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Originally posted by Nei: what do you guys think?


As stated in the announcement post, this new game won't affect or hinder the development of Craftopia in any way.
PocketPair has grown much larger over the last year and 5 of our newest members are taking on this new project alone. None of the Craftopia team will be leaving or moving to work on Palworld. So please rest assured, Craftopia is not being forgotten or abandoned.

A lot of people have asked on our Discord why don't the new devs just work on Craftopia. The head of PocketPair and lead dev on Craftopia has also explained this today:

Originally posted by Tajuro Mizobe: Probably sometimes hard to understand, but it's not easy to add new devs into the team in the software development. ( The Mythical Man-Month )
For example, currently we are trying to improve island map system for R&D. It's hard to separate the task by people. Main Missions have to be decided after the R&D.
Adding dev teams is not always the best way to proceed the game development project.
Hard to explain everything and understand from your side, but thank you for your understanding for now. We will continue Craftopia development as best.

Again, I really do want to emphasize that Craftopia will continue as normal. We've recently posted a brand new roadmap too that I encourage you to check out on the Steam forums or Discord.
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Originally posted by Skrat: Also, I can understand how hard it is to add new people into development that's already underway.

But...that's pretty much what you're doing. These new people CLEARLY did not make Palworld from scratch, meaning they had to take the framework from Craftopia, meaning they have to get in there, figure it out, understand it, WORK with it, you know...everything they would have had to do anyway if they joined the Craftopia development ....hmmmmm

That isn't true at all.

Palworld is in very early development stages and currently being considered to include RTS/management type mechanics alongside other yet to be announced mechanics. None of these were present in Craftopia and haven't just been "stuck on". More will be announced in due time as it is very early days for Palworld and there are still many things being considered.

Originally posted by Nei: Why couldn't they make an entirely different game instead of a complete clone of craftopia?
also what's to stop the craftopia team into being absorbed into the palworld team?

Similar question and response to this too.
Palworld is not a clone of Craftopia. The art may appear similar and some assets were used for the trailer (which had to be ready for IndieExpo) but all of this is very early development and subject to change and adjusting. You can let the team know your feedback and suggestions by joining the conversation on Discord. Thanks!

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Palworld on Steam
Palworld is a brand-new, multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game where you can befriend and collect mysterious creatures called "Pal" in a vast world! Make your Pals fight, build, farm, and work in factories.