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Now one thing thats been bugging me since the very start of crucible has been respawns, and im sure im not alone here. Im no concept artist however I threw together this lil design of how I think jump towers could work/look in Crucible. This would involve some more iterations on the respawn system and how and where the hives spawn but since its one of the biggest peeves of the community I feel it would be worth some more attention.


I wanna preface this with these are just my ideas and a concept and obviously want to discuss how and what could change because lord knows we all know the respawn system needs some sort of overhaul. I feel towers where the drop pods land could solve alot (not all) of the current issues with the respawn system, mainly the abuse of spawn bubbles and how long hive fights last now because of the proximity to spawns. If players were spawned on top of a tower that would remove the potential to spawn camp and also the ability to retreat to them when in a fight to gain invulnerability and heal. One common piece of feedback that gets swung around by new players is how slow they feel and i've also heard alot of mention of the jump pads from old Paragon.

I think incorporating some minor boost off of the tower and landing in a specified area would give some excitement to spawning and also adding a passive move speed for X amount of seconds after landing would really help the flow of spawning and feel for new players. I also think disabling the nearest jump pad to the hive would also help reduce the time it takes for players to reach the hive after dying allowing team fights to be more decisive and hive captures to be more decisive. maybe when the player drops or jumps off a tower they still gain the move speed boost but not the jump.

I also think only having two of these towers either side of the map with centralised hive spawns across the centre of the map would help newer players with understanding the flow and also help define the map a little bit more and push it in the direction of a moba more than an arena shooter with objectives. Obviously again this is just a concept and the start of an idea and would need more iterations and thought but in my opinion I feel this would be a good start in pushing crucible in the right direction and help it lean away from its alpha hunter roots.

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Thanks for putting this suggestion together u/SamBC1! It's a fun concept, and I'll make sure the team takes a look at it!

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