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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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■ Important This update contains content for the Craftopia alpha-unstable version.

The alpha-unstable version allows you to experience new content in advance but there may be unstable behaviour, bugs, and specification changes.
In addition, there may be issues that affect save data.
We recommend making backups of your save data and only playing after understanding and agreeing to this in advance.

■Update Topic - You can now give up the trial by holding the E key at the pedestal of ongoing trial.
- You can now return when you fall down in some "Trial of Gliding" or "Trial of Speed".
- Fixed an issue where the production of ""Cauldron"" would not be completed. ""Cauldron"" no longer starts production until it has 1 or more empty slots inside.
Please note that malfunctioning ""Cauldron"" deployed in the field must be destroyed when you want to remove.

*In addition to this, various other changes are included!

■ How to Participate in alpha-unstable Right-click on "Craftopia" in your Steam library and open "Properties."
Select "Beta" and change "Participate in beta" to "alpha-unstable."
Wait for the game to download the new build and then launch it.

● Reporting Bugs
When reporting bugs, please provide detailed information about what you were doing, what you were trying to do, and the circumstances before and after the bug occurred. Additionally, if you have images or videos of the bug at the time of occurrence, it would be appreciated if you could attach them.
Please attach files such as "save data" or "log files" that may be required for bug fixes when reporting.