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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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◆ Balance Adjustments
- Adjusted the parameter of the boss "Bone Dragon".

◆ Functional Improvements
- Improved the behavior of items, moved by facilities such as Distributor, to prevent them from getting stuck on Conveyor Belts.
- The item with selling price of 0 in the building "Market" will be removed when the shipping time comes.
- Building mode can now be toggled while you're equipped with cubic building materials. This allows you to build them more precisely.

◆ Network
- Fixed the bug that the vehicles would be blown away in the guests' game in Multiplayer if you used Monster Prisms to summon them.

◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed the bug that the menu screen such as the inventory wouldn't be displayed if you toggled UI off.
- Fixed the bug that it would drop nothing instead of dropping a few items until it reached the maximum amount of dropped items when the expected amount of items would exceed its limit.
- Fixed the bug that the items "Captured Lizard Guillotine", "Captured Goblin Cardinal", and "Captured Pekomet" couldn't be used.
- Fixed the hit box of Container.
- Removed the invisible hit box from the top of Relaying Container.
- Fixed the bug that the back side of Old 8 Tatami Mat Floor wasn't rendered.
- Fixed the bug that Medieval Wainscot would be rendered in an upper position while you were using Retrieving Rod to retrieve it.
- Fixed the bug that "Durability +10" of the enchantment "Reinforced" was displayed outside the Enchanting Table UI.
- Fixed the bug that "Retrieving Rod" would attempt to retrieve the equipped "3-way Distributor".
- Slightly adjusted the hit boxes of "Dirstributor", "3-way Distributor", "Sorting Machine", and "3-way Sorting Machine".
- Fixed the bug that the number set to Auto Craft wasn't saved.
- Fixed the bug that "End of Roof Tiles Gable Wall 1", "End of Roof Tiles Gable Wall 2" and "Edge of Tiled Roof" were displayed in a wrong position in the crafting result preview.
- Fixed the bug that vehicles would take damages indefinitely if they were affected by the status effects "Chill" or "Frozen".
- Fixed the bug that "Sand Eater Worm" would stay underground and not come out if they were charmed.
- Reduced the bug that the bullets thrown by the pet "Gorilla" would sometimes pierce through walls.
- Fixed the bug that some objects in Boss Rush Dungeon would not be reset properly in the guest players' game in Multiplayer.
- Fixed the bug that the boss room of Boss Rush Dungeon would not be closed properly.
- Fixed the bug that the name of the dungeon would be displayed in 2 or more lines if it was too long.

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