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InsidiousMage said: Next up, the event makes me think the person who wrote it has doesn't actually know what a cat is, just that it is a small animal that people keep as pets. The idea that anyone, but especially an old man, could somehow manage to grab a cat just defies basic logic. If a cat doesn't want you to hold it, you aren't going to be able to do so. There is also the fact that the instant Yaropolk lunges towards the cat its going to run away and no person can actually move fast enough to catch it at that exact moment. Someone, but not Yaropolk, could probably rundown a cat but cats can also hide under things and then we have issue, that we'll address later, that someone isn't trying to, say, stop Yaropolk. Also, why is the cat even here? Cats are house pets, a military camp is not a house so it makes little sense for the cat to be here. Additionally, why is it seemingly following Sviatoslav around like a dog? The cat being a dog makes far more sense but that doesn't actually fix the event because a) it would be far harder for Yaropolk to carry the animal around and b) dogs can kill people so when it fights back its probably going to win against Yaropolk. And the lack of resistance on the part of the cat is another issue. Even supposing Yaropolk manages to grab the cat and make it to the catapult, why would the cat just sit and wait to be launched into the air? So far, the event has demonstrated a lack of knowledge of what a cat is and why being able to catch one defies basic logic.

This whole paragraph didn't make any sense at all  
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AWittyName said: I knew my philosophy minor was good for something!

1. Cats are notoriously aloof as a species and slow to take to being picked up, especially by strangers.
2. Yaropolk is *old* and can probably not catch the cat if the cat makes any effort to avoid him, which per (1) it is likely to do and is likely to find an inaccessible point to hide out in.
3. The king's hated rival has just grabbed a presumably well-liked pet of the king and placed him into a loaded trebuchet, with none of the people at an active military installation doing anything about it

I'm going to make a break at the "Also, why is the cat even here?"

1. The event *could* make more sense if it was a dog, given that the animal is following the player and tends to be better socialized for picking up, assuming it's a medium-to-small dog.
2. However, A large dog would be hefty and could injure a man who is old and trying to haul him into a catapult, especially if it clearly causes distress to the human its bonded to
3. Speaking of animal resistance: why does the animal just... do nothing? Even if you let the old man catch the cat, it will not stay put, especially if the player reacts at all or has given any verbal commands

Still, saying cats only exist inside houses and not on the streets, that they don't follow people around - no one familiar with the meme that cats adopt the person and not the other way around? - or saying cats don't let themselves being picked up, 'specially by old people' (what?) is really weird to me.  
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To be honest, the more I look at it, the more this thread seems like a trollish bait.

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