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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Get ready to earn fun rewards in the Alienware Arena just by playing Dead by Daylight! Unlock The Merchant avatars for the Alienware forums and other cool prizes based on the cumulative playtime for you – and the rest of the Alienware Arena community.

Check out the rewards you can unlock:
  • Milestone 1: DBD Skull Merchant Mask Avatar Cosmetic
  • Milestone 2: 20 ARP (Alienware Arena Points)
  • Milestone 3: DBD Skull Merchant Suit Avatar Cosmetic
  • Milestone 4: 30 ARP
  • Milestone 5: DBD Skull Merchant Boots Avatar Cosmetic
  • Milestone 6: 40 ARP
  • Milestone 7: DBD Skull Merchant Razor-Sharp Dual Blades and Skull Drone Avatar Cosmetic Duo
  • Milestone 8: 50 ARP

Head over to the Alienware Arena Community event[na.alienwarearena.com] to learn more and sign up. How many milestones will the community unlock before it ends on March 21?

See you in The Fog!