15 Oct

With today’s release—the final update for Crucible—we’ve added the ability for players to create their own private matches and spectate them.

The regular matchmaking queue will remain active through our final playtest tomorrow (Friday, October 16). The playtest will run from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m Pacific. To help send Crucible off in high fashion, we’ve unlocked all skins, voice lines, emotes, etc. for all players. When our Friday playtest is over, we’ll be switching off the regular queue, and matches will be available only through custom games. This will remain the case through noon Pacific Time on November 9, when we’ll be taking servers down and removing Crucible from Steam.

Release notes: Custom Games Players can now create their own private Crucible matches to play with friends, scrimmage against other teams, or arrange private tournaments. When selecting a game mode, players can now select ‘Custom Game’ to host a 4v4 match of Heart of the Hives.
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09 Oct

Essence hunters,

In July we moved Crucible into closed beta. We made a list of features we felt would enhance the player experience, which we shared publicly on our roadmap, and with the exception of custom games (which we expect to ship in the coming days), we completed them all. With those features shipped, our next step was to evaluate the feedback we’ve heard from you, paired with the data we’ve collected, to determine our path forward.

That evaluation led us to a difficult decision: we’ll be discontinuing development on Crucible. We very much appreciate the way that our fans have rallied around our efforts, and we’ve loved seeing your responses to the changes we’ve made over the last few months, but ultimately we didn’t see a healthy, sustainable future ahead of Crucible. We’ll be transitioning our team to focus on New World and other upcoming projects from Amazon Games.

We’re offering a full refund for any purchases made. You can find more information ... Read more

05 Oct

Hunters & Gameplay General Changes:

  • In-game damage floaters are now enabled for all players by default. Floaters can be disabled by navigating to Settings > Gameplay in the menus [Escape].
  • Updated the location where damage floaters will display on the screen when damaging creatures.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug causing Ajonah’s Jamming Shroud [Q] to display damage floaters on detonation.
  • Fixed a bug causing damage floaters to display when damaging inter-actable plants.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented close-up shots from correctly registering as headshots.
  • Fixed a bug causing the invulnerability status to not display on health bar flyouts.

Bugg Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the collision for Bugg’s plants to remain for a short time after they died.

Captain Mendoza Bug fixes:

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24 Sep

A lot has changed in the world of Crucible—in this week's build more than ever. Whether you played two weeks ago or haven't looked at the game since May, there's tons to check out. In addition to the performance improvements we've continually made since launch, we've almost entirely revamped Heart of the Hives. Read the full release notes here to see a full list of updates in just our most recent release, and join us for Friday's playtest from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time!

23 Sep

Developer’s note: Today’s update is a big one for us! It’s packed with a lot of work described on our initial roadmap from June (which you can see [[url=]here[/url]]). We can’t wait to hear what you think of the changes! We’ll be playtesting this Friday from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Pacific Time, so come join us and try out the new-and-improved Heart of the Hives experience. Thanks for being part of the community!

Spotlight Heart of the Hives Improvements Developer’s note: Back in June we announced that we’ll be doubling down on Heart of the Hives and making it the premiere Crucible experience. This allowed us to revisit many of the systems in the game that were originally designed to work with all three original modes and begin iterating on them with only Hearts of the Hives in min... Read more

10 Sep

Hunters & Gameplay General Changes:

  • Updated interaction visual effects (VFX) on all characters.
  • Positioned the interaction VFX to display for all characters, as they were previously hidden from view when playing as certain characters.
  • Added new VFX for picking up Essence. The bottom edge of the screen will now display a blue glow effect to provide a more clear indication that Essence was successfully gathered.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused UI elements to occasionally not display and sound effects (SFX) to not play for Ajonah and Drakahl.

Ajonah Changes:

  • Squid Mine [E]: Mines now target practice dummies, allowing players to test them out in the practice arena.
Bug fixes:

  • Squid Mine [E]: Fixed a bug where Squid Mines were always dealing the minimum amount of damage over time (D...
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27 Aug

Every Friday, we gather closed beta participants (that's you!) from 11am-5pm Pacific to group up (or go solo if that's your deal) and play some matches. Join us--we'll be in-game and on Discord[]!
Hunters & Gameplay General
  • Damage indicators (outgoing hit markers) now scale in size based on the amount of damage dealt by the attack. This should help players understand how impactful their attacks are.
  • Improved the reliability of melee combat. This should improve the feel and hit registration of melee attacks, especially in higher latency environments.
  • Reticles for Shakirri and Drakahl will now animate on melee attacks that successfully connect.

  • Jamming Shroud [Q]: Jamming Shroud visual effects (VFX) have been updated to better distinguish between ally and enemy shrouds. An ally’s Jamming Shroud is now easier to see through (in both directions), while an enemy’s Jamming Shroud is more difficult to see through (in both directions).

Bug fixes:
  • Grappling Hook [Shift]:...
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12 Aug

Spotlight • The Lurker has been updated with territorial behaviors to create a more threatening and engaging encounter:
o Movement: Forward movement is faster. Movement and turning is locked during attack.
o Attack: When in range, the lurker telegraphs their next attack by shooting a targeting beam at the player.
 The beam has a max range of 20m, increased from the previous attack max range of 15m.
 The lurker is locked into place during their attack animation, allowing players to take partial or no damage at all if they move to avoid the attack.
 After attacking, the lurker resets before attacking the player again.
o Chase & Retreat: Lurkers will wander nearby their original spawn points.
 They will chase the player 50-55m away from their spawn point and retreat when they are no longer threatened with damage.
o Target Sense & Alert: Lurker's Perfect Sense (or the range in which the Lurker will always see the player) has been increased from 7m t... Read more

04 Aug

Spotlight Mini-Map v1.0
Our initial implementation of a mini-map is in! The mini-map lives in the upper left corner of your heads-up display (HUD) and gives players critical gameplay information. You can, of course, still use the larger map to ping locations and see the state of things in more detail. This first version of the mini-map shows:
• Your location and facing direction
• Ally locations
• The location of enemies detected by you or your teammates
• Hives, hive telegraphs, and hive hearts
• Incoming objectives
• Active objectives
• Pings
Developer's note: As part of this change and because much of the information in the compass was duplicated by the mini-map, we've removed the compass from the HUD. We’re going to continue to examine how we can best use the space in the HUD to convey critical information, and we’ll keep an eye on feedback to changes like this.
Quick Comms Update
• Contextual pings: Various game objects will produc... Read more

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