21 Nov

Hello Miners, It’s Steam Awards season again!

For those of you new to the Steam Awards, it’s basically like the Oscars, but 10 million times more important. Most of the award categories are focused on games that came out this year, but there’s one category where you can nominate Deep Rock Galactic: the “Labor of Love” category.

Here’s how Steam describes the award:

“This game has been out for a while. The team is well past the debut of their creative baby, but being the good parents they are, these devs continue to nurture and support their creation. This game, to this day, is still getting new content after all these years.”

We’d love to be nominated! Steam says we get a shiny trophy if we win, and we think that’d be neat.

It’s now been three and a half years since Deep Rock Galactic launched as Version... Read more

16 Nov

Hello Miners,
The November Maintenance Update is here! If you haven’t already seen the trailer, it’ll give you a good overview of everything that’s coming in this update (formally known as Patch S04.10). We’ll post that here, and you’ll find the full patch notes and all the details down below.

Toggle option for seasonal content
We’ve added the ability to opt out of Season content, for those of you that want to put your game into a ‘season neutral’ state.

To unlock this ability, you need to reach level 100 in the Performance Pass, and claim the level 100 reward. After you do that, a check box option will become available in the Season Terminal interface.

If you uncheck that box, here’s what happens:
  • The Lithophage Corruption Zone will disappear from the map in your Mis...
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26 Oct

Hello Miners,
The witching hour is upon us. Hoxxes Halloween 2023 is officially here! It's the spooky season of thrills, chills and drills. Management warns all employees to ignore any superstitious rumors floating about the Space Rig -- we don't want this ghost malarkey getting in the way of a hard day's work.

Here are the horrors that await you:
  • Earn the new Mad Cap Clown mask, and transport your dwarf to the carnival of carnage
  • Snag all the masks and hats from previous Halloweens through the Last Year's Horrors assignment
  • Blast the shrieking skulls haunting the caves of Hoxxes, and deposit these cursed craniums for a double mission performance point bonus
  • Kick some pumpkins, get bit by bats and catch a fright from the spooky Space Rig decorations
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25 Oct

Hello Miners,
November’s just around the corner, which means it’s almost time for the first maintenance update that we mentioned in our recent roadmap. We wanted to give you a quick overview of what we’re focusing on, just so you know what to expect.

Among smaller tweaks and fixes, we’ll be using this to introduce two bigger features: the first being a toggle option for seasonal content like Rockpox, and the second being a new Weapon Maintenance reward system.

Let’s take those two big ones first, and we’ll cover the rest down below.

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19 Oct

Hello Miners,
There’s a cruel wind howling in the depths below. The moon gives off a sinister glow, casting shadows that seem to reach for you, clawing at you. Steeve is barking into the darkness, like he senses something you don't.

This can only mean one thing: Halloween is coming to Hoxxes.

The seasonal spook-tacular will return on Thursday, October 26th (13:00 CET), and it runs until Thursday, November 9th (13:00 CET). Management would like to emphasize that mining operations aren’t ramping down because of any alleged hauntings, and that company insurance policies do not cover exorcisms.

What do this event and a bad chiropractor have in common? They’re both gonna send a tingle down your spine! [HOLD FOR LAUGHTER + APPLAUSE] Scroll down to see all the event details.

Get down with the clown (mask) Do ... Read more

05 Oct

Hello Miners,
If you didn’t catch the announcement on our Ghost Ship Publishing: On The Horizon live stream, here’s the big news:

Ghost Ship Games is working on a whole new game! It’s called Deep Rock Galactic: Rogue Core.

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29 Sep


Hello Miners, There’s just under a week until we go live on October 5th at 14:00 CEST for Ghost Ship Publishing: On The Horizon, our big broadcast to talk about all things Ghost Ship.

Leading into that, two bits of news: The demos for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor and ... Read more

21 Sep


Hello Miners, Mark your calendars: on Thursday, October 5th at 14:00 CET, we’re doing a big livestream to share some updates from Ghost Ship Publishing, as well as what we’ve been working on here at Ghost Ship Games.

We’re calling it Ghost Ship Publishing: On the Horizon. Very cool.

Søren Lundgaard (CEO) and Mikkel Martin Pedersen (CCO and Game Director) will be hosting the event, and we’re hoping to have some special guests join too.

We’ll share a full agenda for the livestream next week, but here’s a peek at what you can expect:
  • Progress updates from Ghost Ship Publishing projects
  • Revealing the next game picked up by Ghost Ship Publishing (!)
  • Hands-on with the two new expansions for Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game
  • News about future plans for Deep ...
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14 Sep

Hello Miners!
Not like you dwarves needed another reason for drinking and dancing, but Oktoberfest 2023 is finally here! And we're celebrating in style:
  • Introducing the new Lederhosen outfit, a traditional leather costume as practical as it is flattering
  • Serving up the Sausagebucket hat, a glorious meaty bouquet for your head
  • Decorating the Space Rig with inflatable pretzels and tons of hay and flowers (Management is n...
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12 Sep


Hello Miners, We’re trying this “Below Decks” series as a way to share more moments from the studio, and give a look into what’s under development. In the future, you can expect some bigger stuff and proper sneak peeks, but we’ll start with something light for this one. Hope you like it. :)

-GSG_Aaron (new content writer)

The rogue wiggler It’s a Tuesday afternoon in August, and Harpa’s focus for the day is troubleshooting the upcoming sausage hat. The sausages are simply too wiggly.

Harpa Ellertsdóttir, 3D Artist at Ghost Ship Games, is making a new hat for the dwarves. You might not call it a hat by any conventional definition, but the dwarves will be using it as such. It’s a metal bucket with a leather chinstrap, and a big bouquet of sausages flopping out the top.

But making the perfect wiggly sausage hat is easier... Read more

07 Sep

Hello Miners, In space, there are no smells. But if there were, you’d smell that harvest season is in the air. That’s why Management has approved the budget for the Oktoberfest 2023 celebrations aboard the Space Rig! These festivities start next week on September 14th (13:00 CET), and they’ll run until October 3rd (13:00 CET).

We hope all employees of Deep Rock Galactic will take part in this non-contractually-mandatory (but strongly encouraged) work event. Here’s the reveal trailer, with more details down below!

Brand New Lederhosen Make room in your wardrobe for the stunning new Lederhosen outfit! These bad boys are made of high-quality Glyphid leather, and they are not washable. Complete the ‘Hunt for Lederhosen’ Assignment, and these darling dungarees are yours forever – along ... Read more

05 Sep

Important note: All the work on Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game is done externally by MOOD Publishing and the designer, Ole Steiness, with us from Ghost Ship Games supporting as IP stakeholders and playtesters. Here at GSG, we're still hard at work developing more Deep Rock content for Steam and other platforms. More on that soon. :)

Hello Miners,
When the board game adaptation of Deep Rock Galactic shipped, it was in the biggest possible box that MOOD Publishing could find. There just wasn’t a box big enough for all the ideas they wanted to include.

"The box for the original Deep Rock Galactic board game is the absolute biggest box we could get,” says Jonas Springborg, Art Director at MOOD Publishing. “The factory we worked with, their machines couldn't do a bigger one, so they would have had to hand-fold every single box. So we were literally out of space for stuff to include in the base game."

Now, the team’s back with two big expan... Read more