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Hey fellow dwarves! I think yall might be jumping the gun a bit.

After looking at the reddit announcement, the free access tier that I've been using will still be around (getting a bump in ratelimit actually), so I think I should function the same way I currently am after the reddit updates happen. The policy change overall is still pretty lame, but for my case, unless there's something I missed or misunderstood, my code and implementation should work fine as is (For those curious, I just use the PRAW client's comment streaming functionality, which should handle all the ratelimiting stuff already). But yea, in a world where information travels so fast (probably too fast) and people jumping to conclusions, let's not be too hasty! It's kind of a funny feeling where people are assuming you're gonna die, when you don't even know about it lol.

That said, regardless of what ends up happening, it still amazes me how my (KaeWye) little unemployment project gets so much love. Truly one of the best gaming communities!

Rock and Stone!

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Pinned this, because Rock & Stone.

Also because we're getting a lot of posts related to this.

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