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Originally posted by GnarlyButtholes: I put many hours on this game while it was on gamepass on my Xbox. I just bought it on steam and im wondering if theres a way i can grab my save file from console?
Im thinking maybe i buy it thru the microsoft store and refund it after i grab my save?
Or is there a way to rip it from my xbox?

I believe there is some method to take the data straight from the console but I believe it’s quite involved and I’d rather not recommend it in case you damage something.

From the Microsoft PC Store to Steam is quite easy though. Let me know if you’d like that info. Thanks.
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Originally posted by ᲼᲼:
You'd need two copies of the game. One on xbox console (which applies to your xbox account and not JUST the console) and the one on steam.

1. Log into your xbox app on the computer and install the game through the store.

Launching craftopia through the xbox app on pc will download the cloud data you automatically sync from your console to xbox's cloud server directly to your pc's save location.

Close the xbox version of the game.

xbox save location: AppData\LocalLow\PocketpairInc\Craftopia\XboxLive\2535418526063502\main\Save

2. Open steam's version of the game. make a character and world and save in-game to generate a backup or let auto-save generate one for you.

This backup is what you are going to make use of to move data between the game versions flawlessly. After backup is generated, close the game.
*Having it open will keep whatever the current backup files contain loaded in memory which is going to cause issues for what you'll be doing later.*

Steam backup location: AppData\LocalLow\PocketpairInc\Craftopia\XboxLive\2535418526063502\main\Save\Backup

3. Navigate to your steam backup folder as provided earlier. Inside the "Backup" folder itself is going to be up to 10 total (5 minutely and 5 hourly made) backups generated by the game. inside one of those generated backups from earlier, delete all of the contents of the folder but leave the folder as you'll need it for later.

4. Navigate to the xbox save folder as provided earlier. Copy the following to your now empty steam Backup folder:
-"Players" folder
-"Worlds" folder
-"Craftopia.ocs" file
-"Settings.ocs" file

5. Once the contents from your xbox save location are in your steam backup folder, launch the game. On the main menu is a feature named "Restore from Backup". Select it.
It's going to show that list of up to 10 backups in the steam backup folder.

6. Select and restore the backup containing the contents from your xbox.

That's it. Once the backup is restored you can go play it right away.

If for whatever reason you decided you want to play your steam save on xbox, just reverse the process, moving your steam save data to an xbox backup folder > launch the xbox version > restore that backup containing your steam savedata > close game to sync it to the cloud > launch the game on your console to retrieve your steam save from the cloud server thus completing the process.

Thank you for the detailed explanation!

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