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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/440900/announcements/detail/3058483528040617633]here[/url].
Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed. For the purposes of testing, we recommend not using any mods when playing on Testlive.

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    Read it in our blog[www.conanexiles.com].

    Greetings, Exiles!

    As we steadily advance towards the full launch of Isle of Siptah, here’s our next big content drop for the game. Update 2.4 expands the available land mass on Siptah to the South, with three new biomes full of new sights, adventures and dangers for experienced Siptah players and newcomers alike.

    On the east side, the Isle of Dawn, a massive open area hosting rich wildlife and the ruins of an old capital of the Grey Ones, with a secret lurking within its confines. On the west side, the Isle of Dusk, the soot-covered volcanic grounds once inhabited by the First Men and now only hosting the remnants of this once-proud civilization. And in the center, the floodlands, an in-between area with tall cliff formations and lush and overgrown plains that will be prime locations for builders and adventurers alike.
    These new lands continue the work established in our previous update, adding to the Isle of Siptah 47 new NPC camps of varying sizes with repeatable activities, trainers and surprises.

    To couple the release of these new biomes, we have also worked on a series of optimizations and improvements to the lighting and skyboxes of Siptah, to make these new landmasses shine like never before on Conan Exiles!

    Another new addition coming with this update is a new religion! Zath the Spider-God joins the pool of available religions in Conan Exiles both on the Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah. Summon Zath and a swarm of its children to bring terror and destruction to your enemies! New NPCs, placeables and items have been added to the game for those who chose Zath as their deity.

    Coming soon in the near future is also the new Server Character Transfer feature! With this new option you will be able to transfer your character between Official servers, between unofficial servers, or from an Official server to an unofficial server keeping your name and appearance, level and all items in your backpack. Even between the Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah!
    (Please note: This is currently a W.I.P. feature and it’s not active in this initial release - we are still working on and testing this feature. To transfer to or from the Isle of Siptah, ownership of the DLC Expansion pack is required)

    Along with these new additions, we have also worked on a series of oft-requested improvements and rebalancing aimed at PVP combat as well as other systems. Tons of new performance optimizations, a myriad of animation improvements and many UI and quality of life additions, along with many other fixes, complete this package. Update 2.4 is one of the most ambitious content updates we have released to date, and it would not have been possible without your passionate feedback and support.

    Thank you for your ongoing support, and stay safe!

    Three new biomes for the Isle of Siptah!
    The Isle of Dawn, the Isle of Dusk and the floodlands are now available in the Isle of Siptah! These three new biomes are populated by dozens of new NPC camps, two new factions (The Grey Ones and The First Men), new activities and new loot!

    Improved lighting and skyboxes on the Isle of Siptah!
    New lighting effects and improved colors, along with many optimizations, have been added to the Isle of Siptah skyboxes, to make your adventures through the new biomes truly memorable! The difference is… night and day!

    New religion!
    Here comes Zath, mighty Zath! Destroys whatever with an avatar wrath. Spins a web any size. Catches foes, in Conan Exiles. Look out! Here comes the Spider-god!
    Zath joins the religious fray in Conan Exiles, both on the Exiled Lands and Siptah, with a new avatar, new NPCs, placeables, feats and item sets!

    Core system changes!
    New revisions to combat systems with a reduction of mounted combat damage, dodge improvements and re-balancing of bows and arrows! Swimming does not drain stamina and you can engage in 1-handed combat on water! And the hunger and thirst systems have received a balance pass to make them less frustrating and improve the gameplay flow!

    Server Character Transfer! (Coming Soon)
    This is currently a W.I.P. feature and it’s not fully implemented in the initial version of this update - we are still testing and developing this feature. Once we are nearing its launch, we will release an announcement detailing how it works.

    Transfer your character between Official servers, between unofficial servers, or from an Official server to an unofficial one (Note: Unofficial servers can opt in or out of this feature!). You’ll keep your name, appearance, level, feats and backpack inventory while leaving everything else behind. Even within Exiled Lands servers, or from/to Siptah!
    (Please note: To transfer to or from the Isle of Siptah, ownership of the DLC Expansion pack will be required)

    • Three new biomes for the Isle of Siptah!
    • 45+ new NPC camps for the Isle of Siptah, with new loot and NPCs!
    • Two new factions for Siptah: the First Men and the Grey Ones!
    • New religion for the Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah!
    • Mounted combat and dodge changes!
    • Swimming combat!
    • Hunger and thirst improvements!
    • Improved lighting on the Isle of Siptah!
    • Tons of animation improvements!
    • Many quality of life fixes and additions, especially for controllers!
    • Character transfer! (Coming soon)
    • Tons of fixes!
    • …and much more!

    Currently Known Issues
    • The Character Server Transfer feature is still W.I.P. and actively worked on and not fully implemented in this initial build. Once we’re closer to its release we will release an announcement with all the details about it and its usage.
    • Some Leyshrine camps have inconsistent climb blockers.

    • Fixed a number of client crashes.
    • Fixed a server crash related to mismatching modlists.
    • Optimized animation blueprints to reduce memory costs.
    • Added a significant number of other optimizations to reduce memory and performance costs across the board, for clients and servers, both on the Exiled Lands and Siptah.
    • Fixed server log warnings when accessing empty sockets array in building system when placing a module.
    • Increased number of reconnection attempts when connection fails to the voice chat servers.
    • Fixed a server crash that was occurring when harvesting a player corpse and looting it’s loot bag.
    • Optimized log entries regarding NPC behavior. This should reduce the amount of spam in server logs.

    • Players can no longer avoid damage by standing on or inside certain structures.
    • Fixed an exploit in regards to underwater gameplay.
    • It is no longer possible to build inside Jhil’s Roost cave.
    • Addressed a method that allowed for placeables to be placed under the mesh.

    • Added new landmass to the southern region of Siptah, divided into three biomes: the Isle of Dawn, the Isle of Dusk and the floodlands.
    • Added 47 new NPC camps of different sizes to the new Isle of Siptah landmass.
    • Added two new factions to the Isle of Siptah: the Grey Ones and the First Men.
    • New weapons, armor, placeables, fauna and NPCs added to the Isle of Siptah.
    • New feats have been added to the Exiled Lands.
    • New activity in the Isle of Siptah: summon and fight bosses with the Pool of the Grey Ones by offering statues, found within the confines of the new Siptah lands.
    • Added a new religion to the game, with a new avatar, placeables, feats, NPCs and item sets. All hail Zath, the Spider-god! Oh god…
    • Added new Rocknose types with new art, animations and combat logic.
    • Added a new tool: the Iron Sickle.
    • (Coming Soon - we are still developing and testing this feature and it is currently disabled) Added new character transfer feature, from an Official server to another Official server, from an unofficial server to another unofficial server, or from an Official server to an unofficial server, from or to the Exiled Lands and Siptah (Unofficial servers will be able to disable this feature if they desire). We will release an announcement closer to the full launch of this update where we will provide more details about this feature.
      • Server transfers will work in this order: Official PVP → Official PVEC → Official PVE → Unofficial
      • Meaning, you can transfer between the same level or to a level below. But not from below to above. Meaning, a PVP player can transfer to another Official PVP server, or to any other mode. An Official server PVE player, on the other hand, can transfer to another PVE Official server or to an unofficial server, but not to an Official PVEC or PVP server.
      • We will release a full announcement detailing how it works once we’re nearing the final launch of this feature.

    • The Wheel of Pain has received a visual overhaul.
      • Thralls being converted are now the ones seen pushing the wheel.
      • If no thralls are present, the wheel will show empty and not rotating.
      • If out of gruel, thralls will stop visibly pushing the wheel.
      • Pushing animations have been improved across the board (or should we say… wheel? ha ha).

    • DLC items can now be processed correctly in the Delving Bench.
    • Reduced craft time on building pieces from 5s to 0.5s.
    • Added Mitrean Gloves and Sandal recipes to the Priest of Mitra feat.
    • Added Yogite Chest, Legs, Feet and Hand armor item recipes to the Priest of Yog feat.
    • Updated Yoggite Mask recipe to use light padding instead of leather.
    • Having Shaggai Queen Jelly in beehives will now increase honey output by one additional unit every time honey is produced.

    • It is now possible to engage in combat while swimming with one-handed weapons.
    • The Red Mother should no longer push followers under the mesh with her attacks.
    • Arrows can be equipped and swapped while mounted, as intended.
    • Short swords, one handed swords, one handed axes and one handed maces sprint attacks performed with the off-hand/block key have been changed to a kick.
    • Reduced the number of instances where NPCs could be harmed through walls and mesh.
    • Light sprint attacks with a Javelin while also wearing a shield are now functional.
    • Fixed an issue where doing a sprint attack right before mounting caused issues with the mount’s functionality.
    • Unwield action should no longer prevent the Player from executing unarmed sprint attack.
    • Fixed an issue in regards to weapon durability being draining when hitting other players with PVP disabled.
    • Fixed an issue where if you tried to initiate an attack while in a block-stun state, you would drop your guard.
    • Reworked spiders to be worthier opponents, with new AI and attack patterns and new animations and FX to match. “Why spiders though??!!!” -Glad you asked.
    • Added combo table adjustments for Katana heavy charge attack based on how many prior steps in the combo were performed.
    • Sprint attacks can no longer be triggered while the character is over-encumbered.
    • Fixed an issue with shields. Now attacking while holding the shield button results in a normal combo which is not canceled by holding the shield button.
    • Characters should no longer get stuck inside Bison’s mesh when hit by one of its attacks, sending us all one step closer to feeling the loving grip of the Pax Bisonica.
    • It is no longer possible to cancel an attack animation by equipping another item. Item swapping is enabled when an attack finishes or when movement could cancel the attack.

    • Thralls will no longer immediately eat an item when it gets put into their inventory.
      • They will now eat if: they have some food that will give them the strong buff and they do not have the buff; if they have neither weak nor strong buff and have some food that will give them the weak buff; if they do not currently have the health regeneration buff but they have any food item.
      • The situations when a thrall will consider eating: When any of the three buffs expire; when new items are added to their inventory; when they lose health; all the time, should we ever add pineapple on pizza to the game.
    • Fixed an issue where archer, bearer and orb thrower thralls would not perform combo attacks. Additionally, now T1-2 thralls use basic combo attacks, T3-4 use advanced combos.
    • Thralls are no longer able to break equipped weapons and the durability stops at 0.1.
    • Fixed a number of other issues that would block thralls from performing combos.
    • Thralls and pets will no longer take any damage from standing in lava.
    • Vault NPCs should no longer attack buildings as intended.
    • Elder Things should no longer attack player buildings. Siege Elder Things still retain this behavior.
    • Thralls can now use and deal damage using Siptah’s legendary weapons.
    • Fixed an issue with the Abyssal Remnant failing to reach the player after slam attacking with his bite attack.
    • Fixed an issue in regards to followers not following the player through gates, technically making it gated content. Get it? …
    • Addressed a number of issues in regards to the NPC behavior override system.

    • Adjusted how a Purge chooses its target, which should result in fewer situations where a Purge fails to spawn properly.
    • Your purge meter will no longer reset when creating a Clan.
    • When leaving a Clan, your purge meter will no longer be set to an effectively random value.
    • Fixed the Purge Update Interval server setting having too significant an effect on the purge meter fill rate.
    • Storm Spawned NPCs attack player buildings during storm when building damage is disabled.

    • Increased speed and distance of dodge rolls.
    • Dodge speed and recovery times are now influenced by your encumbrance level and no longer influenced by your armor worn.
    • Short sword:
      • Significantly increased armor penetration by 100%.
      • Increased base damage by 43%.
    • Bows: (2021/04/22 16:55 CET: Removed multiple lines. Reason: changes were reverted)
      • Removed base armor penetration values.
      • Increased base damage of bows. This change varies depending on the type of bow, with the Reach of the Red Mother having received the most significant increase.
      • Reduced armor penetration values on arrows, this change being more extreme on arrows such as Hollowbone Arrows and Mandibles of Atlach-Nacha.
      • Increased base damage of arrows.
      • Decreased damage of Hollowbone Arrows from 23 to 15 (2021/04/22 16:55 CET: Added missing line)
    • Adjusted stats on Obsidian weapons to make them more enticing:
      • Slightly increased Armor Penetration values by approximately 1.5% (depending on the weapon).
      • Increased base damage values by approximately 18% (depending on the weapon).
    • Mounted combat:
      • Significantly reduced damage multipliers (from 1.5x to 1.1x, and from 1.8x-2x to 1.2x).
      • Removed status effects from mounted attacks.
    • Hunger and thirst:
      • Extended slower food consume rate (0.1x rate) to be anywhere on ANY land claim in addition to shelter. Best rate will apply, not both.
      • Reduced damage taken from starvation/thirst to 0.5% HP every 10-15s instead of 2% HP every second.
      • Reduced full screen effects from starvation/thirst.
      • Added a small movement penalty to starvation/thirst (5-10%, stacks if both).
      • Reduced “active hunger/thirst” multiplier to 1.5 (from 2).
      • Increased the duration of the sated/hydrated effect.
    • Adjustments to Ambrosia and Purified Flesh:
      • Healing values of Ambrosia have been lowered to be the same as a regular food item.
      • Added buff effects to Ambrosia (+1 STR / +1 VIT) and Purified Flesh (+1 GRIT/+1 VIT).
      • Craft time of Ambrosia is now the same as Purified Flesh.
      • Religious armors received a balance pass:
      • Increased armor values of all religion armors.
      • Added bonus attributes to religion armors.
      • Ymir religion armor is now classified as heavy.
    • Increased yield of True Indigo to 10.

    • Map markers can now be placed beneath the player icon on the map.
    • Admin teleport via the map now works through map markers.
    • Using the right stick on gamepad when in a UI with multiple inventories now jumps between inventories.
    • Shortcut bar assignment radial now requires a hold to open by default. It also commits the item to the radial when released. There is a new option in gameplay settings to change this action back to a toggle if desired.
    • Split item popup now has functionality for moving up or down in increments of 10 or 100 when using a gamepad.
    • Opening the inventory now automatically focuses the search field in the crafting inventory rather than the first slot in the player’s inventory. This behavior can be changed back by disabling the “Auto focus recipe search bar” gameplay setting.
    • Added a significant number of additional QoL improvements to menus and functionality while playing with a controller.
    • Added a new setting which allows to auto focus the search bar when opening a crafting menu while playing with keyboard and mouse. This can be found under Settings → Gameplay.
    • New setting in the gameplay settings: “Send new items to shortcut wheel.”. When enabled and using a gamepad, newly acquired items that can go on your shortcuts wheel will be automatically put there. When disabled, they will go into your inventory instead.
    • You can now interact with doors, gates and other items while mounted.
    • Added new recipes to the Dryer for converting plants into seeds to help with farming sustainability.
    • Added outer face indicator to foundations and ceilings when building.
    • Added visual feedback for building stability. You can now see at a glance the structural integrity of your building before placing a piece by checking the color of the placement brush!
    • Choosing “Loot All” when quick-looting your corpse will now send and/or automatically equip all your belongings back where they were right before your quite possibly embarrassing death. (2021/04/23 15:40 CET: Added clarification “when quick-looting”)

    • Sigil of the Serpentmen now correctly cleanses existing Poison stacks from the player.
    • Sigil of the Snakemen now correctly cleanses existing Bleed stacks from the player.
    • Obtain a Mount and Obtain Animal Companion journeys should now definitely, 100%…maybe complete on the Exiled Lands.
    • Fixed a Vault puzzle that could not be reset via admin commands.
    • Stamina cost modifier server setting will now properly affect costs for dodging, jumping, and attacking.
    • Tweaked mesh position in the Vault Fiend Bone Trophy to avoid clipping.
    • Removed additional instances of Exceptional and Flawless items still present in the game.
    • “Nosprintcost” debug command now affects the character’s attacks, kicks or jumps again, as intended.
    • New admin cheats: EnableHunger 0/1, EnableThirst 0/1
    • Added support for blacklisting feats in server settings ini file. Instructions on how to do this are included in DefaultServerSettings.ini.
    • Fixed some textures around the female character’s neck when equipped with the Khitan Captain Dingjia armor.

    • Multiple vaults had missing textures. This has now been fixed.
    • Fixed a number of Vaults that would evict players into the air after refreshing. That was kind of rude even by our standards.
    • Fixed an issue where Braziers located around the Leyshrine of the Goblinoid could be activated.
    • Fixed an inconsistency in ruined building pieces LODs.
    • Added a number of improvements and optimizations to Siptah’s lighting and skyboxes, which will result in more vibrant and striking scenes.
    • Adjusted the position of multiple torches on the walls in the Asylum of the Outsiders Vault.

    • Improved animations to prevent certain weapons from clipping through the body when looking up or down.
    • Fixed an issue where the character model would stutter after attacking with a weapon at close range.
    • Added new and improved climbing animations.
    • Fixed a specific circumstance where the dismounting would not play properly.
    • Fixed some clipping issues with sprint kick attacks.
    • Added new idle facial animations to the combat idle stance and locomotion.
    • Added full body equip animations and equipping from back.
    • Reworked orb throwing animations.
    • Improved the combat pickup animation to better blend with the combat idle stance.
    • Improved chest opening animations.
    • Improved kicking animation for unarmed and one-handed weapons.
    • Improved harvesting tools and other non weapon items idle animations.
    • Added new animations for the new gameplay additions, i.e. swimming combat animations, idle Wheel of Pain animations and so on.
    • Fixed an issue with the player character’s model that disappeared while drinking water in the Exiled Lands intro cutscene.

    • One of the surviving members of our #spellchekker team, sent into one of the vaults underleveled and under prepared, happily informed us that a new round of typos have been fixed. Sadly, he expired too. #nowhiring
    • Fixed a number of typos and mistakes in other languages. #elspellchekkerino
    • Parchment icons should no longer be switched.
    • Updated the message prompt when exiting an avatar to now mention the name of that god, which is not Joel.
    • The thumbnails of Dripping Longsword’s Epic versions should now match its in-game model.
    • Added missing text to a lore book in a Siptah cave.
    • Jin’s Adze is no longer described as “hammer-like”, which is rather disappointing if you ask me.
    • Fixed a number of items showing placeholder names in Dedicated Servers.
    • Changing a Difficulty preset to Barbaric now shows the notification “Server Restart Needed”.
    • Added a number of QoL UI optimizations when playing with a controller.
    • Blackwater Leggings and Gauntlets, and Khayne’s Leggings and Gauntlets had mixed UI icons. This has been fixed.
    • Harpy’s Kiss Arrows and Bow now have the correct icons, names and descriptions.
    • The Featherlight bow, Dagger and Jhil Armory feats should now have legendary borders.
    • Really, you should try pineapple on pizza. It’s delicious.
    • The PvP-Enabled server setting checkbox should now be visible in the Server Settings page while in-game.
    • Icons and names of harvested items scaled down to fit on UI notifications, which caused readability issues. This has now been fixed.
    • The Allow Family Shared Accounts setting is now visible in the General tab of the Server Settings screen.
    • Fixed an issue where art in the purge warning UI was displaying improperly.
    • Players closing a crafting station UI will no longer cause the UI to close for other players interacting with that same station.
    • Fixed a number of text lines being cut off by the margins of the UI.
    • DLC Filter in crafting inventory is now persistent.
    • Added new high-contrast player icon for the map UI.
    • Added on-screen binding hint for locking on a target when playing with a controller.
    • Fixed a number of small issues with the inventory UI.
    • A warning prompt will now be displayed when trying to use healing wraps while mounted, stating: “Cannot use while mounted”.
    • A warning prompt will now be displayed when trying to summon Avatars within a protection bubble, stating: “Cannot summon Avatars inside a divinely protected area”.
    • Fixed an issue where the author of Notes, Journals, and Papyrus scrolls was not being displayed correctly.

    • Added new audio assets for the new content.

    We will update this section with any changes applied to the patchnotes and hotfixes released for this update.

    2021/04/23 15:40 CET
    Added clarification under the following QoL line. “when quick-looting”.
    • Choosing “Loot All” when quick-looting your corpse will now send and/or automatically equip all your belongings back where they were right before your quite possibly embarrassing death.

    2021/04/22 17:23 UTC:
    Known Issues:

    The following items are blocked for those who do not own them:

    • Maproom
    • Elevator
    • Drawbridge
    • Orb of Nergal
    • Fountains
    • Wells

    2021/04/22 16:55 CET
    Updated the following lines in the Balance Updates section:

    • Bows: (2021/04/22 16:55 CET: Removed multiple lines. Reason: changes were reverted)
      • Removed base armor penetration values.
      • Increased base damage of bows. This change varies depending on the type of bow, with the Reach of the Red Mother having received the most significant increase.
      • Reduced armor penetration values on arrows, this change being more extreme on arrows such as Hollowbone Arrows and Mandibles of Atlach-Nacha.
      • Increased base damage of arrows.
      • Decreased damage of Hollowbone Arrows from 23 to 15 (2021/04/22 16:55 CET: Added missing line)

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