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I have a dunce role in DRG discord and can't type. What's the deal with that? And how do I get un-dunced? I didn't get any notification from anyone about it.
Is that standard practice, of moderating someone and not letting them know what the deal is, or was this a breakdown in process? Just want to know if this is a permanent thing (one strike soft-ban sort of deal), or if there is a path forward for me in this community.
I read that there is a rule about avoiding the mute by leaving an re-joining results in a permanent ban, which I want to avoid obviously!

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3 months ago - /u/GSG_Jacob - Direct link

Send me your username and I’ll look into it. In general it should be obvious why you’ve been muted (eg. requests from moderators are not followed, you’re a repeat offender etc), and if it’s not, you should have been told.

3 months ago - /u/GSG_Jacob - Direct link

Originally posted by MisterTheX

It is common practice, as, despite the mod team being generally decent people, one moderator in particular likes to use his power in ways most would call unfair.

Consider yourself on a countdown from now on, as repeated "offenses" will result in a permanent ban.

There’s half a million people on the server. Expecting that everyone can get a nice explanatory note with little hearts every time moderation happens might be something we can strive for, but due to the sheer size of it, it’s not exactly realistic.

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