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Live Broadcast: We're one week away from the launch of Conan Unconquered and we're very excited for launch! Later today we're doing a dev Q&A stream on Funcom's streaming channels. Renato from Petroglyph will join the Funcom community team to answer [b]your[/b] questions about Conan Unconquered, game development, sandwiches, or whatever else you wanted to ask about. Get those questions ready folks and we'll see you today at 5pm CEST / 11am ET / 8am PT:

We're one week away from the launch of Conan Unconquered and we're very excited for launch!

Later today we're doing a dev Q&A stream on Funcom's streaming channels. Renato from Petroglyph will join the Funcom community team to answer your questions about Conan Unconquered, game development, sandwiches, or whatever else you wanted to ask about.

Get those questions ready folks and we'll see you today at 5pm CEST / 11am ET / 8am PT:
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21 May

Multiplayer is an important part of Conan Unconquered. Not only can you team up with a friend against the attacking enemies, you can also challenge other players on the leaderboards.

Petroglyph explains how multiplayer works in Conan Unconquered in our latest video:

Conan Unconquered launches May 30th and pre-orders are now open: ... Read more

16 May

Live Broadcast: The Funcom community team are teaming up to stand against the savage hordes in Conan Unconquered. Tune in to find out if they will fall or remain unconquered. We'll be streaming on all our regular streaming channels, in addition to streaming right to our Steam Store page!

Catch the first ever Conan Unconquered live stream, this Thursday on the Funcom streaming channels!

The community team will be playing a 10 wave co-op game, trying their best to survive against the horde.

5pm CEST/11am ET/8am PT:
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30 Apr

Two players can team up and building a shared stronghold in Conan Unconquered. See how you and a friend can stand together against the hordes in this brand new gameplay video:

COMING TO PC MAY 30th 2019! Pre-order/wishlist today: ... Read more

12 Apr

Conan Unconquered is the new survival strategy game from the veteran developers of Command & Conquer at Petroglyph! In this latest look at Conan Unconquered, the team from Petroglyph goes into further detail on how you play the game and how you can remain unconquered.

Build your stronghold and assemble a powerful army to defend yourself against the savage hordes. Enemies come in increasingly difficult waves and will u... Read more

Conan Unconquered - A Deeper Look at Gameplay

about 1 month ago - Funcom on Youtube - Thread - Direct

05 Apr

Conan Unconquered - The Pitch

about 2 months ago - Funcom on Youtube - Thread - Direct

28 Mar

We are very excited to announce that Conan Unconquered can now be pre-ordered on Steam! We’re also finally ready to reveal that the game will launch on May 30th, 2019. Pre-order to get immediate access to the game at launch.

You can choose between a Standard Edition ($29.99) and a Deluxe Edition ($39.99) are available for pre-order through the game’s ... Read more

15 Mar

That looks to be all of the questions, so we're going to wrap this up. Thank you for coming to talk to us! We hope you enjoy Conan Unconquered when it releases later this year!

Originally posted by ChingShih

Both of you come from different parts of the studio, so I expect the answer to this will vary from your perspectives: what have you guys had the most fun with when working on a survival-RTS?

[Joe] Taking the concept of survival RTS and melding it with the Conan universe. Conan is not really the first thing you think of when considering that type of game.

[Pat] I'm mostly a systems designer, so for me it was great fun coming up with the complex systems that go into this kind of game. It's WAY more complicated than any of the 8-bit games or even Forged Battalions with respect to economy, game flow and the role of the random map generators.

Originally posted by darthenron

Any info on the new Dune games? :)

There's nothing we can really say about this at this time. Funcom will announce anything they come up with.

Originally posted by ChingShih

A lot of RTS games tend to be in a sci-fi universe and the past couple of games that Petroglyph has developed have been sci-fi. Conan Unconquered has a much different time period and different resources to manage. What was especially enjoyable or interesting about developing this game that isn't based in a sci-fi universe?

How did you guys like working on the Conan franchise? Was there a lot of material to work with to give you focus, or were you granted a relatively large amount of creative freedom?

The only fantasy game that we've worked on in RTS is 8-bit Hordes (I guess Mytheon sort of fits but not quite) so it was nice to get a change of pace, at least for me. Fantasy is my favorite genre and I grew up reading authors like Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs. Working with Conan and Funcom has been awesome. Creative freedom wasn't really an issue since we have a lot background material and we can extrapolate from there. We also had Funcom's previous games as reference such as Age of Conan and Conan Exiles to pull ideas from. Funcom was very open - as long as it was fun and made sense, it wasn't an issue.

Originally posted by nobbynobbs1983

Been asked to ask by some chaps you might know from your other games...

Will there be rotating buildings?

Will there be a romance option (wtf retri?!)

No rotating buildings, sorry. You can rotate units though!

I guess that depends on your definition of romance? I suppose with good RP skills you could fake it. Nothing in the actual game supporting it however.

Originally posted by Yorikor

Hallo devs!

1.) It's my understanding that this game will be similar to a 'they are billions' with heroes and AoE like resource management, is that a gross misunderstanding?

2.) Is there going to be story driven single player campagin, and if yes...

3.) Joseph David Kucan going to be involved in this in any way?

4.) What is best in life?

  1. That is roughly accurate.
  1. See answer above. There is no traditional RTS-style campaign.
  1. No. I haven't actually seen Joe in a long while. If he's reading this, hi!
  1. To smite your enemies, see them driven before you, and heaing the lamentations of their women. I think I got that right :)

Originally posted by -ShibbySaiyan-

Hey devs! Will there be any pvp at all?

There is no PVP in the current game. It's more of a score-based competition. To that end, you can play a match and create a Challenge Link. You can then send this link to a friend or post it on your stream and challenge players to beat your score using your exact custom settings and map. Each Challenge Link creates a leaderboard to show how people do.

Originally posted by nobbynobbs1983

Does Mike have any new Hawaiian shirts to show everyone in a new video?

Have you managed to persuade Arnie to do the voice for Conan yet?!


I'm pretty sure Arnie is outside our budget :)

Originally posted by nobbynobbs1983

Will you be able to nerf recon?

I don't think that's possible. He's just that good.

Originally posted by onivorousmeerkat

Does this game have a single-player campaign with several missions and a story ?

We do not have a campaign in the traditional sense of the word. We have a five scenario set which is meant more to teach you the different mechanics of the game in ascending difficulty. Once you finish those, the majority of play will be using the custom match system for solo or coop play.

Originally posted by ChingShih

How deep a role will lore play in the game? Will it be reasonably accessible to people unfamiliar with the Conan franchise?

No knowledge of Conan lore is needed to enjoy the game. If you are familiar with RTS or tower-defense games, you should be fine. For those interested, a comic-book version of the Black Colossus story will be available to unlock in the game which will give you the story on which the game is based.

Originally posted by ChingShih

Questions by /u/motleygoldengod:

  1. How large will battles potentially be in terms of unit numbers?

  2. Will AI be able to prioritize targets that they are good against when sent into battle or do you need to micromanage everything?

  3. Will ranged damage "stick" and always hit, or will it be calculated and potentially miss here and there?

I'm hoping for this to be a bit like Supreme Commander but in a fantasy setting and defending against waves and waves of units.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Most players from playtesting tend to field around 40-50 units, not counting static defenses. Enemy units can be in the 100s.
  1. There is lite target priority picking, but player control is always the better option.
  1. There is no concept of missing in the combat system except for position targeted weapons (such as catapults) which can be dodged.

Originally posted by [deleted]


I think I already answered the first few. We don't have any launch plans for Workshop or player made content, but it could come later.

  1. Our feat system is linked to Steam achievements. Whenever you unlock a feat, it adds a bonus or other element to the game to help you progress. If you were having difficulty completing a match, unlocking feats will help you progress. Feats also unlock new modes such as Crom Mode (pause is locked out), Greater Artifacts, Elite Creeps, etc.
  1. The feat unlock system helps here as well. The custom match system has multiple sliders and toggled elements to help you change up the gameplay.
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