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Originally posted by 123: So, almost 300h in, love the game and I'm all into the genre as well. Looking forward to the promised updates, I know these things can take time. However, here is my list of Bugs & Wishes:

- The issue that made me (almost) quit: Health pool of Messenger of the Indigo Underworld (100+), Raging Dragon (100+) etc.
It seems insanely high. These are NOT hard fights, technically, I barely loose health, the fights are just boring, repetitive and tedious! I play on "normal", got fairly cool enchantements, crafted/bought all the stuff (in the 100s...) for my picture book, how can it be it still takes me around 30 minutes to get some bosses down, even if I use my pets like dragons (lvl 45+) to tank. This is terribly bo-ring!! Yea, I get there is a multiplayer-feature, but for single player this should be changed.

- Crops - drops, despawn-time
I plant peaches, harvest them, but not all are sucked in by my absorbers. And the drops are super-fast despawning. They should stay a while longer imo, it's like I got 3 seconds to pick them up. Heck, even Gatcha-Coin-Rewards are vanishing in seconds, huh?!

- XP
The little blue numbers are too small and vanishing too fast, I really would like to know how much XP I got for killing mobs, but it's hard to see.

- Accidental Repair
The horrible moment when you accidentally "repair" your favorite, upgraded weapon on-the fly, not in the station, so it looses durability... it seems to be triggered by doubleclick or something?! Terrible idea!

- Change Offhand Weapons/Tools
It is a bit tedious that I often have to unequip tools before I can use the one I just equipped - often enough I want to throw out my helicopter after equipping it, but accidentally trigger the buff of my staff, because it is still equipped. Then I need to wait for the looong animation to stop, unequip, try again.

- Monuments
The Statue of Liberty resetting when you pick it up is kinda sad; I take it with me to other Islands but I barely get 1 enchantement point from it - also, "1" is ridiculous if you actually need hundreds to try around with stats. At least make these stack or up the amount?

- Ultramarine Herb/Bright Red Herb
Any reason there are not seeds for these?

- Translations
There are some mistakes in the english translation
To be able of use (a two-hand sword) > to be able to use
An trial of football > a trial of football, An trial of shooting > a trial of shooting etc.

- Talking with Villagers
Spamming "E" to finally bring up the dialogue with Faust and others is no fun; they should work like the merchant, pressing "E" one time is enough?

- Respawn-Timers
I can't clear goblin villages or anything because respawn-timers are ridiculously short; for sure when you killed the last "goblin kid" there's respawn of everything else already. Nice for farming, but still, give us a break already?

- Skills
There are way more skills which I really would like to have, than points available in the game. Which is kinda frustrating.

- "The Items in Market were sold"
When you're in the Helicopter you don't see the amount

- Building: Lots of fitting elements are missing, I would love to have...
A Sci-Fi Gable Wall, Sci-Fi Door (perhaps a sliding one?)

- Dragon, Griffin mounts
Why are these mounts so painfully slow? Why can't they even ascend in a decent speed? I use my helicopter, if I can (except for hell) because it seems so much faster.

- Picture Book: This is a very, very important feature - how come I stumbled over it via a youtube video with a title like "Things I wished I would've known about craftopia..."? This should be part of the ingame-tutorials imo.

Thanks for considering.

Thank you for the detailed write up.

It’s been forwarded to the Craftopia team :)

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