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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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It’s time to celebrate the year of the Tiger with Dead by Daylight’s latest event: Lurking Stripes. In celebration of the Lunar New Year, we’re bringing exciting offerings, unlockable cosmetics and charms, limited-time gameplay items, and daily login rewards to enjoy.

Lurking Stripes begins on January 25th, 2 PM EST and run until February 8th, 2 PM EST.

Though nothing beats a bit of good-old-fashioned horror atmosphere, sometimes a little festivity can go a long way. For the duration of the Lurking Stripes event, generators and hooks will be adorned with Lunar-themed decorations befitting of the tiger’s imposing – and regal – stature.

For the duration of Lurking Stripes, you’ll find new limited-time Survivor items in the Bloodweb: The Lunar Firecracker and the Lunar Toolbox. There’s also a mysterious new Offering, the Red Envelope, usable by both Killers and Survivor.

Players might have noticed that our events bring a new gameplay experience into the fold. In the case of Lurking Stripes, the main objective centres around the Red Envelope, an offering available in the Bloodweb for a limited time.

- Upon burning a Red Envelope Offering, a Red Envelope viewable to all players will spawn in the Trial. For players who burn Red Envelopes, the aura of their respective Envelopes will be visible to them.

- The owner can interact with Envelope it to reveal it. Upon doing so, a sound effect will be heard throughout the trial and the Envelope’s aura will be revealed to all players.

- An Envelope can be opened and claimed by another player. When claimed, both that player and the Envelope’s owner receive a surprise Bloodpoint reward, with the owner also receiving a Lunar Event cosmetic.
Be sure to bring plenty of Red Envelopes to increase your chances of unlocking two charms and all eight cosmetic rewards.

As fellow gamers, we know and love the thrill of unlockable gear. The Lurking Stripes Event has you covered, with earnable cosmetic rewards for David King, Jane Romero, Kate Denson, The Trapper, The Clown, The Nurse, and The Artist. All you must do is participate in the Red Envelope gameplay detailed above, and soon enough your wardrobe will be brimming with splendid attire.

Each year brings new possibilities, with milestones met and memories made. To commemorate the upcoming Lunar New Year and all it holds in store, we’re offering two brand new charms highlighting the tiger. Wear them with pride – they look equally majestic on your belt and your hook.

To help you stock up on Lunar items and Offerings, we’ve made the process a little bit easier by gifting 50k daily Bloodpoints for the duration of the event.

The Lurking Stripes Collection introduces a new outfit for Yui Kimura, a Survivor known for her courage and unbreakable spirit. Behold her new Lunar Race Championship outfit, the perfect blend of intimidation and elegance. Be sure to check out the tiger-inspired ensemble over at Dead by Daylight’s in-game store.


Though some might live by the old idiom out with the old, in with the new – we are not those people. Starting January 25th, head to Dead by Daylight’s in-game store for discounts on previously released Lunar New Year cosmetics.

For a full list of discounted Lunar New Year outfit, check out the in-game store for details.

***All in-game discounts are on Auric Cell prices only. Sale ends February 8th at 11:59 PM EST. Visit the Dead by Daylight in-game store for full pricing details.***


From Thursday, January 27th (10:00 AM PST) to Thursday, February 3rd (10:00 AM PST) , the Lunar New Year sale is coming to Steam, bringing discounts on the base game and more.

The Dead by Daylight team.