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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Thank you for playing Craftopia.

This is the announcement about the data transfer from the current version of Craftopia to the Seamless World Update version. The update will still take some time before its release, but we've decided to release information regarding data transfer since many players have asked.

In the Seamless World Update, there will be many changes, such as the map, various items' parameters, and the way how, and how often you'll obtain them.
But we felt terrible about wiping off all the items you have collected in the current version of Craftopia so we worked hard to make it so you could transfer items to the Seamless World Update, however there are some limitations.

Here is the content you can transfer to the updated version.

▼ Precautions on Data Transfer
The gameplay with the transferred characters and items differ from what we've intended regarding the game balance. Strong weapons, convenient mobility, and highly profitable items may break the new game balance, especially in the early game.
Combat is not the only thing you can enjoy in the updated version of Craftopia, but we've designed and optimized items and game balances for you all to enjoy.

With that being said, we strongly recommend creating a new character to play from the beginning of the Seamless World. Seamless is designed to be played as a fresh experience so to get the most out of it, we recommend you play it anew.

▼ Transferable Content
• Equipment items equipped by your character (such as Weapons, Armor, Accessories, and Gliders)
• Items stored in your character's inventory (such as Equipment, Buildings, Consumables, and Materials)
• Pets stored in the inventory (you cannot transfer pets stored in Pet Management Machines)
• All the enchantments attached to the items above
※ Some items will be much easier to obtain in the updated version.
※ Some items will be removed due to design changes and some items, unfortunately, will lose their deployable abilities and such.
※ We're preparing this data transfer to allow you to use the transferred items, including their enchantments, just like they are in the current version of Craftopia. The update will not affect their parameters.
※ Due to the addition of Pet Skills in the updated version, pet levels will be reset.

▼ Other Content
The entire world of Craftopia has been fundamentally redesigned in this update; therefore, deployed buildings cannot be transferred to the updated version.
If you store them in your inventory before applying the update, you can transfer them.

The update will reset some data, such as in-game money, skills, and the progress of missions.

▼ Playing the Current Version of Craftopia after the Update
We are preparing to allow you to play the current version of Craftopia using the Steam Betas function.
With the Steam betas, you can play the current version of Craftopia after the update just like you are now, and the update will affect nothing.

However, the save data system is different between the current version and the seamless one. You can use Steam Betas to carefully select which items to transfer after the update's release.
This is for the players who want to play the current version of Craftopia after the update and for the players who will realize, "I didn't prepare for the data transfer!" or "My items are slightly changed due to the update, so I wanna transfer other items instead".
※ You cannot play the current version of Craftopia with the character created in the Seamless World Update version of Craftopia.
※ If you transfer your data after you play the updated version, your save data will be overwritten, and you will need to start over again. So please proceed with this operation very carefully.

Everyone here at the development team for Craftopia has been working hard on this to preserve as much data as we can to save all the memories players have made in the current version of Craftopia; however, please understand that we may have to change what you can transfer to the updated version due to technical difficulties or other unavoidable issues.

The Seamless World Update is coming this month so please look forward to it. We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for your continued support.

Craftopia Development Team

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