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Originally posted by Strolla: We had started a post to talk about how we believe the seamless update is not coming, and to start a discussion about how some of us are losing faith and feel like we are being lied too, not enough updates, not meeting release time promises.
There seems to be alot of its coming, and then not delivered.
Users are getting frustrated with the locking of discussions that question the Devs.
Devs locked the last post after giving a link to some info update (nothing in it)
It only contains a couple of screenshots that did not look good at all.
I think its time for less screenshot and talk and time for you to get working on the update and bring it out.
I would like to see less pointless posts and more work on the update itself.
You have to understand that this is a EA game, and alot of people have lost faith in Devs now, because a large percent of EA projects get abandoned, scammed, tricked.

I would also recommend not locking posts for no reason, it does not make you look good, only worse. Makes me think your doing it to try and cover up the disappointment from your users that have payed money for the game. That is not fair. and if you cant take the criticism from the people who spend money and giving you there faith to complete a job for the money, then I recommend not doing EA games and go work for some other company where you dont have to worry about that. Criticism comes with the job, and the EA release.

Devs, do not lock ours posts, you do not have the right to stop us from talking about your game that we paid for. It only makes you look really bad, blocking free discussion and criticism. Its only making it look more like a scam/money grab.

Here is a link to the old locked post :-

Posts are not being locked because anyone is trying to "cover up" for anything, if users are just going to bicker back and forth then there is no reason to continue a thread.
It doesn't serve any purpose. If you want to have proper constructive conversations then by all means, go for it.

Secondly, while I fully sympathize that YOU might be feeling unsatisfied with the current state of things, these threads that are being opened are being argued in by the same dozen people...

I'm sorry you guys feel the game isn't living up to your expectations and I'm sorry that you've lost faith but a majority of the active users (both on Steam and Discord) don't seem to share this opinion. If they did then we would be hearing about it non-stop on all our socials...and yet it only ever seems to be an occasional thread on Steam...

I don't disagree with you though and I can understand why you feel the way you do.
I have on many occasions spoken with the person in charge of the Craftopia blog posts about giving more info, sharing more screenshots, perhaps adding gameplay videos etc etc. I'm doing my part but I cannot force them to do it...but I will still continue to pester them anyway...

In the meantime, I'd appreciate less of the dramatics.
No one is "sensitive", no one is "hiding posts", no one is keeping secrets from you...

I'll continue bugging the Craftopia team for more info anyway...thanks.

(I know the core group of Steam forum users who engage in these posts don't like and refuse to use Discord but, you'll get much faster replies from any of us there just due to ease of use...we don't use Steam forums from our phones. Your choice though)

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