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Hey everyone,

Welcome to this week's feedback thread! The Crucible team would love to hear your thoughts on all things Crucible - and there's a lot of new things we'd like to hear your thoughts on from last week's update!

How do you like the new Heart of the Hives experience?

How do you feel about the current state of character balance?

Here's some guidelines for giving great feedback:

  • Give details and examples: Be specific, explain the issue fully. The more detail you provide, the better that your readers will understand the point you are trying to make.
  • Suggest improvements: While detailing a problem is the first step in solving an issue, don't be afraid to put some thought into how you'd solve the problem.
  • Avoid making it personal: Resist the temptation to argue with a person, but by all means debate a point being made. On the same note, do not be offended if someone disagrees with your opinion or suggests alternatives to an idea you've put forth.

Looking for more real-time discussion? Fee free to hop into the Crucible Discord here: https://discord.gg/playcrucible

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Originally posted by Crow290

I think the changes for heart of the hives are a step in the right direction. The fights feel a lot more scrappy and have more impact towards the flow of the game since the only way to heal now are the medpacks. I think what is still holding this mode back is that the map is still far too big and makes the pacing of the game slower. For a game that is a moba/hero shooter hybrid, I believe it's important to make the pacing of the game faster.

To fix this map issue, I think it could be solved by cutting the map down by 25%. This allows team to cycle around the map quickly and punishes players who stray too far from their team and teaches that staying with the team equates to a win. The pace of team fights will be faster and more constant, the effect of a faster pace also means shorter games 5 - 10 minute games and faster matchmaking.

Thanks for the feedback and suggestion u/Crow290! Glad to hear you're liking the changes as well.

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Originally posted by shadybabynight

Not sure what the matchmaking tests Jon mentioned in discord were, but at one point it took me just under 90 mins to find a game. Around 60 people online and watched a streamer pop 3 times before my duo and I got in.

Thanks for letting us know u/shadybabynight. Are you located in North America? It may have had something to do with matchmaking regions.

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Originally posted by shadybabynight

Iā€™m EU

Ty for the info!