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Originally posted by Musaks

Thanks for the answer, great to see officials being so interactive with players (and potential players).

If i understood you correct, all modes are 5vs5 and have matchmaking? Are there any restrictions on teamsizes that can queue together or that get thrown into one match?

The maximum group size is 5 people in field matches actual team sizes for Field matches is either 8v8 or 15v15 depending on the map and for Siege Battles, it is always 15v15. If you have more than 5 friends you wish to play with I'd recommend splitting the group in half and counting down and joining the queue at the same time for the same kind of match.

While this doesn't guarantee you will get into the same match it does increase your chances even if you end up on opposite teams :)


Be sure to go to and login using the steam button option you should have the battle pass there to send it to your character, if its not there you will need to contact our support team to investigate this further.


Originally posted by sevay70

Hi. I don't suppose you could give us any insight as to why the most recent patch completely removed shortbow's "press F to stun enemy" ability instead of bugfixing the animation and cooldown so it couldn't be chained back to back?

The patch notes called its existence a bug, but clearly it was originally intended to be an extra ability but wasn't properly implemented.

The ability was a bug, it was only available on the male characters and was not meant to be implemented which is why it was removed.


Conqueror's Blade is a pretty heavy PvP game and you can start pvping pretty quickly after completing the tutorial. Once you hit level 60 you have gained all the attribute points for your character that you can gain which doesn't take a long time to reach either.

There are several modes to queue for AI battles (basically just fighting against bots) and then there are Field Battles and Siege Battles. Siege battles as the mode suggest pits 1 team against another 1 trying to defend the other attacking castles to capture points in order to win the match. Field battles are open battles with objectives to capture and run the enemy team points down to 0 in order to win.

You can make groups of up to 5 people and queue together for all 3 modes and while in cities you can also duel each other or queue separately at the same time and hope you end up on different sides of a match.

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