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31 May

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Players who open public servers often list them on the Discord.

We have a dedicated channel for it.

20 May

Thank you for playing Craftopia!

After over a year of development, we are finally ready to announce that the Seamless Update, the biggest update ever for Craftopia, will release in June 2023!

It's been over a year since the last major update, and in that time, the game has evolved into an almost completely different game. Craftopia was released into Early Access in 2020/09, and since has undergone a difficult but exciting development journey. At first, we endeavoured to update the game on a daily basis but soon found that this approach was not sustainable.

As we continued to improve the game, there were many problems that we just couldn't solve in the short term, so we took some time off and worked hard to make the game the best it could be.

One year has passed since then.
In order to solve the problem of "moving islands isn't fun", which was the feedback we often received, we radically revised the game (or almost completely rebuilt it), and at t... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

12 May

11 May

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Originally posted by 123: So, almost 300h in, love the game and I'm all into the genre as well. Looking forward to the promised updates, I know these things can take time. However, here is my list of Bugs & Wishes:

- The issue that made me (almost) quit: Health pool of Messenger of the Indigo Underworld (100+), Raging Dragon (100+) etc.
It seems insanely high. These are NOT hard fights, technically, I barely loose health, the fights are just boring, repetitive and tedious! I play on "normal", got fairly cool enchantements, crafted/bought all the stuff (in the 100s...) for my picture book, how can it be it still takes me around 30 minutes to get some bosses down, even if I use my pets like dragons (lvl 45+) to tank. This is terribly bo-ring!! Yea, I get there is a multiplayer-feature, but for single player this should be changed.

- Crops - drops, despawn-time
I plant peaches, harvest them, but not all...
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07 May

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Originally posted by Abilina: when im trying to join my friends it comes up with an error saying "game has timed out", and if i host a game my friends cant see my work through steam connection and cant join though ip. tried basicly everything under the moon, but still nothing.

If you cannot join your friends or have your friends join you then it's likely that your ports are restricted. Forwarding your ports should resolve this.

If you'd rather not play p2p then try joining a dedicated server.
(You can test to see if these work by joining one that is being hosted by another player. There are a few currently being hosted that you can find on our Discord)

Otherwise I recommend checking out this guide:
... Read more
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Originally posted by DJ-Frazenrat: Wasnt using any, reinstalled and got rid of mods and still didnt work, in the beta section i did alpha unstable and finally it works

The issue was likely caused by corrupt data. In future validating your Steam files for the game should overcome that issue but swapping to the alpha version and back would have the same effect.

I'm glad you got it sorted though.
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Originally posted by everbrianb: i can't synchronize with the cloud

This is an issue with Steam but some users in the Discord have said that restarting your router or checking that your Steam isn't logged in to another device has helped them.
Sorry that's all I know but hope that helps.
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Originally posted by ᲼᲼:
You'd need two copies of the game. One on xbox console (which applies to your xbox account and not JUST the console) and the one on steam.

1. Log into your xbox app on the computer and install the game through the store.

Launching craftopia through the xbox app on pc will download the cloud data you automatically sync from your console to xbox's cloud server directly to your pc's save location.

Close the xbox version of the game.

xbox save location: AppData\LocalLow\PocketpairInc\Craftopia\XboxLive\2535418526063502\main\Save

2. Open steam's version of the game. make a character and world and save in-game to generate a backup or let auto-save generate one for you. ...
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02 May

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Originally posted by GnarlyButtholes: I put many hours on this game while it was on gamepass on my Xbox. I just bought it on steam and im wondering if theres a way i can grab my save file from console?
Im thinking maybe i buy it thru the microsoft store and refund it after i grab my save?
Or is there a way to rip it from my xbox?

I believe there is some method to take the data straight from the console but I believe it’s quite involved and I’d rather not recommend it in case you damage something.

From the Microsoft PC Store to Steam is quite easy though. Let me know if you’d like that info. Thanks.

29 Apr

    Bucky on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by Strolla: We had started a post to talk about how we believe the seamless update is not coming, and to start a discussion about how some of us are losing faith and feel like we are being lied too, not enough updates, not meeting release time promises.
There seems to be alot of its coming, and then not delivered.
Users are getting frustrated with the locking of discussions that question the Devs.
Devs locked the last post after giving a link to some info update (nothing in it)
It only contains a couple of screenshots that did not look good at all.
I think its time for less screenshot and talk and time for you to get working on the update and bring it out.
I would like to see less pointless posts and more work on the update itself.
You have to understand that this is a EA game, and alot of people have lost faith in Devs now, because a large percent of EA projects get abandoned, ...
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25 Apr

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Originally posted by BeachGoing: When the seamless world update is finished, will i get to keep all my levels and items I have crafted over the time playing the game?

We’ll be releasing information on data transferring very soon. It’ll explain everything you need to know about moving data from island mode to seamless. Thanks!

20 Apr

    pocketpair_dev on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
We've just posted the development status report on Craftopia's Seamless Update.
You can check it out via the following link below!

▼ Development Status Report on Craftopia's Seamless World Update for April

We've been developing Craftopia's Seamless Update to provide you with new experiences!
Thank you for your continued support.

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