their damage by 50 across the
4962s board you can get that damage back
4964s through the attribute and the end like
4966s the capstone perks on there are really
4968s cool you can you can make like a single
4970s thrall substantially stronger or have
4972s multiple thralls
4974s on top of that with sorcery we've added
4976s new systems that like modders will
4978s probably be interested in for the
4980s followers themselves where we can assign
4981s a type to a thrall or a follower a
4984s thrallower
4986s you can change the number of followers
4989s of that type that follow you so if you
4991s want to make a new follower type that's
4992s unicorns make it so 70 unicorns can
4995s follow you
4996s uh you know that's the thing you could
4997s mod in
4998s by default now whenever you raise the
5000s dead with necromancy you can have three
5003s undead followers that'll chase you
5004s around and those zombies will fight for
5006s you on your behalf if you pick that
5008s attribute that adds one to the pool you
5010s can have four undead following you
5012s around doing your bidding for you
5016s great excellent
5017s and then we have other stuff planned uh
5020s for thralls
5021s in a future update beyond this one but i
5024s won't make it in for this specific
5026s update but we do have more planned with
5028s regards to thrall balance and how you
5030s interact with them yeah one one big one
5032s that we're planning to go in with
5034s chapter two
5035s is the down button on out system so
5037s right now there can be a lot of
5038s frustration when you just lose a throne
5040s something happens there was no chance
5042s you could mitigate it as a player the
5043s throw goes down excuse me
5047s um so we've added a system in that we
5049s have internally right now and we're just
5051s testing
5052s um
5053s that the throw will kind of fall on the
5055s ground or the follower if it's a you
5057s know a cat or
5058s whatever they'll go they'll fall down on
5060s the ground you can interact with them to
5062s you know kind of revive them give them a
5064s pat on the back bring them back up to
5065s their feet and they'll come up with some
5067s lessened amount of health keep fighting
5068s with you at some point that breaks and
5070s they will eventually die if they die too
5073s much
5074s um but it's it's really quality of life
5076s for loss mitigation
5078s yeah yeah just giving you an opportunity
5080s to like if something happens just like
5082s way beyond your control you at least
5084s like can can bring back like your
5085s favorite follower or something like that
5087s and pick them back up so that way they
5089s you know if you're just like off doing
5090s something else they just die
5093s mysteriously or something like that you
5094s if you can get back in time i'm assuming
5096s like you can you can revive them but not
5098s quite ready for this update i want to
5100s check yeah it's just like
5102s let us poop and game
5103s please
5107s um okay honest more serious though
5109s someone did have a question about um
5111s what's going to happen with artisan
5112s table
5114s arts and table still exists um
5117s we're still looking at how much we want
5119s to take off the table and slap on to the
5121s build menu so
5123s they might go away they might just get
5125s integrated into the menu into the build
5127s menu entirely
5129s i don't have anything really official to
5130s say
5131s okay cool
5132s and not pooping either i'm assuming
5135s it's not planned for this update cool
5137s good very good
5141s what's next oh also yeah um big feature
5145s grass
5146s yeah there's a grass update at the end
5149s oh okay no i'm just kidding so now can i
5151s touch it when you when you place it when
5153s you place building pieces down now
5155s that pesky pesky grass that would stick
5157s through the foundation well it's finally
5158s yeah it's cool and last
5160s it comes along with that cool thing like
5162s you know the rain changes so it no
5163s longer rains indoors it's all those
5165s little touches that make it feel a
5166s little more real right and clearing out
5168s that grass with building pieces is a
5169s pretty big one yeah having yeah having
5172s all those blades of grass popping
5173s through your your storm glass foundation
5175s stuff like that will be a thing of the
5176s past
5178s yeah it's 20 22 y'all
5180s we're in the future finally we can
5182s finally
5184s we're finally making it so you can't
5185s touch grass you don't touch grass when
5187s you build things
5190s excuse me
5191s pardon
5192s um
5193s okay great and then
5195s we're going to move into just like a
5196s grab bag of various other things that we
5197s wanted to just like talk about kind of
5199s more rapid fire uh this is more like a
5201s general thing um but there'll be some
5203s combat updates uh there will be a new in
5206s combat standing animation that we're
5208s actually kind of excited about uh
5210s characters will no longer permanently
5211s just like be hunched over constantly
5213s with their weapon out like they will
5214s actually stand upright like we finally
5216s gave them a posture check yeah it's just
5218s i think it's a posture check uh but it
5220s is higher up the hips are raised up and
5222s the character stands more upright and
5223s less hunched over so yeah
5225s your character feels like they're a
5226s little more ready for action and a
5228s little less uh
5229s trolly
5230s yeah yeah just like kind of walking
5231s around like oh yeah it's time like
5233s you're not just stalking your prey to
5235s like yeah go hit some
5237s rocks or something there's a lot of
5238s really minor tweaks in there too that i
5240s think you guys will appreciate when you
5241s get your hands on it but um the
5243s character can rotate a little faster
5245s whenever if you're in like controller
5246s movement mode
5248s we updated the animations for that
5250s we made changes to lock on targeting to
5253s make it a little easier to use like
5255s ideally i think it would be great if we
5256s live in a world where the lock-on is you
5258s know worth using and switching between
5260s so depending on the context you have at
5261s the moment you might want to be fixed
5263s fixated on something and smashing it or
5265s you might want to lock off and turn and
5266s go away to dodge something
5268s but the lock on should
5271s place the target in a better space
5273s screen space wise like right now uh in
5276s live whenever you lock onto something it
5278s kind of pushes it to the top of the
5279s screen which makes it so your
5280s character's looking down a lot
5282s we've made some adjustments so it kind
5284s of puts them more eye level and the
5286s camera is a little a little more to the
5287s side
5288s uh while you're locked on your character
5290s can move at full
5292s basically i think it's full or close to
5294s the same speed you can move forward at
5296s so strafe speed has changed and you can
5297s strafe faster left hand right now which
5300s also changes the way you engage with
5301s combat like a lot of enemies that you
5302s had to
5304s kind of eat attacks from before if you
5307s were locked on you might be able to
5308s actually you know step out of the way of
5309s the attack just before it happens now
5311s which feels really good
5314s good
5316s yeah
5317s we'll also be uh in addition to that uh
5319s we'll be making some changes to just
5321s like specific uh balance uh including
5325s addressing mounted combat in pvp
5327s um
5328s so we're going to be adding a
5330s damage multiplier
5332s when you're on the ground versus a
5334s mounted player uh this is a weapon
5336s specific or weapon dependent
5338s uh
5339s basically a stat and so like small
5341s dagger you know small weapons like
5342s daggers will not have much of a
5343s multiplier but like if you have like a
5344s spear for example that will do
5346s significantly more damage stamina damage
5348s stamina i'm sorry to a mounted target
5352s um in addition to that um across the
5355s board uh we are going to be increasing
5357s the stamina costs uh for for all hostile
5360s actions taken on
5362s while mounted uh especially the lance
5366s um
5367s so like i just i saw a lot of people
5369s asking about that yeah specifically the
5370s lance yeah so uh stamina cost will be
5373s increased for the lance uh additionally
5375s uh like during like it's active frames
5377s like when it's out uh that will drain
5378s additional stamina
5380s and then each time you hit or impact
5382s with the lance you will have to like
5385s instead of it just like being out
5386s forever and you're just kind of like
5388s you just turn into the juggernaut just
5389s always like literally have it out
5390s forever um it ends the attack it ends
5393s the attack and then you have to have to
5394s kind of like readjust yourself and
5396s actually like bring it back down again
5397s to then make a follow-up attack so you
5398s can't just like ram
5400s unlimited targets in a single swipe so
5402s yeah the lance acts a lot more like a
5403s power shot on the bow right now how you
5405s hold the button and it holds it out and
5407s your stamina drains but instead of
5409s holding holding the the string drawn
5410s you're holding the lance out and we've
5412s we've addressed uh a majority of the
5415s cases where multi-hits would occur with
5417s the lance as well so
5419s a lot of the reason you die instantly to
5421s lance right now is it can hit you like
5423s 10 times you know in a single frame and
5426s we've we've worked out almost all the
5427s problems with that to where you
5429s shouldn't be taking really substantial
5431s lands damage anymore and then like andy
5433s said once one hit occurs with the lance
5434s you hit anyone with it once it pulls the
5436s lance up again and you have to you know
5438s wait for it to reset and then pull it
5440s back down and have the stamina to use it
5442s again yeah so it should still be a
5443s powerful option but we don't want it to
5444s be like the de facto like meta for
5446s mounted combat and also just not
5448s instantly delete people yeah because of
5450s an unintended like effect
5452s uh and obviously like that's something
5453s that we can pay attention to and like if
5455s if we feel the lance is still like too
5457s powerful or too weak like we can always
5458s make adjustments that's like number
5460s stuff
5461s um and then also the uh
5464s as at least as of the writing of our
5465s notes uh that that mounted damage
5467s multiplier or that that ground to
5469s mounted damage multiplier will also be a
5471s server setting that you can change
5473s uh and so yeah if you want to make it
5475s like extra punishing you can ramp it up
5478s or if you want to just like have it not
5479s be a factor you can also do that
5481s up to you
5482s um we're also going to be doing some
5484s tweaks to some specific weapons uh for
5486s example two-hand spear combo timing has
5488s been adjusted between the third and
5490s fourth attacks the windows shorter so a
5492s little bit more natural um there will be
5494s a
5495s larger dodge window on
5498s several weapons
5499s um and two hand axes are also getting
5502s just kind of an across-the-board damage
5503s buff in addition to a larger dodge
5505s window as well yeah two-handed axes got
5507s a lot a lot of love yeah in terms of
5509s those windows like there were a lot of
5511s two-handed attacks you couldn't cancel
5513s before with dodge and it was
5514s inconsistent with all the other weapons
5516s which you can cancel at almost any time
5517s when you're attacking
5519s so we change axes to be more uniform
5521s with everything else hopefully they see
5522s a little more use
5526s and then we are also making some changes
5528s or adjustments to building health
5530s and so drawbridge health
5533s will be reduced i believe substantially
5535s and then gate frame hp is probably also
5537s going to get reduced a bit
5539s um
5540s additionally
5541s health for all tier 2 buildings
5544s will be going up significantly across
5546s the board
5547s um to to incentivize like that makes it
5550s a much more substantial upgrade over
5552s just tier one so that way you're not
5553s just spamming a bunch of tier one stuff
5555s like tier two will actually be
5557s you know the goal is to have that
5558s actually be like worth investing into to
5560s build up your base
5561s um it also reduces the delta between
5564s tier two and tier three i mean tier
5565s three is not the only option if you need
5568s to build this and protect some stuff
5569s right so we kind of want to try to
5571s reduce the the barrier to entry and let
5574s more people get into raids and more
5575s people fighting each other and
5577s having
5578s tier two
5579s be more effective for less cost than
5581s tier three is a way that you can rebuild
5584s bases faster keep the engagement going
5586s and
5588s not feel totally decimated if someone
5590s wipes your base off you know you can get
5591s back into it yeah faster and ideally
5594s like people actually use doors
5596s because door hp is also affected by this
5598s so you're not just like spamming walls
5600s and just removing them to bring it back
5601s and all that jazz so
5603s that's the idea yes so i'm i'm so sorry
5606s if i'm being super quiet i'm i'm reading
5607s chat and i'm also collecting your
5609s questions like the you know a lot of
5610s questions yeah i'm making sure to not
5611s have chat like up on the screen because
5613s i'll just get super distracted and get
5614s off track and so
5616s don't worry i see you nicole is being
5618s our all-seeing eye and so thank you
5619s nicole i appreciate that
5621s uh was there anything that popped up
5623s really quick that you wanted to oh yeah
5625s someone wanted to couple notes here but
5627s i i figured maybe because they're all
5628s kind of
5629s from what
5630s sure yeah yeah gotcha so yeah um
5633s and then i think
5635s i think we also want to make
5637s uh like demonic fire orbs stronger for
5640s siege
5641s to do more siege damage demon fire orbs
5643s yeah um i don't remember the exact
5645s specifics from the patterns off the top
5647s of my head but
5648s i think quaglin is going to give me a
5649s little
5650s fill in here real quick we wanted to
5652s make them a more viable uh option
5655s they weigh more and the persistent
5657s effect deals more damage so
5659s if you
5661s you can you can use these to take
5662s buildings out over time
5664s uh
5665s better than you currently can with a
5667s demon fire or sweet
5669s um
5670s i think that covers a lot of the kind of
5672s a lot of the nitty-gritty slash big
5674s broad strokes that are coming up
5677s another really big one actually is the
5679s uh
5679s the stability setting
5682s oh yeah tell me about server side
5683s there's a server setting now that's a
5684s multiplier that changes your stability
5688s on buildings so if you want to turn off
5690s building stability and just build into
5693s the ether like impossible structures
5695s yeah you can build euclidean
5696s architecture essentially because there's
5698s no stability excellent uh as a factor
5701s you can also you know increase or
5702s decrease that and since it's a
5704s multiplier uh you know the standard loss
5706s from like a wall to a ceiling is 20
5708s stability which you know is 20 so if you
5712s make it half that
5713s if the multiplier is 0.5 you'll only
5715s lose 10 stability going from a wall to a
5717s ceiling and if it's zero it's just no
5718s stability while it's 100 across the
5720s board so we can make it yeah is it again
5722s really great for building concrete yeah
5724s yeah is it wait is it euclidean or
5726s non-euclidean
5727s non-euclidean yes finally my dreams of
5729s trading
5730s and uh
5732s mcs you're inspired i thought it was not
5734s i thought non-euclidean was the one that
5735s was just like does not conform to
5741s okay hyperbolic anyway impossible
5744s structure is going to be exciting i get
5745s to create my my mcs your impossible
5747s structures or something
5748s um
5749s so yeah that covers all the broad
5751s strokes and all the bits that we want to
5752s talk about unless something else
5754s comes to mind which it might and that's
5756s fine
5756s um
5757s so before we go into more q a stuff
5760s um
5761s as you might have seen in the trailer
5763s uh
5764s we are looking to release update 3.0
5768s the aegis sorcery
5770s in quarter three 2022
5773s um
5774s beyond that as we get closer to that
5776s time
5777s specifics will be out but that's all we
5779s got right now
5781s and then
5783s if you want to take some questions i
5784s know there's been a lot of questions and
5786s comments that we've seen yeah
5789s okay so like obviously
5791s in particular that you wanted to answer
5793s but
5794s um
5795s one that i saw a lot was like asking
5797s about cross play i don't know that there
5798s are any plans at this moment but yeah we
5801s don't have any plans for cross play
5803s right now
5804s okay it is plausible and something
5806s that's on the table for us
5808s uh but we aren't making any moves for it
5810s right now
5812s um
5813s any uh plans on increasing the level cap
5817s not at the moment if the level cap
5819s increases it'll most likely come with
5821s some type of content as well
5824s i don't know if it'll be like a
5825s horizontal growth or vertical growth in
5827s the content itself but
5829s we don't have a re really good reason to
5831s increase level cap right now it also
5833s could come about in the form of like
5836s progression updates
5839s but those are not anything that we're
5840s working on at the moment
5842s okay cool
5844s uh no we're not wiping servers
5846s um let's see what else uh uh do spells
5850s have cooldowns
5851s no there's no there's still no concept
5853s of cooldowns and kind of exiles
5855s the idea of a cooldown
5857s at least in its rawest form a timer that
5859s counts down and you can do something
5860s again is something that i'm
5862s personally going to try to always avoid
5863s because it's a very gamey game mechanic
5865s and
5866s exiles is meant to be a game rooted a
5868s lot in reality as much as we can make it
5870s i know that there are things that are
5871s gamey but
5873s we only do that when it's absolutely
5874s necessary so if we can avoid it
5877s through other mechanics we implement
5879s cooldowns in roundabout ways
5882s i mean you saw also yeah like the actual
5884s active casting
5886s kind of spell could be considered a
5888s cooldown of it yeah i mean it is it is a
5890s relatively lengthy process like you
5892s can't just like whip out a spell
5894s like off off the cuff or something like
5896s that like you do have to kind of go
5897s through that process so yeah like you
5898s said that in of itself can be considered
5900s like a limited a limiter of sorts in
5902s terms of how much you can use it
5904s um this one's asked a couple times and
5907s but they're asking about like if there's
5908s gonna be any performance improvements on
5910s servers
5911s multi-core servers i don't know about it
5915s uh yeah i can't speak about multi-core
5917s specifically but i will tell you this
5920s we are literally always optimizing
5922s exiles
5924s there are points in our development
5926s cycle where we essentially kind of step
5928s back and analyze everything that is
5931s performing poorly and we make really big
5934s leaps in certain places where we can
5937s even the new content that we're making
5939s now requires
5940s improvement as it's being made like
5942s opening the building menu used to cause
5944s a large hitch i think it was something
5946s like 750 milliseconds or something like
5948s that and now it's like 40 milliseconds
5950s of time between the time you press the
5952s button and it appears nice um we are
5956s taking a look into some things like
5957s character and server side right now that
5959s our optimizations will make that make
5961s things run better for everyone overall
5963s but there's not anything really specific
5965s i have to announce about it other than
5967s optimization and performance is always
5969s on our radar and
5971s while the game is not perfect in terms
5973s of performance now we are always trying
5974s to improve it
5979s nice all right there's a lot another one
5980s yeah you're fine i saw a couple things
5982s about like modding and all that too this
5984s is something that um
5986s i made a little announcement over the
5988s weekend uh in the the kind of next house
5990s modding discord
5992s um but you know we just want to
5993s reiterate and really emphasize that like
5995s modding is absolutely not going anywhere
5997s and then
5998s uh while we don't have like an exact
6000s like eta on when it'll be out
6002s um like you know first of all the update
6004s will launch on test live first before it
6006s actually goes live and then we're
6007s planning on really you know we're gonna
6009s allow for uh mod makers to have ample
6011s time
6012s yeah to be able to update their mods for
6014s the new update we're gonna release the
6015s the mod kit
6016s shortly after the tesla yeah yeah yeah
6018s and that'll be that'll be you know still
6020s give a really good window between
6022s that and the official launch
6024s so that yeah again that'll give modders
6026s an opportunity to
6027s update everything they want play around
6029s and see what else is what else new is
6030s possible with the updated systems
6032s transmog system for buildings is
6034s interesting it's actually a design i
6037s considered as part of this update when
6038s we were really early on but it's not
6040s something we're actually developing
6041s for the most part one of the rules we
6043s have for exiles is that everything
6045s should
6046s be as dangerous as it appears right like
6049s a super scary crocodile should always be
6051s a super scary crocodile and not be like
6053s a one hit
6054s you know pushover kind of thing and i
6056s think that logic applies to to buildings
6058s as well um we've taken a bit of a
6060s liberty with the illusion system to
6062s offer like a really nice convenience and
6064s quality of life feature for up for
6066s people but when it comes to building
6068s pieces at least for the time being we'd
6070s like to keep the scary structures
6071s looking scary and the tier one structure
6074s is looking more flimsy yeah
6076s yeah if there's like a ton of clamor for
6078s that i mean yeah we can certainly
6079s consider it but yeah we have a design
6081s for it so
6082s it exists yes thank you
6085s um we have a lot of questions on if with
6087s this update there'll be new
6089s maps or map updates and things like that
6092s there will be updates to both maps to
6094s exiled lands and sipta
6096s but they're just the updates that are
6098s necessary to add the content to drive
6100s the systems forward so you'll find
6102s sorcerers out in the camps the camps
6104s will be dressed a bit differently you
6105s know you'll see some new pieces in there
6106s that haven't been there before
6108s there are a couple new caves hidden away
6111s in both maps that i won't really say
6113s anything more about
6114s but that's you know for you to discover
6116s and explore and
6118s you know
6118s if i show it on stream it's just going
6120s to ruin the fun of it
6122s i'm sorry you have to be patient but
6124s it's really worth the wait i swear yeah
6128s we generally try to not show off
6129s everything ahead of time right
6131s i want to though i mean for sure i wish
6134s i could sit here and just play the game
6136s and make you guys watch me for like five
6137s hours because of all the cool stuff
6138s there is i mean i think we have a
6142s non-zero number of wrapped audience
6144s members who would love to watch that but
6145s yeah
6147s um so there's this question that a lot
6150s of people were asking but so in regards
6152s about past age
6153s um
6154s will there be ways to get that item the
6156s items from that pass in the future or
6158s once that aid is gone are they gone for
6159s good what's the plan with that our plan
6161s for battle passes right now and you know
6163s it is subject to change based on
6165s feedback based on numbers
6167s one thing that i think is really
6169s important to to talk about at least from
6171s our perspective is that we have a
6175s very experienced monetization expert
6177s that we're working with and
6178s you know we we've taken his advice on a
6180s lot of stuff that we're doing and
6183s um
6184s originally we decided we wanted to say
6185s hey let's make these other battle passes
6187s available all the time and
6190s you know his advice was that we
6191s shouldn't do that so for the time being
6193s and the way it's going to go in now
6194s unless we hear like really massive
6196s uproar about it is that once the battle
6198s pass is done the battle pass is gone
6200s we're
6201s regardless we're not going to read those
6203s items to the shop we're we're not gonna
6204s say
6205s you know here's this exact item you got
6207s in the battle pass it's a thing that was
6208s limited availability you paid for it you
6210s were there when it happened and now you
6212s can just buy it in the shop six months
6214s later
6215s it's nothing we plan to do we may do
6217s variations on some of those items so if
6219s there's like a really cool bookcase we
6220s might mod it some change the the
6222s contents of it in its name and
6225s you know create an alternative close
6227s version to it but you'll never see that
6228s one-to-one same item in the shop that's
6230s in the battle pass
6234s um
6235s let's see people were asking if the
6237s roles or followers can use sorcery as
6239s well
6240s uh sorcery is
6244s for now and probably for the foreseeable
6246s future gonna be primarily based on the
6249s player right
6250s the fantasy is about you like you
6253s this is like a thing you can live out
6255s when you play the game
6256s so we don't have magical thralls that'll
6258s run around and cast spells with you we
6260s do have sorcery thralls but they're
6262s currently integrated into a workbench
6263s they can't follow you and fight with you
6265s we do have mounts that
6270s have sorcerous properties right you'll
6272s see this whenever you see some more of
6273s the battle pass and shop stuff stuff
6275s some more of the sorcery stuff that's
6277s already included for free you know there
6279s will be new mounts
6280s included in that that have sorcerer's
6282s properties but at the heart of it we
6284s really want you or the people around you
6286s to be the people deciding
6288s to make that leap into corruption and
6290s decide you know hey i want to be the bad
6292s guy
6294s yeah this power fantasy is about you
6298s uh like the illusion like the mirror
6300s image thing that you can cast as part of
6301s sorcery like kind of sits there and like
6303s acts like they're casting suppose it
6304s doesn't actually do anything so that's
6306s about the closest thing probably to
6308s actually having like in like an in-game
6310s unit that goes through the motions but
6312s someone asked if undead followers will
6314s follow you forever
6315s they won't they actually have the system
6318s that internally we call rotten decay
6320s which is a system for them to
6322s uh
6323s you know rot and decay over time so
6326s whenever you summon a zombie fall or
6328s initially or an undead follower uh their
6331s their skin will be more intact and
6333s fleshy and the longer they exist the
6335s more it'll run away the more gross they
6337s get yeah you can see the glass
6339s [ __ ] sinew and stuff below yeah it's
6342s really nasty and it looks awesome part
6344s of my french
6345s but yeah part of the trade-off there is
6346s that it's really easy to get one of
6348s these followers and whenever you
6350s initially summon them they start at
6351s level 20 all perked out
6353s so they're a bit more throwaway than
6355s your standard you know dressable uh
6358s follower like the the the undead cannot
6361s wear extra armor or use different
6362s weapons they have their own set of
6364s attack animations and everything and but
6366s they're just like strong out of the gate
6368s yeah they're just powerful right off of
6370s that can you change that the rot time or
6374s it's not a setting right now it could be
6377s a service i think we could look into
6379s them
6380s okay
6382s cool
6382s uh there also might make we might also
6385s be able to play with a mechanic with the
6386s two like if you feed them a certain item
6388s then it extends their life or so that's
6389s cool
6390s um i saw this a couple times in chen i
6393s just wanted to bring it up uh i've seen
6395s a number of comments talking about are
6396s you gonna are you gonna move over to
6397s unreal five
6399s um highly unlikely uh honestly at this
6403s point i feel like because we have a lot
6404s of custom work done
6407s in the current version of unreal that we
6408s have to make exiles just work
6411s period
6412s and so
6413s it's not there's not like a button or
6415s whatever to just like port it maybe
6417s there is i don't know but like there's a
6418s lot of custom work that we have to do
6419s that
6420s you know if we want it's not as simple
6421s as just simply migrating it to unreal
6423s five
6424s i'm super glad you asked this question
6426s because it's like this is the best place
6427s i could possibly reply to it all right i
6430s i troll
6431s reddit and the forums all the time and
6433s this is one of the number one things we
6434s see is like when will you guys upgrade
6436s to unreal yeah
6438s so i'm gonna give some history on unreal
6439s engine to begin with and then we'll talk
6442s about the state of exile sure yeah so
6444s unreal engine
6446s um
6447s the numbers that you see on real three
6448s and real four those are where the major
6451s massive iterations in the fundamental
6453s structure of unreal changes where you're
6455s literally working with a different
6457s product unreal 3 is like entirely
6459s separate from what unreal 4 is it was
6461s built upon that foundationally but the
6463s way that their systems work
6465s architecturally are different
6467s so unreal has different revisions and
6469s that's when you see like
6471s 4.5 4.6 4. 25 you know etc
6475s those versions all of those unreal four
6477s engine versions are very very very
6479s similar and they do get minor changes
6481s like performance upgrades uh you know
6484s new tools that we can use to make
6485s content and things like that that's
6487s actually one of the biggest things that
6488s comes in is just like new
6490s new vfx tools or you know new animation
6493s tools or things like that by and large
6495s those don't affect us in terms of
6497s delivering a cool game right
6499s so
6500s our version of conan exiles was made in
6502s unreal 415
6504s and if you know anything about the
6505s timeline of unreal engine 415 is around
6508s five years old right now i think it was
6510s around 2016 or 2017 that 415 came out
6514s and whenever we started making exiles we
6516s had to do heavy modifications to get it
6518s worked with our internal back end
6520s to do everything that we need for
6522s character creation and server
6524s communication and all that stuff those
6526s modifications have essentially locked us
6528s into unreal 415.
6531s what we can do is take features from
6532s forward versions of unreal and back port
6534s them to that 415 so
6537s code and exiles will never be anything
6539s other than 415 with heavy modifications
6543s it is no longer possible for us to take
6545s the project
6546s right click update engine engine version
6548s in windows and select 5.0 and make it
6551s unreal 5. it's not that simple for us
6553s if we were to do that to the project it
6555s would generate months of backlog work
6558s updating the systems that we created for
6560s 415 to work with the changes that have
6562s happened for 5.0
6564s even 5.0 is actually just like 4.27 like
6568s or 28 or whatever for what it's worth
6570s like the changes they've made have
6571s changed it and there's a lot of
6573s performance upgrades and that's what
6574s makes it worth calling it a new product
6577s but we we will never be unreal 5
6579s specifically in conan exiles
6582s if we make exiles 2
6583s yes we'll use whatever the most recent
6585s version of unreal is at the time
6587s but
6588s sorry to drone on about this we will
6590s never update conan exiles to be unreal
6593s engine 5.0 we can't take performance
6596s increases and gains from later revisions
6598s and backboard them into what we have now
6601s that's cool
6602s great thank you i appreciate that
6605s exile's two when someday
6607s lol i think there's almost no question
6609s that exiles too happens it does just it
6612s does just become a matter of when
6614s it's not a promise just uh observation
6617s nice
6618s um and i i saw one person ask again um
6622s yeah update 3.0 will hit test live
6624s before it goes officially live
6625s absolutely uh in quarter three of this
6627s year
6628s uh so yeah we plan on launching
6631s later this year and then they'll be you
6633s know there'll be a pretty
6634s uh
6635s like a substantially earlier version on
6637s test live so that you guys can all check
6638s it out
6639s um
6640s and just let us know how you feel about
6642s it
6643s yeah yeah
6644s i saw some some questions about the
6646s atlantean sword and the royal armor um
6649s unfortunately that's something that only
6652s um
6652s uh pre-purchased buyers uh received so
6656s unfortunately we can't give those out
6658s yeah that's an exclusive to
6660s two pre-orders yeah and um
6663s we uh
6664s yeah because that wasn't exclusive for
6666s pre-orders like you can't just like
6668s freely give those out after that after
6670s the fact i believe now
6672s it could be a case where we do like
6673s modified versions of it or something
6675s though like we could make like a
6676s tarnished atlantean sword or something
6677s yeah
6678s kind of
6679s you know nasty version of it you know
6681s just spitballing but
6683s those exact those exact items those
6685s those are going to be pre-order
6686s exclusive forever
6689s very sorry
6691s yeah the atlantean sword and the royal
6693s armor yeah
6695s so certainly possible with the system we
6697s have but uh those yeah like dennis said
6699s those specific items will remain as
6700s pre-order exclusives
6702s so i'm just like reading over some chat
6704s stuff now yeah yeah feel free to
6706s feed system
6711s i suppose we can do
6712s uh i mean how are you feeling we're
6714s we're coming up on the two hour mark
6715s right now so i'd be happy with taking
6717s about 10 minutes more questions and then
6720s uh if there's still like a drove of
6722s things that we need to address we can
6723s have a follow-up like you know q a
6725s exclusive stream and of course
6727s uh we have our forums and social media
6730s if you want to leave us a comment there
6731s ask questions there
6733s you know
6735s if we have an answer for it we'll work
6737s to answer them as to the best of our
6739s ability
6740s within reason um
6742s so how are you feeling about it yeah
6745s pretty good a lot of the questions that
6746s are coming up um a lot of stuff has
6748s actually been answered if you guys go
6749s back through the vaude uh you know
6751s you'll probably see an answer to a lot
6752s of the things that are still being asked
6754s someone did ask how that a password work
6756s on private servers i didn't mention
6758s before that it will be on private
6760s servers it'll work the same as it does
6762s on an
6764s yeah yeah you just log in
6766s do the challenges get the progress
6773s uh yeah
6775s anything else yeah we're just going to
6776s be going to those later amounts
6785s could be a thing we look into for sure
6787s someone asked if the demonic the
6789s transportory pads will work on or how
6793s those will work for like privacy
6795s um right now it's
6798s they link between your clan if someone
6800s were to not belong to your clan and
6801s stand in that pad they would see the
6803s same options your clan sees because the
6805s the item is rooted in
6807s in your clan but it's not exclusive to
6809s your clan
6811s i don't know if this will ship or not
6813s because we are still going through
6815s polish on the system but we have had an
6818s option to be able to switch between
6820s private and public networks
6822s to where people could build one and mark
6823s it as public and then every other public
6825s one can see that one so people could set
6827s up networks for one another to uh
6830s you know move around the map with
6832s potentially if that ships sweet
6837s um character transfers are being
6839s addressed and we don't have a date on
6841s those just yet
6843s um
6844s oh there was one question i'm sorry i
6846s saw one person be like let nicole talk
6848s oh i'm talking sorry i'm like i said i'm
6851s i'm very into into you guys here in chat
6853s um and uh going through yeah thank you
6856s for that yeah
6858s um
6859s if i've been like talking over you i'm
6861s sorry
6868s much like the player interaction with
6870s the trench and now you can't knock a
6871s player out to put them on there
6874s mainly because i feel like it would be a
6875s really bad experience to just lose
6877s control and be roped up uh for an
6879s indeterminate amount of time until
6880s someone decides to do something with you
6883s someone's very curious about your wallet
6884s yeah i just i saw that that's why i was
6886s like like furl my brown like
6888s my watch like this like it's
6891s a nice watch it's a it's it's shaped
6893s like an old school like casio watch but
6896s it's actually a timex and i like it
6897s because it just has this like
6899s elastic band that i can
6902s yeah it removes all the extra like
6903s annoying steps of having to clip it on
6905s my wrist um
6908s i don't know yeah there's just no no no
6910s least path of resistance to getting
6911s things on because i yeah i like to be
6914s able to slip it on
6915s uh the watcher furniture so someone's
6917s asking about twitch drops also
6919s same rule as pre-order items uh if you
6921s own those they'll appear in the build
6923s menu yeah but we're not going to sell
6926s those exact items or add those exact
6929s items to the battle pass or anything
6930s like that yeah that's not to say there
6931s might be variants of it or something
6933s like that yeah like like the modified
6934s versions we could do modified versions
6936s and i i don't mean like just a recolor
6938s but also some kind of like extra
6939s different geometry yeah
6943s uh ships or boats plans no boats planned
6947s yes new mounts yes new pets
6955s for the record i i i would love that
6958s personally right
6959s and i i recall like uh we put a lot of
6962s focus on
6964s the the ship
6965s uh things that we added uh with the new
6968s lands in sydney in the south yeah so it
6970s would be awesome uh but we have no plans
6972s for that so that that's what my like i
6975s didn't mean to like scoff i hope no one
6976s thought that i was i was just like yeah
6978s i wish kind of that was that's what that
6980s was supposed to be how dare you ask if
6982s we ever do anything yeah please vote
6983s related it's most likely to come in the
6985s form of an age like
6987s you know hearkening back to you know
6989s conan's time as a pirate essentially uh
6992s you know they would probably be a large
6994s feature that came out not just something
6995s you drop in the water and there it is
6997s right
6998s only there are plans for a switchboard
7002s i don't think so no sorry yeah
7004s servers will not be wiped
7006s yeah
7007s um
7008s new map with dinosaurs i mean
7012s you joke but we've talked about this
7014s what
7017s there's there's a specific time and
7018s place in our war that makes sense for us
7020s to have a new map with dinosaurs
7022s potentially
7023s not a promise just an observation
7025s [Laughter]
7027s only
7028s you get dinosaurs when i get my giant
7031s max
7032s no my giant mountains and my and my uh
7034s conan
7035s give me
7036s conan 20xx
7042s my favorite part of 3.0 is hard to
7043s define because i i love all of it like
7046s you know we
7048s this is one of the first features i've
7049s i've worked on personally where
7052s uh
7053s i've been
7054s really responsible for making sure
7056s everything is cohesive and tied together
7057s so i've had my hand in
7059s every single thing you'll get to some
7061s degree
7062s and we've all tried we've tried to make
7063s it all feel like an experience that ties
7065s together
7066s if i had to pick like one specific thing
7068s out one thing that is like my favorite
7070s it's really hard to say i really like
7072s the corrupted attributes part
7075s the corrupted attributes because it's
7076s like
7077s okay sorcery is this really inherently
7079s evil
7080s disgusting corrupting thing that makes
7083s you
7084s a vile human for participating in it
7086s and the attribute system i don't know
7088s how many people really think about this
7090s but
7091s their attributes of you as a person they
7093s are are your
7095s you know they are how you have developed
7097s as a human so to take something like
7100s your strength and say i'm a strong man
7102s you know i've been my whole life you
7104s know i i was raised on the wheel of pain
7106s i smash rocks with a pic and i cut down
7108s in with a hammer
7110s and to say that okay now i'm evil and
7112s i'm vile and and i'm really investing in
7116s this and that strength that i've been
7117s nurturing my whole life is now corrupt
7119s to its core
7121s and to see your physical attributes of
7123s strength be eaten away by the purple bar
7125s as it corrupts is really powerful
7130s yes you can actually live out you know
7132s live out the true fantasies of like yeah
7134s like you said like corrupting everything
7135s like to your very core like your very
7137s essence
7138s has been corrupted and it's not just
7139s like a veneer of like purple
7143s yeah someone said red sonja question
7145s mark which isn't really a question in
7147s itself but
7148s uh we do not own the rights to red sonja
7150s oh yeah so we do own conan but red sonia
7153s is outside of of the conan ip even
7156s though they they mingle
7158s um
7159s people are asking about being able to
7161s dye saddles
7163s uh there's nothing coming in 3.0 that
7165s will add saddle dye
7167s it is a
7169s quality of life thing that we can add in
7171s our to-do list though for sure it's a
7172s good suggestion thank you
7175s sharks for sipta
7178s technically septa has sharks technically
7181s they eat you when you swim too far away
7182s yeah
7185s um
7186s sorry i'm just looking at all these
7187s things though i don't think there's
7188s gonna be wands
7190s no there's like a little like yeah we
7192s can talk about that yeah yeah yeah
7194s little tiny like the
7196s weapon quote unquote weapon i actually
7197s had it labeled as a tool because i don't
7199s want people to think it's a weapon that
7200s you fight with and new combos with
7202s um but yeah it's called an arcade focus
7205s yeah this this little lad that you're
7207s holding here the whole idea is that it
7209s acts as a
7210s literally a focusing point for the magic
7212s that you're channeling so you speak
7214s these demonic words and the power runs
7216s from the runes into this into the focus
7218s and you can see when he's casting
7221s the things that he casts gets sucked
7223s into the focus
7224s um and yeah it's it's literally there to
7227s amplify the magic that you're performing
7229s yeah and then the effects will like
7230s change color kind of like depending on
7232s which
7232s you know spells or which domain of
7235s sorcery you you delve into it'll change
7237s colors yeah so there's like a common
7239s language if you see someone casting
7240s something green you know you're you know
7243s they're doing something in the realm of
7244s death they're about to bring something
7245s dead to life or a summit of soul from
7247s the beyond or something
7249s um
7255s i don't know can we
7257s yeah okay
7259s yeah maybe there's a reason we haven't
7261s uh it's not included in our notes but
7263s people uh are asking about the event
7265s system
7266s and
7267s the event system is getting a little bit
7269s of a
7271s i don't know how to say it like pr
7274s rework or something like that
7276s uh whenever we whenever we released
7278s grave matters we released it as an event
7281s for people to participate in go here
7283s test this thing see it get some cool
7285s reward
7286s and the reason we did that is to test
7289s the back end of the system to
7291s detect if there were major bugs or flaws
7293s with it to work on security concerns for
7295s it and everything
7296s so new events will be coming out with
7298s 3.0 but they're not going to be
7300s signposted on the map uh to where we put
7303s a marker on it and we say go here do
7304s this thing we're not going to have a big
7306s marketing push that's like a new event
7308s has been added we're going to add
7309s several i think there's maybe five that
7311s will be launched with 3.0 including
7313s grave matters
7316s so
7318s new events will occur but i'd like
7320s everyone to think of them more as random
7322s encounters
7323s than events that we celebrate like a
7326s holiday or something like that so we
7328s can't add random encounters that
7329s reinforce the theme of an event or a
7331s holiday
7332s but for the most part we're not going to
7333s say here's a spot on the map go do this
7335s thing right it's a thing for you to see
7337s we want it to be something that you
7338s stumble upon
7340s organically
7341s and things that just change the way you
7344s encounter the world
7347s there's some really cool ones in there
7348s too nice uh
7350s there's
7351s i guess i don't want to spoil those
7352s either but i'd like you to stumble upon
7354s them and find them for yourself and
7356s you know hopefully you feel motivated to
7358s dig in and see what nefarious views are
7360s during the events yes
7363s so yeah like dennis said like you know
7365s this isn't to say that there will be
7367s other like major events taking place
7368s within the game but um
7371s yeah there will be things going on but
7372s they won't be you know
7374s uh without as much fanfares like grave
7376s matters for example like grave matters
7377s was like sort of like a seasonal thing
7378s and also like a teaser for this update
7381s uh and also like a live test run of a
7383s lot of the back end work that we made to
7384s the game to be able to facilitate these
7386s kinds of like more live event or like
7388s you know live encounter uh kind of deals
7391s as dennis said
7392s someone said i really want to know if
7394s there will be a chance to earn chrome
7395s coins in the wild
7396s uh there will not the chrome coins are
7398s only a paid currency you will get the
7401s refunded back from the battle pass like
7402s i touched on earlier but it's it's
7404s purely uh you know a paid currency that
7408s interacts with the battle pass in the
7409s shop
7410s um also back on events people asked
7412s about the egg in the trailer yeah what
7415s is that
7416s part of an event
7419s question mark what could that mean no
7421s answer's here just more teasers sorry oh
7423s yeah
7425s another countdown for another teaser
7426s right yeah
7427s countdown two events begins today yeah
7431s you know we thought about um starting
7433s the stream with like a thing being like
7435s oh yeah like thanks so much for coming
7436s to today's announcement about the
7438s announcement that you saw like last week
7439s and we're thrilled to announce that
7440s we're announcing another announcement um
7442s but then this weekend happened we
7443s decided not to do that yeah
7447s anyway more body hair types um there's
7451s some work that we need to do before we
7453s can add a lot more to the base game in
7455s that realm
7456s um one funny thing is that that was
7458s written as uh body forward slash hair
7460s types but we've actually talked about
7462s also adding body hair types
7465s so you know you could be you know fully
7467s hairy or not um you know happy trail
7469s yeah adding more layers of customization
7471s is the thing we always look into we just
7473s have to
7474s be able to justify
7476s the amount of time that it takes versus
7478s the amount we can get out of it right in
7480s terms of like player engagement what
7482s they like like
7484s we want to put the most development time
7485s into the things that people will engage
7487s with the most
7488s yeah i have i have definitely seen a lot
7490s of requests uh like you know here
7492s through chat and uh you know in a lot of
7494s comments on the forums and on youtube of
7496s um
7497s yeah just like having alternate body
7498s types particularly to like support like
7500s more uh like portly body types yeah some
7503s bigger daddies that's me cetera like
7505s when i play a game i want to play the
7506s biggest guy i can
7508s it's not just like ripped but like i
7509s just want to be like yeah like
7511s just yeah yeah
7512s yeah yeah
7513s a huge
7514s character
7517s so certainly something that we'd like to
7519s see yeah it's about relatability you
7521s know you want to feel like your
7522s character is like you and of course yeah
7524s and i just you know if i want to add a
7525s little bit of a bit of a fur coat to him
7527s and
7528s put on put on a little bit of extra
7530s thickness i want that yeah
7533s yeah how much will battle pass cost i
7535s can't say the exact price yet because we
7537s are still working on finalized prices
7542s mods over two gigabytes are on our radar
7543s as well um
7545s that's a big thing um
7547s you know a lot of things that we talk
7549s about internally revolve around mods
7551s because we'd like more people to be able
7552s to use mods obviously there's a big part
7554s of our player base that can't use mods
7555s right now and it's a thing we'd like to
7557s change but again it's like
7559s the amount of development time versus
7561s the you know what we don't put out as a
7563s result of working on that yeah that's a
7565s that's a pretty significant technical
7566s hurdle especially when we have to factor
7568s in hardware with like very limited
7570s memory for example
7573s so again yes certainly something we're
7575s aware of it's just
7577s if if we could wave an arcane focus and
7579s just make that be we would but that's
7581s unfortunately in real life it's not
7582s quite that simple
7583s maybe one day
7587s are we feeling with questions and all
7588s that jazz we're just about at the two
7590s hour mark so first of all thank you so
7591s much for staying tuned and all that
7593s uh thank you for your questions um
7597s someone asked uh i'd like to know if
7599s we're finally gonna make the pvp servers
7600s for everyone time wise
7602s fair for everyone time wise in 3.0
7605s um
7606s this is one thing i'm going to talk with
7608s the team about still
7610s you guys are hearing at first before
7611s they are but i do want to increase the
7614s harvest and xp rates on pvp servers so
7617s it's more
7619s it's faster like i just wanted to be
7620s faster right
7621s um faster for people to get in level up
7625s grind stuff out make bases and fight
7626s with each other
7628s and that way it isn't that's like
7629s morally devastating yeah that's one of
7631s the biggest things when you lose
7633s something when you lose stuff it it
7634s matters less because it was easier to
7636s get so you know hopefully that can
7638s increase engagement there i think
7640s there's a sweet spot to find there
7642s because if we make it too easy then it
7643s gets boring really fast right because it
7645s eliminates the point of pvp like right
7647s we have to find where like your stuff
7649s still matters to you but it doesn't make
7650s you want to quit the game because you
7652s lost it yeah yeah kind of like as a
7654s personal anecdote i actually have a
7655s close friend of mine who uh like here in
7657s town who actually will you know is an
7659s avid conan exiles player and he
7660s specifically cited like he had to take a
7662s step away from the game for a while
7663s because he was on a pvp server and he
7665s put a lot of time into his base
7667s and like woke up one day and found it
7669s completely destroyed and like he
7671s actually like logged in
7672s to watching people destroy his base and
7674s like killing him as he like was waking
7676s up from
7677s from all that um and so i can empathize
7680s with that and i i i know he's not the
7681s only one
7683s but again we have to find that nice
7684s balance
7695s so um
7696s uh i think i think now's a good stopping
7699s point for today's stream we're running
7700s over just over two hours
7703s but
7704s we are still constantly reading over
7706s things that are being sent at us over
7708s social media
7709s comments on youtube here in chat of
7712s course on discord in our official forums
7715s i invite you to yeah just like come on
7717s to the official forums make a thread
7721s you know praise yog and see whatever
7723s things you see here or if you want to
7724s yell at us about something go ahead and
7726s let us know on the forums now that you
7727s have
7728s the the more complete picture of what's
7730s going to be coming up um and then yeah
7732s we'll try to answer what we can
7734s through those channels and then if
7735s there's enough
7736s uh like clamor or enough like questions
7738s that um
7740s you know we feel that uh justifies like
7742s perhaps making another stream
7744s specifically for q a or like making a
7746s short video that answers all these
7747s things or even an faq
7749s we'll visit that when the when
7751s if it comes up so
7754s um
7755s that's it from me
7757s yeah
7757s anything else you'd like to add nicole
7760s no just uh follow us on the
7762s codernexcel's twitter instagram yeah
7765s facebook for
7766s more updates and silly things that we
7768s like to post
7770s um
7771s yeah i can answer questions on twitter
7773s too oh yeah people want to pick me at
7775s den makes games
7778s oh no i didn't lock this down that's all
7780s right it's fine um sorry
7782s sorry i'm just being a goo
7784s great i'm gonna put i'm going to put
7786s these things up here so you guys can see
7789s above nick oh my god above nicole's head
7791s so these are our various social media
7793s channels
7794s follow us on twitter instagram and
7796s facebook at these
7797s uh
7799s at these usernames
7801s now now it's attacking a goal
7803s oh thanks
7804s appreciate it
7807s um hey just leave us a comment there
7809s just like you know if you want to joke
7810s or
7812s talk about i don't know call me argon
7814s mcmahon button that's fine too
7816s um
7818s what's up ask about proof ask about poop
7819s yeah whether or not when we're adding a
7821s full defecation system into the game
7824s so um
7826s there will be a recording up on twitch
7828s and youtube following this so if for
7830s those of you who couldn't watch it
7831s that'll be there
7833s uh beyond that thanks for tuning in
7834s thanks for staying tuned in i know for
7836s some folks it's super duper lately
7838s thank you yeah i know like for for our
7840s outcasts in japan it's like 2 a.m now so
7844s uh thank you
7846s for watching what's up mates
7848s and our buds in australia yeah
7851s it's like 3am there or something like
7852s that i want to say it's like over 12
7854s hours difference i think 13. anyway okay
7858s thank you all for tuning in this is a
7859s really exciting time um
7862s and yeah we'll see you
7864s on the forums on social media
7866s and with more to come
7871s and
7875s please
7876s no we will never stop mike stallon love
7879s you bye
7891s foreign
7897s [Music]
7904s [Music]
7927s [Music]
7936s [Music]
7940s you

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