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Originally posted by Stupid Noob Gamer: Seamless not coming.

Devs baiting hard, hoping for a few more hype sales before the inevitable rug-pull.

Footage was just released on Twitter and Discord 2 days ago?

Please refrain from spreading misinformation and baseless accusations on the Steam forums. Do it in your own personal space.
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Originally posted by Strolla: I do not use or have Twitter or Discord, would be nice if you could share the videos/info here.
Not everyone uses these platforms, so you are excluding people for not using them.
I get my info from where every other game on steam does, there product page and forums.

I to think that this update should be out by now due to what I have read on here in the past, and do not believe anything EA games developers say anymore. (no one is saying this is your fault, so relax. Its the fact that most EA games that go bad do this, and it is a huge amount now. So that's why people think this. The EA tag is full of broken promises and money grabs over the years, so we are all non trusting anymore because of it.)

Your response to this comment got me, you seem to get straight on the defence saying this like ''refrain from spreading misinformation and baseless accusations''
This user is just saying there opinion/experience with the game, as they are clearly dishearten that the update has not come out yet, and feel like they have not got what was promised for the game in a certain time frame (if that is because they did not read discord/twitter? there going off things promised/said in the past/timeline.)
So what they are saying may not be misinformation to them but fact, and are giving there opinion.

My tip would be not to get on the defensive so quick, maybe be nicer to a paying customer (even if you don't like what they say) and respond a bit more professionally. Maybe supply them with links to the most updated info. When you get on the defensive that quick to, some might take that as that the user is correct. You are representing your company and your professional career as well.

Steam isn't really suitable for uploading WIP clips and screenshots.
Like many games on Steam, the developers would prefer to only upload trailers or promotional screenshots on to Steam.

If there was an easier way to share WIP footage on Steam (apparently Steam is working on something for 2024 in that regard) then we'd most certainly be using it.

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out the Twitter or Discord. You don't need an account for Twitter so it might be the easier of the two to check out. Thanks.
(The JP Twitter is more active but I'll link both below for convenience)

EN Twitter: https://twitter.com/PocketpairGames
JP Twitter: https://twitter.com/pocketpairjapan

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