07 Sep

◆ Critical Bug Fixes and Improvements
- Fixed an issue where players could not buy from merchant NPCs when participating in multi-games.
- Fixed an issue where the status would become abnormal when a male body was selected.

◆ Bug Fixes
- We have introduced a mitigation measure for an issue where a placed building may collapse at the same time as the screen freezes. We appreciate your cooperation in continuing to report this issue when it occurs.
- Fixed an issue where ""Fafnir"" would not progress due to being submerged in water.
- We have introduced a mitigation measure for the issue of players not returning when they are blown out of bounds by a boss attack during a battle in a boss rush dungeon.
◆ Newly Added Content
- Implemented map stamp function.
- We have added new item to commemorate our 3rd anniversary!
-3rd Anniversary Monocoin: Rumor has it that it was created inside a monster's body...

■ The following items can be crafted from the blacksmith.
-Driftwood (equipment) Everyone, you got driftwood!!
-Mono Charm This is a silly thing made by using a large amount of things produced in the body of a certain creature... Would you like one too? --Suspicious Blacksmith
- We have added new items to celebrate our 3rd anniversary! You can craft them from the furniture workbench.
-Driftwood: It seems as though the strong emotions of someone who reached the pinnacle of their craft from an ancient time have transcended the distant ages and washed up on the shores even now...
-3rd Anniversary King Monument: This year, the king has come in the form of gaming...!!!
- Skill ``I've got driftwood!!'' has been implemented. It can be use... Read more

04 Sep

On September 4, 2023, Craftopia celebrates its 3rd anniversary since its release! It is only because of your support that we are able to continue developing Craftopia to this day!

To commemorate the 3rd anniversary, we will be implementing some small commemorative items into the game this year as well as furniture items requested by winners of architectural design contests held in the past, so please be sure to craft them.

After about a year and a half of development, Craftopia was made seamless at the end of June, and the game's mechanics were greatly improved from the previous format of moving between islands. We have made various changes to the game system and rebuilt it into a game that can be enjoyed by those who have left Craftopia and those who are playing it for the first time, so even those who have not played it yet after making it seamless, please try playing it once!

However, there are still issues to be solved, and we are working on improvemen... Read more

30 Aug

◆ Functional Improvements
- Increased attacks that apply status ailments set to bows and guns.
- Changed so that the status ailments set for magic wands are also applied to arcana bolts.
- ""Punching Bag"" and ""Scarecrow"" no longer explode upon death.
- Charmed enemies with 0 HP are no longer saved.

◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where the top of a snowy mountain would be considered the end of the world and receive damage.
- Fixed an issue where the equipped position would shift when Smart Casual Attire♂ was equipped with a right-handed weapon.
- Fixed an issue where a building lifted up with ""Gravity Glove"" would sometimes become stationary in the air when trying to lower it.
- Fixed an issue where the Rush silver coin icon was not reflected correctly.
- Fixed an issue with the refinery UI.
- Fixed an issue where players could not enter a world where an ""Oil Offshore Plant"" was installed.
- The visual size of the log house handr... Read more

21 Aug

    pocketpair_dev on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
詳情請查看 Steam 新聞。

    pocketpair_dev on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
详情请查看 Steam 新闻。

    pocketpair_dev on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct

    pocketpair_dev on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
The way how to output log files has been changed since the update on Aug. 21st, 2023.
This change might affect you if you want to check error logs during the development of mods.
Please check the Steam news for more information.

▼ Important Announcement on Mod Development
... Read more
Thank you for playing Craftopia.

We announce that the way how to output log files has been changed since the update on Aug. 21st, 2023.

This change was made during our optimization process, and might affect you if you want to check error logs with "BeplinEx" during the development of mods.

In order to output logs, you should create `NoCustomLogger.txt` within %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\PocketPair\Craftopia.
But please note that this will disable optimization changes along with error logs output, and possibly lower down the client performance.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued supports.
◆ Newly Added Content
- Unlocked the new Era Lv.
- Soul Orbs can now be exchanged with more variety of items.
- Unlocked a new biome ""Sherbert Iceberg"".
Under this harsh environment, cold resistant equipment and items are necessary to survive.
※ Features of the shops and caves in Sherbert Iceberg are partially limited. They will be accessible later too.
- Experimentally added ""Chicago Typewriter"" as a new gun type ""SMG"".
There are only a few ways to obtain SMG now, but we're planning to adjust and add more ways to obtain it.
- Added more than 150 new furniture and building items!
- Added ""Small Log House Set"", ""Medium Log House Set"", ""Large Log House Set"", ""Medium Citadel Set"", ""Large Citadel Set"", ""Small Store Set"", ""Medium Store Set"", ""Large Store Set"". Each set contains furniture and building items of the given theme. You can use them to enjoy the life of Craftopia, or modify and build additional sections to enjoy building!
... Read more

31 Jul

◆ Critical Bug Fixes and Improvements
- Fixed a bug where the coordinates and connection destinations of pipelines and module installations were not correctly synchronized when joining in the middle of multiplayer. We have confirmed that there is still a problem with the IP connection, which will be fixed soon.

◆ Newly Added Content
- Added rewards for offering soul orbs to Anubis.
- "Rare leather", which is an advanced material for leather, now rarely drops from dangerous animals such as bears and crocodiles.
- "Sorting Machine", "Three-Way Sorting Machine", "Distributor", and "Three-Way Distributor", which were temporarily closed, have been released again.
- Added a stump of cherry blossom.
- Added new missions. You can check it from the mission screen.
- The cave, which had been sealed, is now unlocked! It's dangerous to enter the cave but you might acquire rewards based on its danger level...?

◆ Balance Adjustments
- We have changed... Read more

13 Jul

As always, thank you for all your helpful bug reports and feedback so far!
Regarding the following reports and inquiries that we are currently receiving from many people, we would like to provide you with some information and guidance where possible.

[Regarding corrupted save data]
We are currently receiving reports that "save data is not saving" and "save data is corrupted", and we are urgently investigating the cause and making improvements.
We suspect that synchronization with the Steam Cloud system may be the cause of this problem, so we have temporarily changed the settings so that synchronization with the Steam Cloud is not performed.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but please understand.
In addition, we are gradually incorporating mitigation measures for this bug, so please give us a bit more time to fully resolve this issue.

[Regarding becoming stuck on terrain]
Currently, we have received reports characters becomin... Read more
◆ Balance Adjustments
- Adjustments have been made to make the two-handed sword's left attack easier to hit.

◆ Functional Improvements
- Improved the pipeline that carries in to the livestock farm so that it only carries ""livestock feed"".
- Pipelines exiting livestock farms have been improved so that only the production of the livestock farms is taken out of the pipeline.
- Adjusted sound effects when riding a biplane.
- Some of the scenes after character creation have been improved.
- Improved the design of some map icons.

◆ Performance Improvements
- For some characters, processing has been introduced to reduce the drawing load at long distances.

◆ Network
- Fixed a bug in multiplayer where when other players were in a dark state, the player would also be in a dark state.

◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where the priority order of the mouse-over display layout was incorrect in the inventory and chest UIs.
- Fi... Read more

07 Jul

◆ Critical Bug Fixes and Improvements
- Fixed a bug where some soul orbs in ""Owatatsu Islands"" could be obtained repeatedly.
- Fixed a bug that some buildings built on specific locations would be deconstructed and become items when you started a game.
- Added the ""Join via Invite Code"" feature that allows you to join Multiplayer with 6 digits Invite Code.
We've heard some players could join Multiplayer with this feature while they couldn't do so with other methods. Please give it a try.
- Fixed a bug that loading screen could freeze when 2 or more players tried connecting to join Multiplayer at the same time.
- Fixed a bug that duplicated player instances every time you opened a list of Multiplayer.

◆ Balance Adjustments
- Added a non-duplicate setting because some enchantments were exhibiting unintended performance.

◆ Functional Improvements
- Removed the blur effect from distant enemies.
- Added a few foxes to the Owatatsu Isl... Read more

05 Jul

◆ Critical Bug Fixes and Improvements
- Fixed a bug that save data may be corrupted when ""Save and Quit"" is selected.
Please note that with this fix, if you force quit the game without selecting ""Save and exit"" or ""Save and return to title"", your save data will not be able to save.

◆ Balance Adjustments
- Some enchantments were set to different values than expected, so they were adjusted.

◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where quest-related item chests were not resetting correctly in multiplayer.

04 Jul

◆ Bug Fixes
- Introduced mitigation for save data corruption issue.
- Corrected the icon of the item ""Refinery"" to the correct one.
- Changed the contents of treasure chests in some dungeons.
- Fixed a bug where ""graves"" could be created underwater.
- Fixed multi-guest not being able to talk to NPCs when mutliplayer host is not loaded.
- Fixed UI etc. where some translations were not applied. In addition, if untranslated parts are found, we plan to make corrections one by one.

01 Jul

Hello everyone,

After a long time waiting we finally were able to release the seamless update and we have been enjoying reading about your adventurers in the new Craftopia.

However, we are keenly aware that this update has brought its fair share of problems and we want to assure you that the team is doing everything they can to resolve these issues as soon as possible.
There are some sleepless nights ahead but we want to make Craftopia a game that you can enjoy for a long time.

Among the issues with the update, we'd like to briefly update you on some of the serious ones:

1: GPU/CPU issues:
We are aware that some users are experiencing problems with high CPU usage and GPUs running hot. We really appreciate all the bug reports you sent in and the information you provided about this issue.
In the first hotfix, we fixed an issue that was causing high GPU and CPU usage in the main menu. We've identified some other factors that may still be cau... Read more
◆ Newly Added Content
- New items have been added. You can get ""Gigantes' Bow"" and ""Gigantes' Arrow"" from high-level Gigantes Ballista, and ""Gigantes' Halberd"" from high-level Gigantes Hoplon! Thank you so many users for enjoying Gigantes!

◆ Balance Adjustments
- We have improved the laser reflection puzzle in ""Labyrinth of Torrent"" to make it easier to understand.
- Adjusted the height and width to make it easier to ride the updraft in ""Hunter's Ruins"".
- Adjusted the questing areas in the early quests to make it easier to understand.
- Fixed UI etc. where some translations were not applied.
In addition, if untranslated parts are found, we plan to make corrections one by one.
- Reduced the number of lasers in the room in the Hunter's Ruins where the door closes when touched by a laser.

◆ Functional Improvements
- The terrain of the starting point was revised.
- Reduced instances of players being pushed by pets.
- The... Read more

30 Jun

◆ Critical Bug Fixes and Improvements
- Fixed a bug that you couldn't start a game after you closed the news window while the window was downloading the news.

◆ Functional Improvements
- Added the function to display the dialogue if the function detects save data corruption while launching a game and restoring a save data from backups.
- Adjusted the layout of the cave where a player character arrives when you start a game.
- Modified the gimmicks of dungeons to make it clearer to understand.

◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that made Chests and Workbenches, which were deployed onto Wooden Floors installed right above water, float in multiplayer.
- Fixed a bug that you couldn't move straight forward when you ran while riding on the pet Fenrir.
- Fixed the visual effect of Lizard Guillotine.
- Fixed a bug that the animations wouldn't be played while riding on Lizard Gunner.
- Fixed a bug that made Noble Frog attack players who were outside ... Read more

29 Jun

◆ Functional Improvements
- Adjusted the volume of the rain sound.
- Adjusted the volume of the building sound effect.

◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that made tower restoration lag during multiplayer.
- Fixed an issue where performing certain actions during the eating animation would break the model.
- Fixed a bug that you could accidentally go underwater under specific conditions.
- Fixed an issue where crystals appearing in Trials of Anubis could not be obtained.
- Fixed a bug that caused the wrong wording to be displayed on the hint ""Slate"" in ""The Old Garden of the Dead"".
- Fixed a bug where items in the stone furnace and blacksmith could not be collected in multiplayer.
- Fixed a problem in multiiplayer where the starting point would sometimes be on the surface of the water.
- Fixed a bug where translations were not applied correctly to some UI etc. due to a bug.
In addition, it has been confirmed that some texts have not been t... Read more

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