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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Thank you for playing Craftopia. This is the development status report on Craftopia's Seamless World Update!

▼ Current Development Status
• Redesigning of Dungeons
We've received lots of feedback that "dungeons are way too simple and lack in diversity"; therefore, we've decided to redesign them in Seamless World Update drastically! We're planning to add some gimmicks into the dungeon in the redesigning processes since the structure of dungeons has not been complicated in the current Craftopia.
Placing obstacles in the dungeon may object to griding items, so we're designing another dungeon for gathering items too!

• New Content Around Various Places
Seamless World Update means the world of Craftopia will be large in size and content. We are now introducing you to one of the new objectives, "Tower(tentative)".
The number of "Tower(tentative)" will remain around the world of Craftopia in the collapsed state, and you need to collect and craft various items to repair those towers. You will see what happens after you repair "Tower(tentative)" in the future announcement!

*"Tower(tentative)" is currently under development; its model and design are subject to change.

• Enhanced Landscape
Of course, we don't want the world of Craftopia to become vast yet empty and boring. We're preparing a variety of terrain and landscape such as "Collapsed Ruin", or "Abandoned Site". Hope that you all will have fun exploring.

We've been working on Seamless World Update not only to make the world larger but also to address the issues we've heard from the beloved community! We'll keep you updated by posting the development status report; please stay tuned!

Thank you for your continued support!

Craftopia Development Team