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Nice to see you actually care about the title rarities somewhat. It would be nice if some of the other titles would get updated as well.

  1. Make Vault Hero legendary as well. It’s rarer than founder and slayer of the queen. While also being a limited title that will never return.

  2. Make The Dauntless Epic. It doesn’t make sense the top 5 title is the same rarity as the top 100 titles.

  3. There are 2 Adamant Fist titles and they both have the same rarity. Either rename one of them or change the rarity of one.

  4. There are 2 titles named Outlaw. Unlike the Adamant Fist titles, these 2 have different rarities. One is common rarity and the other is rare. I suggest renaming one of them.

  5. Make Ramsguard Commander legendary. The 2nd highest and the highest supporter pack have same rarity. Would be nice if the lowest were rare, middle was epic and highest tier was legendary.

  6. Make the Timeline Defender epic rarity. It doesn’t make sense you get a legendary title from completing radiant escalation a few times.

  7. Legend of the Phoenix (anniversary title) is only common rarity while every other event related title is rare or epic rarity.

  8. There’s only 1 uncommon title right now. Some of the titles could be updated to be uncommon rarity instead of rare.

we're actually planning to do a pass on titles and make a few others legendary in the next little bit, so stay tuned!

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