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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/1307550/announcements/detail/4626855852830608951]here[/url].
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◆ Functional Improvements
- The rewards for completing missions and mission categories have been added. If you complete all the missions in a mission category, you can receive valuable rewards such as skill points, inventory expansion from mission screen.

◆ Bug Fixes
- The bug that the items in the inventory might disappear when you used the sorting inventory function has been fixed.
- The bug that the collider of pre-placement Cemented Carbide Chest was smaller than the actual chest has been fixed.
- The number of required materials to craft ""Lunar New Year One-handed Lantern"" was unintentionally set higher, so we fixed it.
- The required materials to craft ""Oriental Short Shelf"" and ""Oriental Tall Shelf"" has been changed.
- The bug that the speed of a character was applied to the speed of jump when you jumped from ice floors has been fixed.
- Some visual effects of the bosses in Hell have been fixed.
- The bug that some enemies were unintentionally replaced by other enemies has been fixed.
- The animations of Mono have been slightly fixed.
- The bug that the colliders of enemies remained for seconds after they died has been fixed.
- The bug related to the appearance of Skeleton has been fixed.
- The condition for completion of the mission that you needed to earn over 3000G in one transaction has been fixed.
- The bug that the skill Gatherer's Frenzy dealt increased damage to restored bedrocks and planted trees has been fixed.
- The bug that it was not easy to shoot some of the bow skills in the horizontal direction in dungeons has been fixed.
- The descriptions of the skills ""Martial Arts: Head"" and ""Martial Arts: Body"" have been changed. The buff effects of these skills only apply to the stats when you don't equip any items on your hands.
- The bug that the materials of Steel Wall, Steel Pillar, Wire Mesh Wall, Wire Mesh Pillar emitted lights has been fixed.