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Hello, everyone!
In today's INDIE Live Expo, we announced the major update of Craftopia on June 23rd and the new under development game called Palworld.
Thanks to everyone's supports for the success of Craftopia, we are now able to take on the next challenge. Thank you very much for all of your continued supports.

Many users may be worried about the future development of Craftopia. However, the development team of Craftopia has expanded from an initial team of four to a current team of more than 15 people. (Of course, the core members continue to develop Craftopia.)

The expansion of the team has enabled us to work on drastic improvements that we've put off until now. The next major update will also greatly improve the performance of the game. (Steam workshop mod support may also be available with that!)
In addition, we are now able to spend more time on research and development. We're currently testing various methods of map transition.
We've recently announced the roadmap of Craftopia. We're able to move forward with planned updates because of your support that has allowed us to expand the team. Thank you again for your support from the very bottom of our hearts.
(The roadmap can be seen here.)

The next major update of Craftopia will be planned to be released on June 23rd Wednesday.

We hope to continue to reflect your feedback on the game and make playful updates, so please continue to support us.

About "Palworld" that was just announced, the game is still in the prototype stage, and we're still repeatedly making and breaking things.

Palworld is a next-generation open-world sandbox game centered on the mysterious creature "Pal" and goes beyond existing monster-raising games.
ARK, our great predecessor, is very close to our idea, but we aim further to pursue the elements of "coexistence" with monsters. (Petting and loving, cooperative crafting, species blending, etc.)

Palworld is completely separate from Craftopia, and a small team of 5 elite newcomers is working on it.
For Pocketpair, the development of Craftopia is the most important, and we're focusing on it. The development of Palworld is the next challenge.
The community has been very supportive in many ways, giving feedbacks, debugging, and so on, since the very start of Craftopia. Without all of your sincere support, we couldn't achieve to develop and release the updates at a faster development speed than any other Early Access game.
We will continue to do our best, so please support us and add Palworld to your wishlist, even though it is still in its early stage!

For the detail of Palworld and adding it to your wishlist, please check the link below.

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Palworld on Steam
Palworld is a brand-new, multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game where you can befriend and collect mysterious creatures called "Pal" in a vast world! Make your Pals fight, build, farm, and work in factories.

Steam :: Craftopia :: Roadmap Progress Report and Development Plan
Hello, everyone! Thank you for playing Craftopia. Thanks to all of your continued supports, Craftopia can celebrate one year since information disclosure! We've released various patches to update the game for a year. Of course, we'll keep updating the game to release it officially. We want to report the current progress of the roadmap that we announced before.