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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.
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Hello Miners,
Management has considered its past mistakes and added more gold to the tutorial for our greenbeards. Several balance tweaks have been made to difficulty and to weapons, but most importantly, Dreadnought twins should now be 43% less buggy and 31% more killable (Note: Based on projection. Loss of life attempting to engage Dreadnoughts are not covered under company insurance)

With Love,
The Ghost Ship Crew

— PATCH NOTES — - Fixed inconsistencies in Nemesis difficulty scaling
- Fixed fire and booster module audio on release for HPC and Microwave
- Rival Signal Event: Extended the event time limit and the time available to hack an antenna node.
- Rival Signal Event: Fixed the timer not showing consistently for clients and host, reduced the rate at which waves spawn towards the end of the event to reduce the pressure a bit on players who are having a hard time, and slowed down the wire-cutting minigame a little as some players have been having a lot of difficulty with it.
- Rival Incursion Warning: Increased the payout bonus for missions with the warning, extended the time between Rival waves, and further spread out the turrets surrounding the Turret Controller so they are less clumped up
- Wave Cooker: Fixed Gamma Contamination OC incorrectly interacting with the T1 Shot Width upgrade
- Fixed electric bolt arcs not interacting with all-electric damage bonus upgrades and OCs
- Fixed shark grabber collision being very inconsistent
- Hacking tool no longer receives decals
- Added more obvious gold in the tutorial mission
- Fixed Boscos missing blinking lights on little guns
- Fixed a case where one of the dreadnought twins could stay invisible forever.

- Fixed modding behaving weirdly when the mod.io user has been deleted or closed.
- Fixed mods not automatically updating to the latest version when new versions of the mod were available