16 days ago - AndyB - Direct link

Hm weird, never seen that on either size browser window. Will tinker.

Made a couple tiny adjustments,

Small browser:

image785×272 72.9 KB

Fullscreen (1920x1080)

image1130×377 99.4 KB

This is what I get on the screen on Chrome, although it also looks like something changed with the breadcrumb styling that appears to be in Discourse’s end; must have been an update pushed in the past few weeks while I was out.

16 days ago - AndyB - Direct link

Okay, thanks! I think there’s something with that specific alert which I don’t get on this account as an admin and thus didn’t account for? I’ll look into it.

16 days ago - AndyB - Direct link

Ok I think I fixed it? edit: nm, still need to do something

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