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I can't answer the first without more information (screenshots etc) about the state of your realm before the war, but the second is fairly straight forward.

The Earl may hold the title to the land, but the land itself is part of the King's realm. If you declare war, you'll be fighting the King and any support he can muster from his vassals/allies since you're trying to take land from his realm.

If you want to fight the Earl by himself without the King's involvement, then you'd have to swear fealty to the King in question. He only cares if the war would result in land leaving his realm; fights between vassals are generally beneath his notice.
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Originally posted by speedY: Another question that came up right now. I'm a king now, and when I declare war it shows that I have 600 soldiers but I have an Vasall with 850 soldiers, doesn't they help me with their 850 soldiers because of the vasall contract they have or can I call them to help me?

Your vassals will provide you with a set number of their soldiers based on the contract you have with them. Higher levy obligation = more troops provided. Vassals typically don't join your wars, however.

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