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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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◆ Functional Improvements
- Improved the bullet of "Chain Restraint Bullet" to make them pierce through pets.
- Improved the behavior of "Retrieving Rod" so the laser from "Retrieving Rod" will be emitted towards module furniture themselves if you aim at module furniture.
- Expanded the capacity of Pet Management Machine from 32 to 85.
- The warp gate of Boss Rush Dungeon will turn into the escaping gate once it's closed.
- If the game failed to load the content of news popup in title screen, it will show the button for the Steam news page.

◆ Network
- Fixed the bug that the effects of world heritages weren't applied to the guest players in Multiplayer if the guest players connected to the world that already had completed world heritages.
- Improved the goal decision of "Race Gate" in Multiplayer.
Before: Decided a winner based on guest players' coordinates in a host client (lags were considered while calculating coordinates)
After: Decide a winner based on each players' clear time in a host client (clear times will be sent from guest clients to a host client)
Due to this change, the race timer will keep running for about 1.5 seconds after the race is finished.
*The race will be immediately finished in Singleplayer.

◆ Bug Fixes
- Fixed the internal issue that occurred when you retrieved module furniture with "Retrieving Rod".
- Fixed the bug that the skill "Dragon Fall" didn't hit enemies if a player character became frozen while performing the skill "Dragon Fall".
- Fixed the bug that the pet "Fafnir" wouldn't takt any actions if you stopped riding them under specific circumstance.
- Fixed the bug that you couldn't climb up the stairs of the treasure room in the dungeon smoothly.
- Fixed the bug that you couldn't change pages in the inventory UI if you assigned some actions to L1/R1 buttons of a game pad. If you've encountered this bug, resetting the key binds should fix the problem.