25 days ago - hawkward - Direct link
Hello! Thank you for playing Craftopia! This is the announcement of the next update.

The next major update, "Summer Update 2021," is planned to be released around 19:00 JST on Sep. 30th, 2021. (The time might be slightly different.)

This update brings you the content such as:
The 6th age that you can unlock by defeating the new boss called "Hydra,"
the new weapon type, "Magic Staff" strengthens your magic skills,
the new guns that are stronger than the current ones,
the new races that are characterized with different talents,
new hairstyles and character parts to choose in character creation,
and the feature that allows you to recreate a character.
Of course, we'll add various new items such as weapons and furniture with this update like we've been doing in the previous updates.
And we'll introduce "Creative Mode" as a new attempt. In this mode, there are no restrictions on crafting; therefore, you can enjoy crafting, building, and experimenting as you wish.

Please be patient and excited about the next major update! The alpha version of Craftopia will be continued to be updated as well.

Craftopia Development Team