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Thank you for playing Craftopia.

We've determined the release date of the next update. "Boss Rush Update" will be planned to be released around 18:00 - 22:00 JST on Saturday, May. 21st. (The time might be slightly changed)

This update will bring the contents below:
1) New dungeon, "Boss Rush Dungeon" where you will fight groups of bosses and their followers. They will be stronger and stronger as you go deeper into the dungeon!
2) New item, "Enchanting Scroll" will be added as a reward of the dungeon! You can use these scrolls on "Enchanting Table" to apply the enchantments of a scroll to any weapon of your choice! Rarer scrolls can only be found in deeper places of the dungeon. Collaborate well with your friends to obtain them!
3) New furniture "Racing Furniture" which you can create your own racing circuit by combining them! There will be 3 kinds of "Racing Kart" as well to let you have fun racing! They might not be the best vehicles, but you definitely can enjoy them with your friends!
We'll add a number of new items and new furniture along with them!

Please be patient and excited about the next major update! The alpha version of Craftopia will be continued to be updated as well.

Craftopia Development Team

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