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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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◆ Network
- Improved the synchronization of enemies' positions in Multiplayer. The bug, that enemies' positions get reverted back in guest's screens, should less likely happen thanks to this change.

◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed the bug that the equipped item would not be unequipped properly if you picked up items in the inventory while deploying buildings or having your weapon broken.
- You would no longer be teleported back to the ground when you hit the lava in Small Ominous Island.
- Fixed the bug that the color of all "Dragon Mails for Men" was rendered black.
- Fixed the bug that "Chest", "Steel Chest", and "Container" wouldn't be transparent even though a player character stood behind them.
- Fixed the bug that the item on Item Stand was horizontally flipped by default. If this change makes some items on pre-existing Item Stand flipped, please retrieve them and re-deploy them.
- Fixed the bug that a Table Lamp felt off from a table.
- Fixed the bug that "Paladin" would go into "Livestock Farm".
- Fixed the bug that the 2nd Pet Skill was not displayed in the keyboard / mouse section of key binding setting screen.
- Fixed the bug that the button of "get off vehicles" was replaced with "change camera" in the game pad section of key binding screen.
- Fixed the bug that the latest news of Craftopia in Chinese languages couldn't be loaded in the home scene.
- Fixed the bug that the highlight of the button would not disappear if you closed any UI while having your mouse cursor over the button.

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