As some others mentioned, you'd need to prove this. But targeting people intentionally for certain things, which can be charms such as these or specific characters they're playing, has always been against the rules.

To clarify the above further, if a person were to target someone and openly admit to it in the end-game chat, showing that their intention was to ruin the other persons game, then yes, they may get banned.

The other scenario is a bit different, it's usually when a player (survivor) faces the same killer player multiple times and the Killer is only targeting them until they're out of the game. Every single time throughout multiple rounds. All of these instances do need to be reported for evidence, but this can escalate to targeted harassment quickly if it's clear the Killer is only targeting the same survivor every round they face them.

Normal tunneling does not fall under this - this only covers if there is sufficient proof that the player is targeting the other player each time they face them and only them.